What Paris elites won’t tell you, so you won’t see it coming here.

This is a common sight that you don’t see. Why? Because if we saw this every day we’d realize that importing people who will not or cannot assimilate results in violence.  It is who they are, who we are, their form of government, our form of government.   The key to the ascendancy is kitman, a type of Islamic “laying low” until you reach a critical mass.  In Paris, they’ve reached that mass and are now striking out.

The trouble with the French is they have forgotten what they are supposed to be fighting for. The elimination of Christendom by secular socialists have left little for the people to sacrifice for.  Who would fight for the continuation of the EU? Seriously!

So one side fights for dominance, religion, race, culture and power.  The other for what exactly?  Who do you think will win.

And that goes for here too.  I’m not a Trump fan, but in this area he gets it.  HRC wants to bring in a million more- unvetted.  Concentrated into the already deepening pockets of Islam in our cities, they may actually reach a critical mass.

Then what?


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The BLM have a point. Greedy politicians and others have over regulated behavior.

As a former, now retired, police officer/detective who wrote plenty of tickets in his life, I’m going to jump in here.

I never wrote a ticket unless there was a clear threat, a criminal violation, or damage. If you are doing 80 in a 30 in a residential area, I’m writing you. If you are doing 70 in a 55 on a straight rural road- I may check you for DUI- but you aren’t getting a ticket. If you wreck because of careless driving, you get a ticket. If you have thin tire tread, and I can see by your clothes, vehicle, etc, you aren’t rich, I’ll write a warning. If you wreck your car because of bald tires, you get a ticket.

If you are suspended, well you get the ticket, because driving is a privilege- that you (and everybody else) pay for- not a right. If you are a habitual criminal and driving, which means you are extending your criminal area of operation, I’ll do my level best to put you on your feet- thus reducing your area of influence. That’s just good policing.

However, the state sees it differently because all  fines are just income streams- they are fees charged for your bad behavior, which they designate as bad by law or rule. And when the politicians need more money they criminalized something new. Sweet gig if you can get it I suppose.

A rich person gets a hundred dollar ticket it is an inconvenience.  A poor person who makes a hundred dollars a day, may end up with no money for food or gas or rent.  That’s a huge difference.  So I get why certain groups that can’t afford tickets feel they are getting picked on.

An honest review of cities like Ferguson provided insight into this kind of political behavior (not cop behavior- they are just doing what they are told to do).

If they were truly against speeding, they would make the police take your car from you, rather than write that huge ticket, hand all your stuff back and let you go off down the road, sure to speed again.  Which means more money for them, but a harder life for you.

Now you can say “don’t speed”, and you should not.  However, if there are a thousand potential violations you may or may not be violating, it is more akin to being told to walk through a minefield and not step on one.  Study your traffic laws in your state.  I’m betting at any one time you are probably violating at least one, since there are hundreds of them written, many you don’t even know about!

Both the BLM types and the libertarians are coming at this same problem from a different angle- which means it might be a real problem and should be looked at. And yes, I think there is something to be said about the amount of “crimes” and “violations” out there. Yet, do any of the government officials pushing the BLM to demand changes actually look at the reason for the harassment- the number of laws they are passing?  Nope- not one I’ve heard or the BLM would be told to protest capital buildings and governor homes.

The excuse used  by the government agents (politicians) who write these laws  is they are responding to a perceived need, often driven by special interests and the most vocal minority, and the voice of the MSM.

The demand to regulate texting while driving is one. There is no evidence that it is a major issue. Sure, there are wrecks from distracted driving and because it is at the forefront of the media cycle we notice people doing it more and “fear” they will wreck. But the fact is, the risk is minor compared to the act. So much so, that to make is a viable threat they have to lump it into ALL distracted driving wrecks to make the numbers come up. Now, they (the government agents) want the police to have the power to search- without warrant- your phone to see if you committed the ultimate sin of texting while driving.

Once you get down the rabbit hole of mounting fines, you can never be mobile- working- and pay off the fines. You can never get out and that changes how you interact with ONLY government authority you have contact with- the police.

I can see the frustration. But I remind the people in contact with the officer, HE isn’t who you should negatively react to. Turn your attention to the politicians who wrote the laws that criminalized what you once thought was lawful action and punish them.  They want to over regulate you, fire them. Get them out of power. If they write laws allowing bureaucrats to issue regulations you find offensive, fire the politicians who did it to you.

Stop yelling at the police, they aren’t the problem, just the target the politicians who want your money. Trust me, run one off for that reason, you’ll find a dozen suddenly on your side!

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Cruz and Trump’s bridge too far. I don’t blame him at all.

First off, most of the spokesmen are establishment toadies who suddenly found support for Trump.

To “like” what they say is suspect at best. They are the “problem with Washington and has never liked Cruz. The establishment set up everything to stop his populist campaign long before Trump came along.But to the point of why Cruz did what he did let me share what I sent to a friend. I listened to both the speech and the talk with the Texas delegation and my suspicions were confirmed. Trump just went too far in his attacks on Cruz’s family.

“First, as a southern man, if an ass**le like trump said your daddy may have been involved in killing Kennedy, knowing its a lie, or insulted your wife, would he or would he not be picking himself off the floor, holding his bloody nose?”

So Trump should consider himself lucky Cruz showed up, gave a great speech about freedom and said vote. Don’t stay home. That released his voters to do what they feel is right- most of them will vote for Trump. I will simply to avoid the alternative- which is four years of HRC screeching at us and screwing up the nation. She’s blown up everything she has been given since Arkansas, so why does anyone think it will be different if she is given ultimate power?

But because he didn’t bend at the knee for their king, trumpites went after his family on the floor of the convention?

His wife?

Classless, just like their leader. Shame on them.

I watched Cruz speak to the Texas delegation.  He was trying to be as nice as he could, but the truth is Trump being Trump simply does not give a person much wiggle room.

