Trump sends a message to foreign nations, it’s okay to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

And that’s a twist for sure.

Foreign governments will be encouraged to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances, as many are already turning off money spigots to the scandal-scarred group, The Post has learned.

A source close to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team told The Post that the new administration plans to pressure the US ambassadors it will name to bring up the foundation with foreign governments — and suggest they probe its ­financial dealings.

Trump said last week that he would not order an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server or her role in the foundation.

But Trump’s statement didn’t preclude the backroom moves to investigate the group.

“Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,” said the source.

In Haiti, recently leaked ­e-mails indicate “Friends of Bill” Clinton may have been given priority from the State Department as it prepared to spend some
$10 billion in aid after a devastating earthquake hit the country in 2010. The State Department has denied any special treatment.

In Colombia, Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra pledged $100 million to the foundation in 2005 and later benefited from the foundation’s philanthropic work in the country, where he acquired large parcels of land and set up an oil business, ­according to watchdog groups.

For those who still don’t get why the Clinton Foundation should be looked at, here is another video from a man who did just that and found it to be phenomenally illegal and improper.  Take the time to watch. His major takeaway after analyzing the books?

Wall Street investment analyst Charles Ortel called the Clinton Foundation “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted” before all the newly-exposed emails from campaign chairman John Podesta’s account were released from WikiLeaks.

The leaks have fortified his findings. The Wall Street investment analyst, who retired at 46 and prides himself on researching complex problems like General Electric and the credit crisis, has been fly-specking the Clinton Foundation since the spring of 2015.

Ortel explains why he believes the Clinton Foundation is a “crooked charity cooking the books” with over $2 billion dollars in revenue, in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Now the fly in this particular ointment is that Columbia and Haiti have their own corrupt governments to work with, which means they may not be interested in chasing the CF.  Heck, I’m betting more than a few bureaucrats within those governments took a bribe to look the other way. That’s how the Clintons roll!

But what is important here, the people of Haiti have a right to have the world hear just how badly they were treated by the Clinton Foundation, with the full knowledge of both Clintons.



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The best line to explain liberals today? Crazy people are dangerous.

Over at American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus– a long time conservative- points out the decaying mental fitness of many people on the Left. He also points out how this war will NEVER end with them, as they feel justified cheating, lying and stealing.  To them, it is “the ends justify the means” philosophy through and through.

The left has already begun doubling down on its efforts to demonize conservatism and block every attempt to reverse Obama’s illegal far-left radical transformation of our once great nation.

Heads up, folks.  Step one in the left’s War Room playbook is to discourage us, to convince us that Trump is a fraud who will betray his voters.  This is why we are seeing so many leftist talking heads, the N.Y. Times, and other Democrat operatives disguised as media claiming that Trump is backing away from his campaign promises.  Don’t fall for it, folks.

These people on the left are relentless and evil.  Yes, I said evil.  Most of what they stand for and desire to do is consistently anti-God, anti-America, and anti-traditional family and values.  They always send the message that God’s original plan and purposes are stupid.  They have a much better, more sophisticated idea for the way things ought to be.

Even as I speak, Hillary’s camp is still insidiously scheming to steal the presidential election from We the People in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In an unprecedented sleazy attack, Hillary’s thugs sent threatening letters to electors to bully them into breaking tradition and the law by voting against the will of voters in their states.  Hillary’s thugs are trying to strong-arm electors to vote for Hillary on December 19 rather than Trump, the people’s choice.

The Clintons are like Jason and Michael Myers in those Friday the 13th and Halloween movies.  No matter what was done to kill Jason and Michael – hit them with a train, cut them up into little pieces – somehow they came back to life.  Thus, I am holding my breath until after December 19.  Then I can rest assured that Hillary is truly politically dead, and Trump can begin fixing Obama’s mess, making America great again.

There is no doubt Jill Stein is fronting for Hillary.  Not to steal the election but to further de-legitimize Trump as a President.  They claim the popular vote, then throw enough “doubt” on the electoral college results and you get a situation that every time Trump says or acts as a President, there will be people screaming “he’s not MY President” and pulling up all this garbage as “facts”.  Same playbook, different event. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Hillary is a functioning sociopath.  She fits into the new democrat party because it represents what is found in the drain at the bottom of a public pool.  There is no honor, humility, honesty or grace in many of their core.  You can add mental stability to the list now.  As Marcus points out so clearly.

