To Hillary and anyone else with the foolish notion you can empathize with them. You can’t. Ask the kids.

You can’t deal with them.  They should be treated like a recurring STD, when it shows up kill it off, take the meds to keep it away, but when it shows up again, kill it.  Then don’t let anyone else get it either.

The Pakistan Taliban went to a school and killed a hundred and thirty-two children, burned a teacher alive in front of them, and murdered a total of 148.  All for the love of Allah.  They wanted to make the parents feel pain.

Horrifying pictures have emerged showing the Taliban gun squad who slaughtered 132 innocent children posing in front of an extremist flag reading: ‘There is no God but Allah’.

The chilling photos show six heavily-armed gunmen standing in front of the white Islamist banner – the flag of the Pakistan Taliban – just hours before carrying out the bloody massacre.

The writing on the flag which is proudly hung behind them reads: ‘There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger.’

Hours later, the death squad had carried out a indiscriminate slaughter at the Army Military School in Peshawar, in which 148 victims were shot to death.

The images were released by the terror group’s spokesman Mohammad Khurasani, as it was revealed the terror group is planning more attacks at schools in Pakistan.

In an email released this morning, Khurasani attempted to justify the attack by claiming that said the Pakistani army has long killed the innocent children and families of Taliban fighters.

He vowed more such militant attacks and told Pakistani civilians to detach themselves from all military institution, adding: ‘We are still able to carry out major attacks. This was just the trailer.’

In the email, the terror group warned Muslims to avoid places with military ties, saying it attacked the school to avenge the deaths of children allegedly killed by soldiers in tribal areas.

It accused the students at the army school of ‘following the path of their fathers and brothers to take part in the fight against the tribesmen’ nationwide.

This morning, Peshawar began the harrowing process of conducting mass funerals, the family of a teacher torched alive in front of her class by the men gathered to say funeral prayers.

Of course the leader of the Taliban doesn’t talk about how his violent 7th century form of religion has killed hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people prior to the army’s operation. Or that their goal is to enslave and murders millions more.

This is the woman they felt needed to be set on fire, in front of her students. You have to be a special kind of evil to be like this.

Tahira Kazi (left), the principal of the Army Public School and College in Peshawar, was set on fire by jihadists who slaughtered 142 people, most of them children

Her crime? Trying to teach children.

I get so tired of our intellectual elites blabbering about how we need to feel empathy.  I have no empathy.  They are venomous snakes that will bite and kill you given the opportunity.

They may feel justified, but so did Ted Bundy when killing his thirty-six or so women. Or James Jones, who had his entire cult take poison.  Being justified doesn’t mean you are right at all.  You must be judged on a large scale, a greater set of universal and natural laws.  Violate them willingly and with obvious pleasure and everything in heaven and earth should be moved to get to you and kill you dead- along with all of your friends.

But our leadership is insane with the idea we can deal with these people.  We can’t.  We need to continue to kill them and displace them and make them outcasts.  Eventually, if we do not tire, they will collapse and splinter, never to go totally away, just not be able to do this again.

Some of the dead.


Heartbreaking: Photographs of some of the students massacred by  Taliban gunmen



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The best question that needs to be asked in the Sydney hostage taking by an extremist Muslim. How in the hell was he loose?

Take everything and put it aside and realize the maxim  “Everything in life is connected” is true.  We can’t stop some nutjob taking hostages in the name of Islam.  We could dent it, but that would take us kicking PC to the curb once and for all.

However, this is not about PC (or maybe it is depending on the reason), this is about courts and laws.  According to the reports the shooter was out on bail after being charged with conspiracy to murder his ex-wife. And he was out on bail for sexual assault. And he was dropped from the terror watch list.   Because of all those things, he was free to take hostages and kill two innocent people.

Abbott said that Monis was on the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s watch list in 2008 and 2009, but was later dropped from it. The agency was watching Monis because he had sent a series of offensive letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers, Abbott said.

“I don’t know why he dropped off the watch list in those days, I really don’t,” Abbott told reporters.

Monis was convicted and sentenced last year to 300 hours of community service for sending what a judge called “grossly offensive” letters to families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2009. He later was charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. Earlier this year, he was charged with the 2002 sexual assault of a woman. He had been out on bail on all the charges.

“We particularly need to know how someone with such a long record of violence and such a long record of mental instability was out on bail after his involvement in a particularly horrific crime,” Abbott said. “And we do need to know how he seemed to have fallen off our security agency’s watch list back in about 2009.”


Which bureaucrat, which agency?  Who screwed the pooch?!  This should be the center of all the effort, because if they did it with him, they did it with someone else. Did PC play into the mess?