Ted says he never said a negative thing about Trump, and won’t. But it confused him a little that when he said vote for the person who will defend freedom and the Constitution the Trump supporters started booing!

(As it did me.  Supporting your guy is one thing. Not listening to the other side is quite another, and makes you look like an idiot sometimes.)

Cruz paused and said, You know it reminds me of the businessman who was in a lawsuit that threatened his business. He gets a call from his attorney who said “justice prevailed!” to which the businessman yelled “file an appeal!”

Cruz pointed out what Trump said about his FAMILY was beyond what he could tolerate and Trump never apologized. Which Trump should have. A man cannot hold another man to any promise if the behavior and character of that man makes it impossible.  Besides, Trump threatened more than once to not support any other winners, if he felt he didn’t get a fair shake.  Which means, as we all suspect, this is about him and only him.

Even with that, Cruz stood up there and did his best to balance between endorsing Trump and just flat out refusing to.

Here’s the question all of you need to ask yourself, and I’m serious. If a man spoke about your father or your wife like Trump did Cruz’s, would you make him pay? If your boss called your wife a slut, would you quit?  Or your dad a coward?

If you say no, then I fear for your honor and your wife’s shame for having married you in the first place.

Sometimes, a person just goes too far, and without an apology, you can’t cross that bridge.

We’ll see if crazy Trump or smart Trump shows up tonight. Then we’ll know.

Update: Steven Hayes got it. He said it can be both, principal and insulted at the same time and goes to the character of Trump to reach out and apologize to Cruz.  You know this to be true, if the situation was reversed, Trump would be out of there so fast, crying all the way home how horrible Cruz was to dare speak to him like that.

Why? We’ve already seen him do it.

Update: Trump’s speech was not that bad. I think Rich Lowery had it right when he said Trump is our “Id” speaking.  I listened as he laid out his points and found myself agreeing with what he said, NOT how he- and ONLY he- can fix it.  That would be impossible.

However, has he rightly pointed out, letting Hillary into the White House would be a continuation of the same deadly path we are on.  So…

BTW- Trump managed not to step on his dick for about twelve hours, then he went right back after Cruz, who is obviously living rent free in his head.  So there is that character flaw…

Dude, let it go. Or this will derail your campaign.


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Two headlines that prove the mayor of NY is anarchist idiot.

First this,

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) argued that we have to help “our police understand there’s implicit bias in all of us in this country,” and “all of us in white America have to understand better that, young men of color live in fear all the time.”

De Blasio said that part of the solution is “retraining our police, helping our police understand there’s implicit bias in all of us in this country, and that we have to work to get that bias out of our systems. And that’s across all backgrounds.”

He later added, “I think all of us in white America have to understand better that, young men of color live in fear all the time.”

But then…we see this...

Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party, says his group and allied organizations have their sights set on establishing “our own government in a nation within a nation.”

Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Omowale used the interview to claim five states as belonging to the “Black Nation”: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

The revolutionary stated: “We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.”

The New Black Panthers have several thousand members.  Say three thousand go active at the same numbers.  That is 15,000 dead, 21,000 wounded.

The Nation of Islam may have 50,000 members, say 30,000 go active at the same numbers.  That is 150,000 dead, 210,000 wounded for by the time they ran out of militants.  That is the size of ALL of Orlando and surrounding populations.


Now the numbers won’t hold because as soon as the people being targeted figure it out, they would start shooting back- much to the glee of the anarchists


Anarchists think they would be immune to the new martial order. They would be the first to be put down. By definition they are just not that smart.


and their BFF’s Obama and HRC and the rest who would love to tamp down on society “for its own good…of course.”

EXCLUSIVE–New Black Panther Leader: Blacks Need to Migrate to Five Southern States, Form ‘Country Within a Country’

Who should be afraid of whom?


Why? After all these years, after all the money. We are still in 1968?

Just bigger guns I guess.



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To them, the real problem is us. Best short article I’ve seen.

It is titled;


I encourage you to read this in its entirety.  It highlights a lot of important points, the biggest is this- the view of elite leaders across the globe;

In the end the fulfillment of a promise and its opposite are less real than Blyth’s observation: “you’re going to be a problem to be policed.” You’re going to be policed because there’s no other way out of the dilemma. It’s not just a black problem, but the problem of seating ten people in five chairs when the music stops.

The article talks about the slow spiral into the abyss the world seems to be taking.  And it’s not BLM or Hispanics.  It is all of us- from every walk of life and every type of livelihood.

Strange though it may be, in a narrative largely cast as Afro-centric, a white crisis has been brewing in parallel with black fears of police brutality: the slow death of self-respect and pride. Henry David Thoreau observed that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” For many years a booming America kept despair at bay. But now it’s back. A friend recalled a man he met at his door some years ago.

All I can see in my mind’s eye is a salesman immaculately dressed, spit shined shoes, early 40’s man knocking on my door trying to sell me a newspaper subscription with no names on his clipboard anxious to move on, going home, to be greeted by his son “how did it go today Dad?” Which hit me very hard – in the instant of seeing his self-control to be polite though he knew he had to go knock on my neighbor’s door. And so I couldn’t not help but ask “what did you used to do?” – almost biting my tongue through “mechanical engineer at Boeing.”

The strain of an ex-Boeing engineer maintaining appearances at a stranger’s door in the face of an urgent need to make a sales quota is the effort of trying keep the last vestiges of dignity in the face of destitution. That struggle is statistically captured in a recent Wall Street Journal story describing the rising death rates among  middle-aged white Americans.

“While middle-age blacks and Latinos have seen steady declines in their mortality in recent years, whites in the same age group saw their mortality increase about 10% between 1999 and 2014.” As death rates plummet across the board, white people are dying.

“This is a world in which people are dying that shouldn’t be dying,” Angus Deaton, a 2015 Nobel Prize winner and an economist at Princeton University, told an audience at Brookings on Wednesday. …What’s confounding researchers is that this is a uniquely American phenomenon. Europe’s economic woes haven’t had the same impact on life expectancy.