Like The Carpenters’ song, “We’ve Only Just Begun,” is the monumental politically bloody battle to reverse Obama’s evil transformation of our country.  Crazy people are dangerous.  Thus, be prepared for the crazy left to come at Trump and normal thinking Americans with every evil scheme and attack their perverted brains can conceive.

Three leftist black thugs beat up an elderly white man, including kicks to his face, for voting for Trump.  A group of leftist blacks beat up a black female Trump supporter and told spectators not to call an ambulance for her.  Black Lives Matter have doubled down on assassinating police.  Unprecedented, there have been 60 police officers fatally shot this year, 20 in ambushes.  This is pure evil from the pits of Hell, folks.

We must be ready to legally push back.  Quoting English military and political leader Oliver Cromwell, “Trust in God, and keep your powder dry.”

I will add- and make sure you have enough  powder…because they simply will not go away!  As one friend put it, “I thought we saw her melt!”

So I might also add- “bigger fire hoses?!”




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George Soros spends millions on “small ball”

Soros is a bad, bad guy.

He is also committed to undermining nations, including this one and the democrats, the far left one like Ellison and Pelosi, are more than willing to help.  They all met and planned ways to thwart Trump and continue the chaos- with the funding by Soros as the source.

George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.

The conference, which kicked off Sunday night at Washington’s pricey Mandarin Oriental hotel, is sponsored by the influential Democracy Alliance donor club, and will include appearances by leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups, as well as darlings of the left such as House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison, according to an agenda and other documents obtained by POLITICO.

The meeting is the first major gathering of the institutional left since Trump’s shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election, and, if the agenda is any indication, liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from Day One. Some sessions deal with gearing up for 2017 and 2018 elections, while others focus on thwarting President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan, which the agenda calls “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements — and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”

Yet the meeting also comes as many liberals are reassessing their approach to politics — and the role of the Democracy Alliance, or DA, as the club is known in Democratic finance circles. The DA, its donors and beneficiary groups over the last decade have had a major hand in shaping the institutions of the left, including by orienting some of its key organizations around Clinton, and by basing their strategy around the idea that minorities and women constituted a so-called “rising American electorate” that could tip elections to Democrats.

That didn’t happen in the presidential election, where Trump won largely on the strength of his support from working-class whites. Additionally, exit polls suggested that issues like fighting climate change and the role of money in politics — which the DA’s beneficiary groups have used to try to turn out voters — didn’t resonate as much with the voters who carried Trump to victory.

True, so what does this look like in real life? A very disturbing picture.

Republican Matthew McCord was feeling pretty good about the $12,000 he had raised for his campaign for Henry County district attorney when he was blindsided by a September surprise.

New York billionaire George Soros dumped $147,000 into Georgia Safety & Justice, an independent-expenditure committee registered on Aug. 26, aimed at defeating Mr. McCord and electing his opponent, Democrat Darius Pattillo.

After recovering from the shock, Mr. McCord, a former prosecutor in Clayton and Newton counties, did what he thought was best for himself and the party: He dropped out of the race, allowing Mr. Pattillo to run unopposed.

“It was horrible,” said Mr. McCord, a lawyer in private practice in McDonough. “They rented space, they had a staff, they were using a Washington, D.C.-based PR firm. So what I knew was they could say whatever they wanted to say about me. It didn’t matter if it was true, and I would have no way to respond.”

He had already received a taste of things to come. “I’ve always been fairly centrist. I have a foundation that I started that has paid to send minority kids to school. And they [Soros campaigners] were already trying to paint me as a white racist,” he said. “It’s deplorable.”

Mr. McCord wasn’t alone. In 2015 and 2016 Mr. Soros, a leading Black Lives Matter funder, sunk more than $7 million into at least 11 local prosecutorial races in 10 states in an effort to implement criminal justice reform from the inside.

In addition to Henry County, the races took place in Bernalillo County, New Mexico; St. Louis; Harris County, Texas; Maricopa County, Arizona; Cook County, Illinois; Jefferson County, Colorado; Orange/Osceola counties, Florida; Hinds County, Mississippi; Lowndes County, Mississippi, and Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

Most of the time it paid off: Of the 11 races for county district attorney examined by The Washington Times, the Soros-backed candidate won nine. In two of those contests, Republicans took themselves out of the running before the election.