Maybe the reason for the differential mortality rates is that the Americans are still burdened by the vestiges of pride. The dying will continue until the pride is beaten out of them. It will end when the ex-Boeing engineers stop trying to earn a living and fall back on welfare.

Like the ninety-four million Americans who can’t find work?

Read the whole thing.  We all sense there is something horribly off. What that is, is covered up by the manufactured crises promoted by any number of elite leaders- much to our collective horror.

This BLM effort is just another way to distract us and then keep them in power for at least one more cycle so they can keep the music playing.


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The recent police shooting – not all that it appear to be- again.

First off, no more Zimmerman or Wilson type cases.  Assume that all you see is NOT what appears to be.  The BLM/Obama/MSM effort to turn all shootings into bad shootings (especially on video) is a dangerous and lethal thing.

As we speak, five police officers and many more are dead by the hands of black people enraged BY the MSM/BLM/Obama/Hillary cabal.  The actions are incited by two shootings, both caught on video, that seem to show police misconduct.

Of course even the most conservative commentators fall for this trick again.  Like I said at PJMedia do they have the learning curve like the outside edges of the Texas border?

Thank God for websites like the Conservative Treehouse. They trust no one, and will snag social media and police information right after an incident to get a true reading on the players. I discovered them during the Trayvon Martin case.

In the Philando Castile, TCTH and Gotnews have taken on the task to find the truth. Sadly, they will act in a singular fashion as the Dallas shooting will take the attention off of these events.

So what do we know? We know the police acted quickly to shoot Castile. We know the crazy girlfriend went right to Facebook and cemented a narrative that may be unraveling.  Let’s deal with her first.  She’s a hot mess. From Got News and I have not independently confirmed this but..

Once again we broke the news before everyone else: GotNews.com proved that #PhilandoCastile was a Crips gang banger.

We also rightly pointed out that his lying, drugged-up side chick Lavish Reynolds lied about everything, including being his girlfriend, being married, and that Castile had a concealed carry permit.

Reynolds was already lying 10 seconds into the video, claiming that Castile was her boyfriend. There were no references to or photos of Castile on Reynolds’ Facebook page, and vice versa, even though Reynolds was a prolific Facebook user, posting dozens of photos in just the last month.

Castile listed his relationship status on the site as single. Reynolds’ was “married,” although she says she is a single mom. What Reynolds should have said is side chick.

Now remember, this is about controlling a narrative to fuel a black movement to vote for Hillary, just as Zimmerman was for 2012 elections and Obama, and the 2014 elections created the Brown/Wilson crisis.

It is ALL about getting democrats elected! That’s some cold-hearted stuff brothers. Getting people on both sides injured and killed to gain votes.

Over that TCTH they summarize the facts was they have discovered them.

The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false narrative.  Castile and Ms. Diamond Reynolds (Facebook video uploader) were pulled over by police because Castile matched a BOLO Alert for an armed robbery suspect from four days prior.

There is a transcript of the radio calls allegedly from the traffic stop. It reads as a legitimate stop.

A KARE 11 viewer, who gave us audio clips of police radio traffic, claims they captured the moments just before Philando Castile and his girlfriend were stopped by St. Anthony police – which ended in police shooting that killed Castile.

KARE 11 has attempted to confirm the authenticity of the recording with police officials, but so far they have not responded.

We have verified that the license plate mentioned by police in the recording matches the plate of the car Castile was driving.  The location the officer gives also corresponds to the locations of the traffic stop.

“I’m going to stop a car,” the officer says on the recording. “I’m going to check IDs.  I have reason to pull it over.”

“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery,” the officer says. “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer continues.

A minute and a half later, the recording captures the first report that there was a shooting.

Officer:  “Shots fired Larpenteur and Fry.”
Dispatch: “Copy you just heard it? …   You just heard the shots fired?”
Officer:  (screaming) “Code 3! Shots fired.”
Dispatch:  “Copy shots fired Larpenteur and Fry. Do you need medics?”
Officer:  “Code 3!”
Dispatch:  “Copy. Medics — code 3 to Larpenteur and Fry.”
Officer: “One adult female taken into custody. Driver at gunpoint.”

This is the photos from the surveillance video showing the robbery.

suspect MN 1

From the newspaper.

mn lavish newports 3







Is this the gun? CCW people don’t put their guns in their laps if they are riding in cars and stopped by police.

mn shooting 19





On top of that we find Castile may be in or sympathetic with the Crip gang.

Philando is a Crip

right leg up= Crips

Crips going to crip

The BIG “C”. At what point do we say yep?








Why did Philando Castile praise the Crips if he a good boy?

Everybody does this during the holidays






And to remove all doubt, West side Crip sign












Now is Castile the robber? An active gang member or wannabe?

I would hope regardless of what the weak governor said or any pressure from the politicians they do a serious look into his life, including search warrants on his home and on his devices.  Maybe they find the other guy linked to him and build that case.   It would go a long way to explaining why he did what he did and why the police reacted to him the way they did.

If not, and Castile isn’t the robber, then this is a case of the police stopping a person of interest and either they reacted wrong or Castile did something wrong- like having a gun stuck under his thigh and reaching for it- or this is series of bad inputs that ended up with a somewhat dicey person getting killed.

Update: news clip

But there is one element we may be missing here.  That is the element of a President, media, BLM, DOJ taking a position that there is an inherent racism inside all police departments and it causes police officers – of all stripes- to target blacks.  Further, once they cemented that into the conversation, Obama, et. al, cleverly added that it is the duty of blacks to “resist” this racism whenever possible.  Of course they “mean” (wink, wink) is through the ballot box, laws, peaceful protests and conversation.  But what they did was create an environment about where street blacks think resisting means at the point of contact and not through social pressure alone.

So the result is that the position the President (et. al.) takes turns a simple non-violent contact turns INTO a violent contact, thus upping the number of potential police brutality complaints. It is a vicious and  now obviously intentional cycle.  And it will lead to more dead and injured on both sides. Just as long as Obama can say things like this;

The dramatic shootings are an opportunity to push that agenda, Obama said. “If my voice has been true and positive, my hope would be that… [the panel] surfaces problems, it frames them, it allows us to wrestle with these issue and try to come up with practical solutions,” he said.

Obama began touting the panel’s recommendations in March 2015. The report, titled “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report,” was published in May 2015.

The report urges the federal government to federalize police training and practices, via the use of federal lawsuits, grants and threats to cut federal aid. So far, Obama’s deputies have cajoled and sued more than 30 police jurisdictions to adopt federal rules in a slow-motion creation of a national police system, similar to the slow-motion creation of a federal-run health-sector via Obamacare.

Fighting the police has always been a calculated risk taken by bad guys. Some are smart enough to know the system leans in their direction, so unless they are doing something really bad, they will get some time in jail (if any) and they are right back out again.  Also, we have to admit there is a constant number (or growing depending on your perspective) of criminal individuals in our society.  They are criminal by nature, not by violation, because they are raised in a culture that encourages immediate gratification and rewards criminal behavior.

Since Obama has come into office and brought the allegation of racism to the forefront we’ve see more and more confrontations or examples of the  police backing down and away from their duty to protect innocent people. We all know it is happening, but the Left doesn’t seem to mind spilling blood on both sides for political gain.

Alton Sterling is an example of  either, or both, reasons.  It is easy to say Sterling was a career criminal. His record is here.

Here’s Alton Sterling, the guy they’re making a cause celebre out of.

9/09/96 aggravated battery

10/31/97 2nd degree battery

1/06/98 simple battery

5/04/00 public intimidation

9/20/00 carnal knowledge of a juvenile

9/04/01 domestic violence

5/24/05 burglary of an inhabited dwelling place

7/11/05 receiving stolen things

9/12/05 burglary of inhabited dwelling place

3/17/06 simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery, simple theft, drug possession, misrepresentation during booking, simple battery, aggravated battery

4/12/06 aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, unauthorized entry

4/04/08 domestic abuse battery

6/03/09  resisting an officer, drug possession, receiving stolen things, possession of stolen firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDs, sound reproduct without consent

10/12/09 illegal carrying of weapon, marijuana possession

8/13/15 failure to register as a sex offender

4/08/16 failure to register as a sex offender

6/14/16 ecstacy and marijuana possession

So was this a good shoot or a bad one?

Work through this for a second. This is a good shoot. I say this as a retired cop. Not a great shoot like people see on TV or expect, but a good one. Why? Because in reality, violence and death are just one micro-second away. If Sterling gets his hands on a loaded gun in a loose pocket he can pull, twist and fire, while both officers have their guns secured in their holsters.  Wrestling a big, strong person- on the ground- is dangerous in of itself. Been there, done that. Put the fact he was trying to get to the gun makes it lethal.

Here’s the facts. 1- he’s a felon- a career long felon. 2. He likes guns. 3. He’s prone to violence. 4. He just got out of jail- so going back may not have been an option. 5. In the last eight years we’ve had national leaders tell blacks they are being picked on and they have a right to resist- which makes every contact possibly more violent. (NOTHING occurs in a vacuum Barack!) 6. At any time Sterling, who apparently already flashed that gun at someone, could have given up. The officer warned him after sticking his duty weapon into the chest of Sterling and only fired when Sterling refused to stop fighting.

Here’s a hint. When the cop puts his pistol over your heart and says if you keep reaching for the gun I’ll pull the trigger…STOP REACHING FOR THE GUN!

Let them cuff you, transport you, book you, send you to county lock up, where all your buddies are, and hang out until your court date or you make bail. Then you can buy another stolen gun, go back to selling dope and counterfeit CD for a cash living on the street corner, and not pay your child support!


Sterling is a clearer case of a man refusing to give up and exposing the police to lethal harm. That’s a done deal.  The other shooting is more dicey. Only because more evidence is needed. If it turns out Castile is the robber and was going for his gun- because resisting is all the rage today- then it’s his fault.  If he had a gun under his leg that was seen by the officer and then moved his hands in the direction of that gun AFTER being told to stop- that’s on him too. The time it takes to grab an un-holstered pistol and point/shot is far under a second.  The officer would lose that gunfight. And they aren’t paid to get killed.

However, if Castile had a gun, wasn’t intending to use it and still moved, it could be argued both sides made a mistake and it was a sad outcome.

In time I hope they’ll do their due diligence and seek the truth through facts and evidence.

Update: As we speak the family of Castile is making money off his death with go fund me campaigns. Even the non girlfriend has taken in over thirty- thousand dollars.

So there is that motive to lie too.

  • Mama Valerie Castile’s account leading the way with $163,674  (link)
  • Big Sis Allysza’s account comes in second with $60,939 (link)
  • Lavish Reynolds account third with a paultry $30,294  (link)







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Comey’s sword turned out to be rubber. He’s part of the problem, not the solution.

After the testimony today in front of a House committee, I’ve had several points I’d like to make;

One, I was wrong. Or as Fonzie used to say in Happy days, I was wroo…I was wrooa…I was wrooo… Boy this is hard!

I pride myself in reading people. I will stand by my statement that Comey looks like he was trying to do the right thing in an impossible situation.  But he was NOT doing the best thing.

Two, I stand corrected in my position that he took the interview from HRC to avoid allowing FBI agents to be potentially damaged.  That was what was reported, but not what turned out to be true.

What we learned as as many as five FBI agents interviewed HRC (which is three too many) and they DID NOT RECORD her testimony- which is strange considering how high profile the case is. Obviously, they succumbed to political pressure.  They did not place her under oath, which is fine- lying to the FBI is still a crime as he pointed out. But did she even talk? And what did she say? How many DOJ lawyers were there? What did they allow? How many defense attorneys were there? How many times did they object?  Hillary could have walked in, identified herself and never said another word about the case for three and a half hours for all we know! Or plead the fifth over a hundred times like her IT guy! (I say this after watching the reenactments of the civil depos involving the same motley crew! Seriously, take the time to watch!)