For Mr. McCord, the decision to exit came after he spoke with Republican Dhu Thompson, who lost his bid for district attorney a year ago in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, after Mr. Soros’s Louisiana Safety & Justice PAC spent $800,000 on behalf of his opponent.

“He [Thompson] said to me, ‘The get-out-the-vote effort is massive. When Soros comes in, he’s going to bring his own people, and they’re going to bus everyone he can to the polls, and it’s going to affect other races,’” said Mr. McCord.

“Every Republican who won here won by a pretty thin margin,” he said. “If I had stayed in it, I was pretty sure it would inure to the detriment of people who were my friends, who were also running for office.”

Progressives have praised Mr. Soros’ commitment to helping elect prosecutors who share his commitment to goals such as “reducing racial disparities in sentencing and directing some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of trials,” said the Reverb Press’ Megan Hamilton.

“While other mega-donors pour money into the presidential and congressional campaigns, Soros is changing the American justice system for the better,” she said in a Sept. 1 post.

This is not good, and Trump should put his DOJ on it to make sure everything is up and up.  Soros is a bad guy who admittedly loves to create chaos in order to profit.  And he doesn’t care how many people get hurt.

As the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate, anger will grow and rioting in the streets is sure to follow. “It’s already started,” he says. “Yes, yes, yes,” Soros adds; “almost gleefully,” Newsweek writer John Arlidge editorializes.

For years Soros has longed for an opportunity to transform America into a socialist state. Will he finally get his chance in 2012? “The system we have now has actually broken down, only we haven’t quite recognized it and so you need to create a new one and this is the time to do it,” he said in 2009 as he created the Institute for New Economic Thinking with a $50 million endowment.

The purpose of INET, in his own words, is to develop “a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.”

This Marxist sympathizer co-founded the ultra-secretive Democracy Alliance, a billionaires’ club that funds leftist political infrastructure. He has said that European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now” and favors American decline. Soros praises Red China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.” (National Post, Nov. 16, 2010)

In one sense, he’s right. If he pulled one of his economy-collapsing stunts in China, the authorities would waste no time putting him in front of a firing squad. But in America Soros’s economic troublemaking earns him invitations to the Obama White House.

Soros now counts on the armies of street thugs that comprise the “Occupy” movement to ramp up the anarchy. He praises Occupy Wall Street as “an inchoate, leaderless manifestation of protest,” disingenuously distancing himself from the supposedly spontaneous uprising.

Like I said, a bad guy.


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Hillary goes full Dreyfus after seeing this.

Imagine being HRC and watching the news or skimming the internet and you are constantly being barraged with the phrase “President-elect Donald Trump”!  I know, even I scratch my head and expect Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone TV show step out with a cigarette in his hand and say ” This cannot happen can it? Unless we are all in the Twilight Zone.” (Cue the music – Tada dada, tada dada Daa!”)

Every time she clicks on the the TV she sees this.

And hopes this guy steps out and says;

Image result for Image of rod serling twilight zone

Just screwing with you President elect Clinton, you can wake up now!

But we know that’s not how it turned out. Instead, Hillary can now see this website logo on the Web and TV.






And does this to the nearest person!








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A police recruiting video. Or why you don’t want to be one!

From Iowa City, where a crazy lady harassing the police face times her interaction.  This is a 65yr old white woman using urban verbiage like “popo”.  You can’t make it up, but this is the LEFT in America.  You can bet she’s not a conservative!  Listen to the video and ask yourself why in the world would want to have the job as a police officer.

A 65-year-old Iowa woman has gone viral for a video she filmed of herself tearing down a group of police officers who were mourning a fallen comrade.

The bizarre rant occurred at the Brewhemia cafe in Cedar Rapids on November 6.  The woman, Melyssa Jo Kelly, started filming herself inside the coffee shop, as she took issue with three officers who had black bands over their badges.

The band is worn by officers who have lost a colleague in the line of duty.

However Kelly slammed the cops for caring about one of their own, and not a black man, Jerime Mitchell, 37, who was shot by police in a traffic stop in Cedar Springs a few days earlier.