Three, that when Comey was grilled today he revealed himself as a lawyer first and a man of principal second and it showed.  His defense of Hillary can be summed up like this- Hillary Rodham Clinton was not charged with a crime because she’s STUPID!

Hey, the FBI doesn’t go after ‘tarded people. It’s not cool.

That’s it.

Hillary’s defense as explained by Comey was-

“I didn’t know it was a crime because little old me doesn’t understand how this email-ie thing works and a little confused about the whole if I put classified material on a private server is that a crime or a convenience? And this little black box that talks to me like magic that I don’t know how to work, a “blacknoodle” or “blueberry”? They can ‘hack it’… like with an axe? ” 

Then he says she actually wasn’t really up on what is classified and how to tell if it is classified, so how can you hold her responsible for sending it around. I know, I think I saw some of Chaffetz’s brain cells just go- pop!

But she wants to be the head of the most powerful and sophisticated nation in the world?  Help me out here!

Fourth, what we really learned is if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton (and staff) and you are caught doing a crime – don’t confess, don’t admit, acted shocked and demand David Kendall to be your lawyer.  The politicized FBI will fold like a cheap suitcase.

I kid you not.  I was there, I heard it.  In four and a half hours of testimony (half wasted by letting democrats talk about zika and black lives matter issues of course) we come to the  conclusion that the fix was always in. My friends warned me, but I had faith in the system. No longer. And boy, that hurt.

We witnessed Trey Gowdy just GLARING at Comey as he walks Comey through the whole how you build a case for “intent” method- dragging Comey along, like he was a first year law student with dementia, as Comey kept trying to PROTECT Hillary and his decision (now and forever attached at the hip). It was insightful. And I kept thinking of SEC violation cases where the whole case can be built on emails and intentional deletion of data.  Or half of the cases I worked where the bad guy didn’t confess and I had to put a case together where I had to prove this guy, committed this crime, at this time, and nobody else could have done it.  Comey’s conclusion was she did it, during this period, along with her buddies, but there was no crime committed because the legal statute written for this very offense didn’t apply to Hillary. BUT…it will for the next guy who tries it, not named Clinton of course.

One committee member pointed out Comey killed off this statute completely, which didn’t seem to bother Comey.  He’s a free citizen or something…not sure. I’m betting some of his prior convicted defendants are slapping their collective foreheads over this comment. In the days to come, we’ll see them surface I’m sure.

Comey also stated that nobody on her staff was going to be held accountable because they were apparently struck stupid too.  I swear… Not even the IT guy, who got immunity, but Comey wasn’t sure for what exactly. (??)

In fact, when pressed, we find Comey made the decision not to prosecute without talking to all of the agents who interviewed Hillary.  Or reviewing her testimony to see if she lied.  He said all he cared about was she didn’t lie to the FBI. Congress and the public wasn’t his deal, y’know!

Comey went to a lot of trouble explaining that the hundred year old  federal statute was no longer applicable because nobody was really prosecuted for it.  I ask this- maybe that’s because nobody was as ballsy as Hillary?  It’s like the statue was written a hundred years ago with Hillary in mind!  Of course he was asked if the age of the statute made it inapplicable and Comey actually kind of nodded yes, BUT if anyone tried it in the future, they’d be prosecuted. Seriously… you can’t make it up.

My friend said it is all theater and doesn’t matter. I think it matters a great deal as events unfold and we begin to realize how this mess- another Clinton mess- impacts all of us.

Already, defense attorneys are looking forward to using what they call “the Hillary defense” for their clients who are suffering security issues and prosecutions.

The FBI recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her staff on charges of mishandling classified information will give those accused of flouting national security rules a new line of defense even as it highlights a dual standard in how senior government officials are treated, several experts said Wednesday.

FBI Director James Comey recommended Tuesday that no charges be filed against Clinton or her team for their handling of classified information while she was secretary of state, even though she was “extremely careless” in using a private email address and servers. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday that she agreed with Comey’s assessment.

Lawyers who specialize in representing government and military officials who’ve had security clearances revoked said Comey’s recommendation offered them a new tactic in seeking to rehabilitate their clients, especially if Clinton is elected president in November.

“I intend to use the Hillary defense,” said Sean M. Bigley, a lawyer whose firm handles dozens of cases a year involving national security clearances. “I really question how any agency can say someone is a security risk if the president of the United States did something similar.”

He added, “We’ve had people lose 20-year careers for doing less than what she did.”

Mark F. Riley, a former military intelligence officer who became a lawyer defending those accused of national security violations, said he, too, would invoke the Clinton recommendation.

“I’m going to use it every chance I get, particularly in oral arguments. I’m going to bring it up over and over and over,” Riley said, adding that he thinks Clinton and her team engaged in “an egregious, egregious security violation.”

“Any other person would have had their security clearance revoked,” he said.

Hey, that’s something new. Usually if you are a prominent politician you get a Navy ship named after you, not a legal defense. But we live in interesting times for sure!

Several committee members did a good job.  Jason Chaffetz was outstanding as he wound up Comey several times in a friendly way.  His questions were to the point and he asked some crucial ones.  Did HRC knowingly give classified material to non cleared people?  (That’s a crime folks.)  Comey looked pained, answering with “yes…but”.  How many people saw the files?  Maybe ten IT people who handled the servers, several lawyers she gave the files to, but Comey said (and again I kid you not!) that she didn’t expect them to actually read the emails!  WHAT??!  But the lawyers did read them didn’t they as part of the vetting? Didn’t they, after receiving a request by Congress, willfully destroy thousands of work related documents in a manner making them unrecoverable? Isn’t that a crime called obstruction of justice?

Uh, maybe?…”

Are you going to prosecute them for it?

Nothing but crickets.

It was classic.