‘We got the popo wearing the black thing on her badge. Guess she’s sorry a couple of cops got whacked in Des Moines,’ Kelly says.

Pointing at a female officer in the cafe, Kelly continued: ‘But she doesn’t give a s— about the man who is in critical care at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics with a bullet in his neck from one of the wonderful and vicious thug brothers in blue.’

‘Of course we know that the pig does whatever it wants, whether its streaming live or whatever. The only thing that ain’t live about the popo (sic) is they way they kill people and get away with it,’ Kelly said.

The police try and get Kelly to move on after the owners of the cafe asked her to leave and she refused. The cops threatened to arrest her for trespassing, but eventually gave her a warning.

When the female officer said Kelly’s behavior is comical, she says to her: ‘Then why don’t you go and die laughing.’

Now you know she’s taunting the police, thinking her live streaming will somehow convince others to rally to her “cause”.  (Whatever crazy dumbassed thing her twisted brain that is the cause anyway.)

What she really managed to do is show America just who inhabits the “Left” in the country. and why to protect a civil society we need to tamp this stupid shit down. Heck dress her up and she could be Hillary or Nancy.  Who know, maybe Hillary will join her once Hillary gets out of the house!

It took a great deal of restraint to handle her.  She had certainly passed the “I’m crazy and need to be taken in for evaluation” threshold a while back, but sometimes it is easier to just let them go and hope they get hit in traffic…so…

One wonders how she eats? Is she on disability? Have a job? Retired?  She’s nuts and nobody in their right mind would hire her as she is one rant away from a lawsuit because they “offended” her, so?

And as a learning lesson for citizens who have to interact with officer and wonder why they have an attitude toward them, just remember this could have been their last call, and they are only human after all.

On her Facebook page, where she posted the video, Kelly is vocal in her political views, especially of her hate of Donald Trump and her support of the Black Lives Matter campaign

That b**ch be crazy!

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CAIR and the Left want a revolution… That will not work out the way they think it will.

As much as I hate Clinton, had she won, I would have sucked it up, knowing full well she’d screw up at some point and finally everybody would realize SHE’S the problem.  (I know, Obama hasn’t been held accountable by anyone, even as his ego sucked the oxygen out of the DNC for eight years leaving literally nothing in his wake.  But people like Obama, they do not like HRC!)

However, the Left and now CAIR may be thinking that revolution is their best solution. We all know that the Islamic plan was to grow the population to the point the government cannot resist their demands and then threaten violence if the government did not submit.  (See Europe in general)

We know the anarchists are being funded by Soros through shell companies.  We know this because of Wikileaks and other sources.  The anarchists don’t want to rule, they don’t know how, they just like smashing things and hurting people.  (BTW- a great example for national CCW that Trump supports.)

Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter

You don’t have to shoot them all, just the closest one, and maybe the other one who just stands there while everyone is hauling ass! It’s a human nature thing.

It’s dangerously childish and will get good people hurt on both sides. Not all protestors are crazy loons, many are just lost- convinced over time by a bias and lying media and schools- that Trump is a bad guy.  He’s not.

Yet, even as we speak, the MSM, caught taking orders from the WH/DNC have come up with a new slogan to explain the sudden rise of Trump- “whitelash“.  Now the rise was not sudden. The dems have been losing ground since 2008 when they elected a narcissist that sucked all the oxygen out of the room and left nothing but dust and ash behind.  But, if that’s the story they want to tell themselves, so be it.

However, as I’ve warned for a long time, Muslim extremism has been a lurking danger in itself.  We are getting recruits through the NOI and other sources, and new immigrants brought in by Obama who have bad thoughts for the people of America.

CAIR has been at the forefront of the aggressive neutering of our law enforcement, intelligence and even our education when it comes to the threat of violent Islamic terrorism.   One of the people involved with CAIR apparently tweeted out for a revolution against the American government.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) successfully presents itself to the media as a benign civil rights organization, comparable to the NAACP or the ADL, a description that conservatives ineffectively rail against. In this light, perhaps a tweet sent out just after midnight EST on Nov. 9 by Hussam Ayloush, long-time head of CAIR’s Los Angeles office, will help awaken the press to CAIR’s true Islamist identity. Ayloush wrote:

Ok, repeat after me:
Al-Shaab yureed isqat al-nizaam.
(Arab Spring chant)

That second line is Arabic (“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎‎”) for “The people wants to bring down the regime.”

In other words, Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

I’m sure Ayloush would have liked eight years of HRC’s administration bringing in tens of thousands more Muslim “immigrants” males of fighting age, both in the front door through unvetted immigration, and through the back door as they cross a porous border with the aid of the Mexican cartels.  But sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt, not the one you want!  He may have pulled the trigger on CAIR’s attempt to change our society to more a sharia compliant government far too early.   I’m sure his buddies are saying “DUDE!  X nay on the revolt – ay!”

We we are seeing is the long range plan of all Islamic jihadis.  It is starting to bubble to the top as we speak in Europe.

Can they cause trouble? Make no mistake, they can cause a lot of trouble! The NOI has many members and influences many more. They can create the Dallas PD killings in any number cities if they choose and bring it all down, at least temporarily.

However, we are not Europe.  The rate of victims to terrorists (and they are terrorists) would be a lot lower.  There may be a potential for a Paris style attack, but more likely it would end more like the failed terrorist attack in Garland Texas.   And maybe even quicker as people arm themselves nationwide to offset any advantage. (A side note-  as I understand it, the SWAT guys with all their gear didn’t show up to the shooting until it was over. It was a veteran traffic cop with a Glock .45 that killed the suspects before they could get five feet!  My friend, a champion shooter and veteran police officer, made a valid point; One man with one gun he is good with is a formidable foe. Pick your weapon that you are good with and practice.)

They may end up like these two from the Code of Silence movie;

What I think they know intellectually, but don’t really grasp emotionally, is the difference between the average American citizen and the European or maybe the city dwellers in the enclaves like San Fransisco. The difference is really easy to grasp. If the NOI plays like Hamas and shows up like this.

Image result for hamas parade pics

or this;

Image result for Nation of Islam gun pics

The end result may not be a frightened populace, but more a group like this;

Image result for american militia

This is America.  We want peace, civility, and a populace that wants the best for all; regardless of race, color, religion or orientation.

People who don’t want that, and are willing to hurt innocent people and destroy property, may find out the days of letting that happen are over.

If you are a rioter, or a NOI guy, or a Muslim answering the tweet for violent overthrow, you may be confused and ask the question:


The answer is live in peace.  If not, prepare for a rough ride.

The game has changed.






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I’ve been waiting for sooo long. And a little history lesson about 3D chess.

Ed Klein gives a little insight into HRC’s reaction to the drubbing she so richly deserves.  If you will note, at NO TIME is it her fault.  Forty years of cheating, lying, stealing, manipulating, paranoia and unquenchable thirst for money and power isn’t the problem.  Obama not calling off the dogs is the problem in her eyes.

Simply stated, time and the younger greedier generation (The Obama/Jarrett cabal) finally caught up with her.

You have to understand, outside her core group of sycophants, NOBODY likes her.  Hell, I don’t think she likes herself! I can imagine her in her bathroom slamming her fist into her own forehead while yelling in the mirror “I hate you! I hate you! You stupid troll!”

She was pulled along by her party, and by the shallowness of the Left.  She’s done nothing but perfected the “Grifter” profession.

But her drive for power and money has left a wake of dead and damaged behind her.  The last group was Benghazi. The NEXT group will be the fallout from the FOIA crimes and lying due to her private email server and the Foundation.  So Huma, if you are listening, pack a bag sweetie, you may want to go back to some middle eastern country where extradition isn’t possible.  The Clintons have a bad habit of throwing their most loyal under the bus.  Oh, and Cheryl? Dittos.

Now to history.  If you remember, I was always convinced Obama was looking for a way to take her out at least politically so HE and Valerie Jarrett can seize what the Clintons have- the concept of the Foundation.  There are BILLIONS to be made in the field of family owned political influence peddling, and only one family can do it at a time!

So let’s see if 3D chess was being played here… .

Last year, there was a report by the NY Post where HRC screamed at Obama to “call off your fucking dogs!” because the FBI (Comey’s folks) were looking into her server, and now we know, her foundation.

An enraged Hillary Rodham Clinton blew up at President Obama, demanding he “call off your f–king dogs” looking into her emails during a tense Oval Office meeting, according to a new book.