Seriously, it was painful to watch our Republic unwind in hi-def. I’m sure there have been hundreds if not thousands of backroom deals cut over during our history. But there is a rule (was a rule)- if you get caught out in the open, just have to take the lick.

Hillary has rewritten that rule and I encourage any Republican or Democrat to ignore calls for resignation from office regardless of their crime.  Just hold a press conference, hold up a placard with Hillary and Comey’s face on it and point.  Then walk off.

Comey held his own, but he’s a lawyer and long ago lost his sense of embarrassment.

It was pointed out there was a incident where HRC asked for her staff to strip the classified information out of a document and send it to her.  Now pay attention.  Hillary is being portrayed by the the head of the FBI as being clueless about classified document rules in order to avoid “willful intent”.  However, at the same time she is commanding her staff to remove classified material from a document, or at least taking off the headings of those documents so they don’t look classified, in order to get them to email the docs to her on her private server.  So, that begs the question- How does she know if that was done if she can’t recognize what is a classified document or not because SHE’S STUPID!?

It wasn’t a total waste of time. In fact, if you care about your nation, I would highly recommend you watch the testimony- skipping through the democrat bullhockey- and listen closely.  Because this is how the rule of law dies.

Over at Townhall, one author sums up a million voices.

Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. It is high time to declare our personal independence from any remnant of obligation to those who have spit upon the rule of law. We owe them nothing – not respect, not loyalty, not obedience.

Think about it. If you are out driving at 3 a.m., do you stop at a stop sign when there’s no one coming? Of course you do. You don’t need a cop to be there to make you stop. You do it voluntarily because this is America and America is a country where obeying the law is the right thing to do because the law was justly made and is justly applied. Or it used to be.

The law mattered. It applied equally to everyone. We demanded that it did, all of us – politicians, the media, and regular citizens. Oh, there were mistakes and miscarriages of justice but they weren’t common and they weren’t celebrated – they were universally reviled. And, more importantly, they weren’t part and parcel of the ideology of one particular party. There was once a time where you could imagine a Democrat scandal where the media actually called for the head of the Democrat instead of deploying to cover it up.

People assumed that the law mattered, that the same rules applied to everyone. That duly enacted laws would be enforced equally until repealed. That the Constitution set the foundation and that its guarantees would be honored even if we disliked the result in a particular case. But that’s not our country today.

The idea of the rule of law today is a lie. There is no law. There is no justice. There are only lies.

Hillary Clinton is manifestly guilty of multiple felonies. Her fans deny it half-heartedly, but mostly out of habit – in the end, it’s fine with them if she’s a felon. They don’t care. It’s just some law. What’s the big deal? It doesn’t matter that anyone else would be in jail right now for doing a fraction of what she did. But the law is not important. Justice is not important.

The attorney general secretly canoodles with the husband of the subject of criminal investigation by her own department and the president, the enforcer of our laws, shrugs. The media, the challenger of the powerful, smirks. They rub our noses in their contempt for the law. And by doing so, demonstrate their contempt for us.

Lastly,  I caution the elites, who are apparently building private compounds on islands and out in the middle of nowhere, that a people with no voice is dangerous.  A smart ruler sacrifices a royal every once in a while in order to remain in good graces with the peasants.  It’s just smart business.

(To that point, Comey stated that it would have been unfair to unbox an old statute- that Hillary obviously violated- because of her singular celebrity status.  What that says is that law, whether he thinks it valid or not, does not apply to her because of WHO she is.  But leaving out there that if it were someone unknown that consideration would not be made. This makes the argument from Townhall true.)

I was convinced Obama grasped that and was going to cut the rope on the lifeboat setting HRC adrift.  But I was wrong. Just like the hundreds of “smarter than the masses” leaders throughout history, they just can’t see how precariously close to the edge they are.

The latest popular meme summarizes how people feel.

Seriously, what are they thinking?






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James Comey falls on his sword. The “blinking Morse Code” moment.

After a day of reviewing what Comey said about the Hillary conspiracy to hide her activities on private servers we can come to a few conclusions.  Over at American Thinker they agree with me that Comey may have been more a POW blinking out “torture” than a man who is comfortable covering up for HRC- again.

start blinking- “It’s fixed!”

One thing I do believe is true in his statement is they did not know what he was about to say.  That was because he fell on his sword to protect his FBI.

Yesterday, the director of the FBI offered 15 of the most puzzling minutes in the history of American law enforcement.  James Comey spent the first 12 minutes or so laying out a devastating case dismantling Hillary Clinton’s email defense.  Then, in a whiplash-inducing change of narrative, he announced that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring the case he had just outlined, an assertion that was contradicted within hours by luminaries including former U.S. attorney (and mayor) Rudy Giuliani and James Kallstrom, former head of the FBI’s New York office.

How can we possibly explain the FBI director deliberately inducing mass cognitive dissonance?

If, as many on the right fear, the fix was in, Comey did not need to lay out such an overwhelming case that already has provided ample ammunition to refute Hillary Clinton’s many lies about her email practices.

I think it is possible that Comey was grudgingly complying with the reality that he learned in the wake of the covert meeting between Bill Clinton and A.G. Lynch (that became public only because a Phoenix TV station was doing a story on VIP arrivals at Sky Harbor Airport).  I suspect that he learned, directly or indirectly, that no case would be brought against Hillary Clinton.  As Karin McQuillan noted today, he provided a “tell” when he said:

We … engage in productive conversations with prosecutors about what resolution may be appropriate.

This would leave him with a decision to respond the hard way or the easy way.  I have no idea what the hard way would involve, whether it involved losing positive inducements to cooperate and be a good team member or whether something decidedly unpleasant might happen to him or his loved ones, as has happened to so many people inconvenient to the Clintons, by sheer coincidence, of course.  The easy way would be no recommendation for prosecution, allowing A.G. Lynch to keep her promise to follow whatever the FBI recommended.  That would call off the dogs.