The book, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,” says the former first lady was furious at what she believed were damaging leaks by Obama aides that led to investigations of her use of a private email server as secretary of state. So she went right to the top to settle the matter.

Clinton requested a meeting with Obama, against the advice of hubby Bill Clinton, believing “she was being persecuted for minor, meaningless violations,” author Edward Klein writes.

Clinton initially took a friendly approach during the meeting and Obama reacted as if he didn’t know what she was talking about, the book claims.

“He was almost being deliberately dense,” a Clinton source said. “It really angered her.”

Clinton lost her temper and called the president by his first name in an emotionally driven break with White House decorum, according to the book.

“What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!” Clinton allegedly barked at Obama, according to Klein’s account, which cited sources close to Clinton and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

The president was so stunned by Clinton’s disrespectful demands, he needed a moment to compose himself, the book claims.

Obama then responded, “There is nothing I can do for you one way or another. Things have been set in motion, and I can’t and won’t interfere. Your problems are, frankly, of your own making. If you had been honest . . .”

Now remember the players here, and the goals, and the agenda.

  1. Hillary- who wants it all; money, power, control.  She has been running for President since she married Bill.  She is an Alinsky fan, who modified his theory of outside pressure to force change, int her insider pressure to enact change.  Brilliant… and profitable. But her greed and lust for power consumes her.
  2. Obama/Jarrett- They both want to cement their legacy, reputation and changes in our society. And get wildly wealthy.
  3. Comey- a reputed “honest broker” in a sea of corruption and politics. By all accounts a serious man with a sincere religious view of life.  He knows the difference between good and bad.  But he is INSIDE D.C. soooo…. how does he maneuver?
  4. Congress- thankfully run by a number of decent and legitimately outraged people with principles.  Many of whom want the truth. But led by a group of politicians who want to hide that same truth.
  5. The FBI agents- “Famous But Incompetent” is my buddy’s description of them after years of working with them. But a number of them inside the agency are decent people trying to do the right thing.
  6. The media- blind, willing, lying c0-conspirators with the democrats.
  7. The big money players like Steyer and Soros- whose loyalty is only to those who can produce for them and their cadre of elitists. (Thanks to Wikileaks we know that now.)
  8. The American people- done with the Clintons, but can’t quite figure out how to get rid of the rash.
  9. The DOJ, run by Obama/Lynch- which was intent on blocking any serious investigations into the Clintons, for a number of reasons.
  10. Terry McAuliff and the third man in charge of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, and the 670k campaign donation to McCabe’s wife.

What happened?

We see Obama working hard to elect Hillary, right?  Maybe, maybe not. If he is, it is simply to cement his legacy. His speeches were more about him demanding “his people” vote for HRC for HIM and what he’s done, especially after it looked like Trump was gaining ground. Toward the end, Obama was rather strident and insistent.  But why try so hard? Legacy.

HRC made a deal.  We know now that Kaine- who is far more “left” than Hillary- was picked back in 2015, long before she secured the nomination. The rumor is he was picked by Obama as the deal to keep her out of trouble. She falls over dead, Obama has Kaine. She goes to jail, again Kaine.

We know the nomination was a done deal, the DNC  run by Obama and HRC, made sure that happened.

We know the DNC coordinated with the media and the media DIRECTLY with John Podesta, the head of HRC’s campaign, and a long time “friend of the Clintons” from way back in the first Clinton administration.

We know the coordination included pushing Trump, as a Trojan Horse, into the forefront during the Republican primaries  was part of a plan take out the more formidable Republican candidates.  (Which explains why Trump said so many stupid things and the MSM never gave him a hard time.) We know that it was a calculation because HRC was so weak they feared she couldn’t defeat the others in a head to head contest.

We know the MSM was also tasked to take out Bernie and his supporters.

We know that Congress pushed HRC and the Obama administration over a number of issues- including the emails and Benghazi.  (This is exactly why the founders designed a divided government!)

We know Clinton and primarily Cheryl Mills chose to set up the private server in order to be able to cross communicate State and Foundation information and business opportunities.  And it was there to avoid FOIA requests that would have revealed the collusion that facilitated the influence peddling aspect of the Foundation, which in fact was why it existed.  They don’t care about starving Haitians!  Jeezz….

We know Obama and the State department knew about it, and approved it.  We need to go no farther than the fact Obama allowed this department (and others) to run without any IG person there as a legal oversight to any malfeasance being committed.  That is the first sign EVERYBODY was in on it! And the fact we had Patrick Kennedy, a senior career manager inside the State Department, slow walking everything.  He knew and helped her with the server.  As soon as an IG  was appointed to State, after HRC left, he reported scads of improper behavior.

We now know- thanks to the FBI- that the President was sending classified emails over that unsecure server, which is a crime.  So there is no way the DOJ is going to arrest HRC for doing it.

We have known for a long time the “Clinton Foundation” was a money funneling, influencing buying machine for Bill and Hill. And it ripped off ANYTHING it touched to maximize the income for the Clintons.  (Decades ago, the rumor out of Arkansas was Bill was this partying kind of cool guy, who really didn’t fret over money. But Hillary was the money grabber, and would do anything to get it.  Which explains cattle futures, White Water, Rose Law Firm scandals from the eighties on. Nothing has changed.)

We know the FBI, unknown to the rest of America, was quietly investigating the illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation.  Which makes the confrontation in the Oval office between Hillary and Obama make more sense!  She isn’t worried about FOIA. She’s worried about the MILLIONS of dollar she pocketed, trading our security as a nation for cash! If that got out….

We know the DOJ, lead by Obama and Lynch, were actively thwarting BOTH investigations; the email scandal and the Foundation investigation.  We know that now because of the FBI leaks and the actions Comey took in front of the public and Congress.

We know James Comey, under pressure, refused to pass along charges against anyone in the email scandal, BUT did manage to indict Clinton in the court of public opinion.  Comey, being a very smart lawyer, parsed his words carefully. You have to pay attention to what he said and MEANT to get it.  “No reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges. That is a true statement.  When he stepped out and gave the press conference, he was a man stuck between doing the right thing and doing what he was told to do. He split the difference, and started what he hoped was an inevitable downward spiral of HRC’s presidential campaign.  And to this end, he largely succeeded. He started the conversation that would not go way. That is political 3D chess in action.

We know he did not talk about the Foundation investigation. And now we know why.

We know now the FBI has four or five teams looking into the Foundation, but being thwarted by Lynch’s DOJ and the number three man at the FBI.  Why? Because the deal was they protect HRC, she gets elected and she protects Obama’s legacy of crap.

We know, as part of the effort to stop the FBI investigation, the DOJ refused to impanel a grand jury or give the FBI the tools it needed to prove a case against the Clintons. Because they are above the law.

We know that McCabe’s wife got 670k from Terry McAuliff, and maybe HRC, to run for Senate.  She was never going to win and was suspiciously picked by McAuliff for the job right around the time the Foundation was being targeted.

We know McCabe started slow walking that probe right around the same time… . So if there is any bored FBI agent just sitting around, there might be an investigation to look at here.

We know the grunts inside the FBI were in full revolt over what was happening and what Comey did. Even though Comey may have been playing 3D chess while everybody else was playing checkers, the street level guys wouldn’t see that, and allegedly the resignations were piling up on Comey’s desk.

We know the American people were so fed up with this level of corruption they were looking for pitchforks and torches and instead found Trump.  Which is a good thing.  We don’t need France circa 1791.  It would be far too messy.  Satisfying, but messy.

We know given the choice far more people voted for “draining the swamp” than the status quo of corrupt elites.

We know the Clintons’ time is up, or should be. A smart person would take the cash and freaking RUN to some retirement spot, where extradition is not allowed.  However, they are a couple of greedy grifters. They may need prodding. And history has shown us that elite authoritarians tend to hold one just a little too long, thinking they can outsmart the angry horde one more time.

We know Obama got what he wanted, he gave up some legacy, but got out pretty much unscathed for all the criminally stupid shit he’s done.

We know Trump is surrounded by experienced people he will direct toward a goal he sees as proper.

We know the FBI can now continue to chase that rabbit-  the foundation- and probably with more help from the career DOJ attorneys who, if nothing else, can figure out which side of the bread is now buttered.  What they don’t want is that meeting with the new DOJ political appointee, who  wants the Clintons’ scalp, and the career guy has to start out the conversation with how he DIDN’T do anything about an obvious violation of a number of federal statutes.  (There was a hint of that when Rudy was talking with someone at FOX. He was ambivalent about chasing HRC over the emails. Seriously who is going to arrest Obama, right?  But when the Foundation came up, he perked up and said (and I paraphrase) “If there are violations, nobody is above the rule of law”.   Start packing Bill!