So did Director Comey cooperate the way American prisoners of war did, when forced to read statements praising their captors, by in effect blinking Morse code?  He gave exactly what he was supposed to.  But he did it in a way calculated to do political damage to Hillary Clinton.

For those who do not know what Lifson is talking about hit the link above. The POW in that case was Jeremiah Denton,who while being filmed by the North Vietnamese,  blinked “torture” in Morse Code.

I saw the look in Comey’s eyes. He knew he was committing professional suicide.  Either the Right or the Left- or both- would end up calling him a traitor, and he knew it.

So he did what many will come to think is a very smart move. He undermined HRC’s bucket of lies, once and for all and in that gave us this.

If or when the Russians decide to release the emails they have- which were stolen from her server- we’ll see another round of maybe she isn’t fit to govern.

It will be interesting to see what he will say during the congressional hearings.  However, in the end he’ll resign. He’s done and he knows it. Another victim sucked into the black morass that is the Clinton vortex.

The question now is will the American people put aside their petty greed and vote their conscience- such as it is in 2016 America.  That will be the key.



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Seeing only targets, no longer people. The TSA does it again.

It’s the lack of common sense and compassion that makes the TSA a nightmare.  Plus, and in their defense, it is a sucky job that is designed to actually thwart a basic Constitutional right- to move about the nation freely without the hindrance of government.  The TSA is like the bastard child called the ATF- the only government agency that directly targets a Constitutional amendment, and like the TSA, often in doing so runs afoul of the law and the citizens.

Here, once again, because of PC, we see the TSA manhandle a young woman, who was no threat. And in the foul act, hurt her both mentally and physically.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bloodied and bruised Hannah Cohen was led from Memphis International Airport in handcuffs.

The 19-year old was headed home to Chattanooga after treatment for a brain tumor at St. Jude Hospital June 30, 2015.

It’s a trip they’ve made for 17 years.

This time, an unarmed Hannah, set off the metal detector at a security checkpoint

“They wanted to do further scanning, she was reluctant, she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother Shirley Cohen.

Cohen told us she tried to tell TSA agents her daughter is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed, and easily confused, but said she was kept at a distance by police.

“She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” said Cohen.

Hannah was arrested, booked and on the night she should have been celebrating the end of her treatment, she was locked up in Jail East.

“Here we were with nowhere to go, not even a toothbrush, our bags had gone to Chattanooga,” said Cohen.

Authorities later threw out the charges but the family filed a lawsuit against the Memphis Airport, Airport Police, and the Transportation Security Administration.

None of them would comment citing the suit, but Sari Koshetz of TSA released a statement that said, “Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation.”

Cohen said after all the help here, she can’t believe it ended like this.

“She’s 19 but she’ll always be my baby. We’ve been through so much.”

The TSA’s response to this was cold and lacking of any compassion. To make sure nothing like this happens again, they suggested citizens visit their website to learn how to handle being disabled and dealing with the TSA.

Oh goodie, a website, written by the same asshole bureaucrats that created the monstrosity that hurt that young girl in the first place. Why? That way you sheep can learn out to behave.

(On a side note, I’m sure she’s on a watch list, put there by the same unfeeling cold-hearted bureaucracy.  Anyone like to bet?)

Digging into the “why” of this, there are many reasons why the TSA act the way they do.

I had a neighbor who had that job and hated it.   It was understandable. Here are some reasons;

If you think what they have to do; groping, touching, fondling thousands people of all types and conditions who are already pissed off, you’d hate it to.

If you think about how every day your common sense is forcibly left at the door, you’d hate it to.

If you think how useless your job is, compared to the bigger fight against Islamic terrorism, you’d hate it to.

If you get a job, thinking you can use your intelligence and common sense to thwart terror attacks, and you are told to avoid offending the people who just killed three thousand of your fellow citizens  by acting like those people aren’t threats. You come to work and find yourself employing a DUI checkpoint procedure by randomly choosing every fifth person instead of profiling the angry male Muslim with the RPG over his shoulder, who walks by you as you are patting down a seventy year old grandma from Wisconsin, you’d hate your job to.

If you watched your agency be controlled and designed by democrats to create another federal union of guaranteed democrat voters- not actually target terrorism, you’d hate your job to.

But having your department strip you of all your common sense doesn’t mean they can strip you of your humanity.  When you see the girl, nobody can imagine she is a TERROR threat!  Which is the sole reason for you being there, right? Take a LOOK at her! Compare her to the last dozen terror attacks, does she look like or act like a terrorist?  Does she look like she’s confused and afraid? Does her mother, who is screaming at you that the girl is handicapped look like a terrorist?  No?  Then what the hell are you doing??!

This is a terrorist.

omar mateen, omar mateen florida, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen port st lucie, omar mateen photos, omar mateen orlando

This is NOT a terrorist.

Nor this

Image result for photo of woman crying searched by TSA

nor this

Use your brain!

There is always going to be marginal people who get jobs like this and love the paycheck, security, the power and the lack of accountability.  Those people are dangerous.  Most are a minority and occasionally do seem to gravitate in numbers to certain jobs.   And yes, manhandling hundreds if not thousands of grumpy travelers, already pissed off, is a terrible task.  However, you can’t forget who you are and what you are doing there.  Beating up a handicapped, brain tumor suffering, blind in one eye, deaf girl because she freaked is not your job.  And frankly, people need to be punished for their acts, as the lawsuit indicates.

Don’t let the job ruin you.  Be human first, not last.







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Hillary set to talk to FBI, after they finally cornered her. So Bill steps in?

The meeting between Lynch and Bill was simply wrong.  Legally, morally, ethically wrong.  So that must mean a Clinton is somewhere close by.  The Clintons act like a black hole, sucking in the unsuspecting or the arrogant who think they can withstand them.  Even Obama has been damaged by HRC’s antics and has to scramble to stay above the whirling morass of dark gravity that threatened to suck him down. Anyone, no matter how narcissitic or self confident, can resist being damaged by the flailing debris inside their whirlwind world.