All of this leads to this one headline on Drudge, a place where the Clinton bad acts have been exposed since the nineties.







Matt, from your lips to God’s ears.

Maybe this time it is truly over.

Except for a perp walk, because that would be very, very cool. As Rudy Giuliani says “Nobody should be above the law.”




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Rest Heroes, rest.

To the heroes of Benghazi, you can rest now, secure in the knowledge that justice has been done, finally.

Image result for photos of the dead heroes of benghazi


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Liberal still don’t get it. They claim white hatred voted in Trump. UK Daily mail highlights crying women.

No, it was the anger of the peasant class, of ALL backgrounds, tired of being abused.  Folks, this isn’t rocket science. Unlike Europeans and Russians and Chinese, we are AMERICANS!  We do not like being abused, pushed around or spat at.  We’ll be nice for a while, then it will be a “John Wayne” to your jaw.

But Slate gets it wrong, as does Salon.

Sad. It will take time for them to realize this may be the second or third step in the peasants revolt, a worldwide revolt. If I were Soros, I’d be thinking of moving to that lonely island nobody knows about.

But over to the UK daily mail they highlight the “horror” of a Trump win, by highlighting women, metrosexuals and gay couples.

A stony silence turned to sheer horror early Wednesday for Hillary Clinton’s supporters at what was meant to be her presidential victory party as it became painfully clear she would not close the gap with Donald Trump.

One by one, states turned Republican red on the interactive map of the country. One by one, dejected Clinton fans left in tears without even seeing their beloved candidate.

‘It’s a nightmare,’ said Jeannette Barbasch, a 50-something Clinton backer leaving the cavernous Javits Center on the west side of Midtown Manhattan, which had been decked out in American flags for Clinton’s expected win.

But here’s my take;

“UK daily mail article on HRC supporters crying.  All chicks, metrosexual men comforting the girls in hopes to get lucky,  and gay couples in pics.

However, I think the real men in the party are going;  “This is horrible,  just horrible.  That a real man,  and not a metrosexual man,  is going to run things. Instead of a screeching, paranoid,  vengeful,  authoritarian,  power seeking mad woman.

Gee… Wow… Tough… Ah yeah… No I’m upset sweety,  woof,  terrible,  just terrible … .

(Men waving them arms back and forth, eyes wandering, glancing at their watches continuously.)

Sooo.. Anyone up for a Starbucks?

That’s the secret truth.

This is a rebellion of the makers against the takers; regardless of color, race, income, position, sexual orientation or even party loyalty.

That’s the lesson.  Or better put, who knew that sheep had teeth?




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Well, “BOOM!!”

In my earlier post I said Trump is either the perfect DNC Trojan Horse, or a grenade the DNC threw that had a five second fuse, bu went off in two seconds, in the hands of the DNC/Hillary campaign.

Well, “Boom!”

The Hillary Clinton campaign plan.


Image result for Wile e coyote blowing up

The end result of the Hillary Clinton campaign plan. (Or, darling it’s just that nobody really LIKES you!)

Image result for Wile e coyote blowing up

What I said to some friends;

Trump should send a couple of guys in a U Haul to the star’s houses, and have them say this; “Okay, Miley, you grab Rosie and Whoopie and that guy who used to play Meathead on tv, we’ll make one trip of it.  I’ve got maps to Canada in the glovebox.  It’s easy. Basically get on any interstate, turn north, keep driving until you run into a bunch of very nice, but funny sounding, people, who keep trying to sell you real maple syrup.  Come on, load up!”

A friend of mine emailed me from California pointing out there should be some houses available in Malibu real soon!

My biggest take away is that I don’t have to listen to  her lecture me on how to live my life while cackling like a crazy witch from some bad fairy tale! Seriously, put the children down and turn off the oven!

But the best meme I got this morning sums it all up.








Barack, think of yourself and Hillary as lucky.  This is our version of 1791 France.  Lucky for you we left the pitchforks home.

This time.



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