Even Obama learned that.  First Libya, which he says he didn’t want any part of. Then Benghazi, where it seems HRC handled the optics with the video lie- and Obama went along- so now  Obama has spent the last several years trying to avoid that nightmare.  During the first part of the FBI investigation into HRC’s illegal server (there is no other description), Obama took the first steps of separation by telling her this mess was ON her!  But that just didn’t seem enough.  So now every revelation batters Obama. (Who deserves anything he gets, but at least HE should be responsible, right! Stay with that list, let him cast her adrift.)

There was a time Hillary and gang were smoother and harder to catch, but her hubris seems to have gotten the better of her conscience.   People don’t remember, back in the nineties Ken Starr, doing his due diligence as a special prosecutor, stumbled into an old scam Hillary and associates had pulled off back in Arkansas- called Whitewater.  He put out a subpoena looking for billing records that would prove Hillary was part of the scam, something she denied much like she knowing how to wipe a computer by saying “with a cloth?”   Nobody could find the records.  They had been spirited away by Cheryl Mills (yes SAME Cheryl Mills). Something like two years later, after all the dust had settled and everybody had “moved along” (as HRC likes to encourage) the records were found in the private room off the bedroom of Bill and Hill in the Whitehouse.  Before that happened, a friend and confidant- Vince Foster- who apparently struggled with depression and was harangued by Hillary for being weak over the Whitewater controversy killed himself.


Just one of many who were sucked into the vortex. There are dozens.

How many scandals?  WND list most, but not all, it has been a constant grinding of metal to metal screeching like a drunk weaving back and forth in his car, along a crowded street full of parked vehicles.  And it’s been going on for twenty-five plus years!!  Back then, Hillary played the confused sweet wife of the President in public, trying to convince us she could not be that money hungry shrew that drove Vince to his death.  People see Hillary now, but this was what she looked like back then.

Now, as she has aged, her desire to hide her Machiavellian personality has dwindled. She is mega rich and mega connected and mega protected, maybe.

The new kid in town his Obama, and he may not want to be tainted with her.  Loretta Lynch was given her first federal job, a juicy one in New York, by Bill in 1999.  Obama raised her to AG.  Now she is going to have to decide if she wants to be sucked down into that same vortex as others have been.  Over at PJ Media, Adams thinks the meeting between Bill and Lynch was a setup to find a way to move her aside and let another DOJ attorney take the hit when they decide NOT to indict HRC or any of her crony staff.

Whenever Bill Clinton gets on a plane to meet a woman, he’s usually up to no good.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said her impromptu tarmac summit at Phoenix Sky Harbor was a purely social affair. Golf and grandchildren were on the agenda, she said — and not how a home-brew server crammed with classified information ended up in Bill’s basement.

However, the attorney general normally doesn’t meet with family members of a target in an active FBI criminal investigation.

Hillary is just that — a target in an FBI criminal investigation.

But you’d never know that listening to Attorney General Lynch. She borrowed the narrative of the Hillary campaign when she described the FBI criminal investigation as a “security inquiry.”

Downplaying the FBI criminal investigation is a deliberate communications strategy of the Clinton campaign. It’s a very bad sign that the person who must approve any grand jury referral has adopted Hillary’s dishonest language.

Many won’t believe Lynch and Clinton only discussed grandkids and golf in her cozy jet. But I do.

That’s all they needed to discuss for Bill to interfere with a criminal prosecution. Sophisticated insiders don’t need to use clumsy and explicit language. Merely having the tarmac summit interferes with the investigation, even if golf and grandkids were the only topics discussed.

The tarmac summit sent a signal. It is a signal to all of the hardworking FBI agents who have the goods on Hillary.

Maybe.  Or it could be her giving him the heads up on the interview HRC is going to have with the FBI, or the final say that Obama is going to give. It was obviously a meet that was exposed by someone.  Adams thinks it will give cover to Lynch has she kinda-sorta steps aside. Maybe.

But this isn’t 1999. Technology and the lack of loyalty from the new generation of liberals is tripping up the 1990’s version of the Clintons.  Not that they don’t keep trying though.  Here, John Kass points out that Bill was just being Bill and apply soft pressure.

But the meeting between Bill and Loretta had nothing to do with hair or race. It had to do with the subtle projection of terrifying power.

And with Hillary under investigation by her office, and with her boss, President Obama, having already endorsed Mrs. Clinton, Lynch made a terrible mistake.

She shouldn’t have talked to Clinton about anything. Instead, she should have said:

“Bill, may I call you Bill? I can’t have any kind of conversation with you in private. It would be wrong. But if you’d like to sit with FBI agents and talk about your wife’s illegal emails and how they relate to your epic bank account and your Clinton Foundation international slush fund, you’re more than welcome.”

But she didn’t. So she deserves to be made a public fool.

The problem for Democrats in all of this is that the Clintons are considered by most Americans to be liars. Not just pedestrian liars, either, but Olympian liars.

In Chicago the other day, Hillary Clinton acknowledged she has a trust problem and plans on working on it. She’s been in public life for more than 30 years, and now she’s working on it?

When news of the Bill Clinton/Lynch meeting became public, Republicans predictably skewered the attorney general, Democrats predictably defended her and Trump was predictably outraged.

Lynch bore the brunt of it. But what about Bill?

He’s the spouse of the Democratic candidate for president. He’s a former lawyer, Yale trained. Doesn’t he have any responsibility here?

I’d like you to imagine Bill — after the baby talk about grandchildren was done — looking at Lynch, biting his lip, saying something like:

“So, Loretta, what are your plans for the future?”

You wouldn’t need a neon sign. He’d mean a future with Hillary as president, Bill at her side, the two of them ruling the world with power to reward friends and destroy enemies once again.

The poet Maya Angelou said that “When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time.”

Bill and Hillary have shown us who they are. They’ve spent years showing us.

And now they want to show us again, and again.

Exactly.  Yikes!

Clinton Lynch


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