What will be an iconic photograph. The good guys saving the helpless.

Government isn’t very good at keeping you safe when it is constantly negotiating through the cancer that is Political Correctness.

You can bet the anti-gun crowd will take advantage of this attack to push for more gun restrictions.  On the other hand, a couple of people armed with pistols inside that cafe would have made short work of Mr Jihad. Instead of losing these two brave souls.

Somebody needs to explain why these good people are dead.

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Mississippi Burning- The Jessica Chambers murder the MSM/Sharpton/Holder won’t talk about. Is Holder’s thumb on the scale of justice?


I’m linking the day #6 post from theconservativetreehouse website. They are a group of amateur sleuths that mine data and compile evidence quicker than my old intel techs.  They have been right about Zimmerman, IRS, Ferguson and Benghazi long before the rest of the MSM or anyone ever caught on.  Here, they are following a murder, a horrible murder, of a young white girl Jessica Chambers. (And there is a reason I point out she is white.)

jessica chambers angel image

Read the full link. The short of it is the old story of a young white girl hanging with gang bangers and dope dealers.  I’ve seen it a million times, so has any other street cop.  Why they do it can range from rebellion to drug addiction to a fascination with the “bad boy” element.  It almost always ends badly at some level. In the gangs I worked one girl ended up a street prostitute hooked on black men and crack. She was a skeleton the last time I saw her, turning tricks for ten dollar rock.  Not how she taught her life when would end up.

Chambers did the same thing. The difference is she tried to get out and when she did, they killed her.

So why aren’t the local police arresting the bad guy? She apparently whispered a name to the responding fire department chief identifying her murderer.  That is a good question and it is addressed by the TCTH people quite well.

Here is a video of District Attorney John Champion and Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby giving a press conference on Thursday. If you pay close attention you can hear cause for initial concern. What we outline after is jaw dropping.

First concern – given the current framework and national sentiment around racial crime, you can quickly identify why DA John Champion would be the absolute worst possible person to seek Justice for Jessica Chambers.  Once you know about his own racial issues, given his racial controversies in the Johnny Lee Butts case, well, you can see how he would be easily leveraged/pressured by the professional grievance industry.

Second, recently gang crime has exploded within the towns of Batesville and Courtland.  Apparently the gang culture from Memphis has spread to Panola County Mississippi, and metastasized into a local gang violence dominated by a group called “The Black Squad”.

Apparently, the gangs have swept into the small towns taking advantage of the lack of resources and talent in the local PDs and the desire for drugs.

According to the website, The DA is already under investigation for not bringing hate crime charges in a murder case.  So the DOJ is already screwing with the guy, which explains his odd statements about how all blacks and whites are helping out in this case.  He sounded like a man with a gun to his head.

Now he is handling a case that is being observed by the DOJ/FBI.  So what would be a great opportunity to “burn the gang to the ground” may sadly turn into the protect the narrative (all blacks are victims, NEVER the perps) and in that protect the murderer.

I strongly suggest you read the whole thing. TCTH group snagged social media and in that exposed the main witness to her disappearance as a drug dealing, gun toting banger.  He knew her. She had just been released from a rehab/abuse center, and then she shows up gets gas and something was said. Because an hour later her damaged (by apparent rear ending incident) car is found on fire a few miles from that convenience store, and she is on fire- 98% burned, fuel poured down her throat (if that is accurate- it is a message).

So, what is going on?  A Yahoo report and a comment about from an author may give us a clue.

Chambers graduated from South Panola High last year and worked in sales at a Batesville clothing and gift shop.

Alabama author Linda Oliver said Chambers had recently asked her to help write a book about her life.

Oliver, of Birmingham, said Chambers approached her while she was packing up after a speech about her own book at an Oct. 25 church conference in the Batesville area.

“She thanked me for sharing some of the horrible facts of my own story” and then asked for help with hers, Oliver said. “She said, ‘I want my story to be told.'”

Contacted later by email, Oliver was asked by an Associated Press reporter if she spoke with Chambers long enough to learn her story.

“No, sadly – there was not enough time that day for a long visit,” Oliver replied.

Chambers wanted to tell her story.  She probably already “shared” her story with others. What is her story? She was inside a black thug dominated, organized,  violent gang life.  Her abusive ex-boyfriend is now in Iowa. Why is a good question.  Did she file charges? Was he afraid she would rat out the entire crew?

Listen up. The hard truth is white girls think they are accepted by black gangs. That is not true. Black women HATE white girls hooking up with black men. And I mean HATE IT!!!  I’ve been privy to that conversation a dozen times.  Nothing nice is said.

Also, black gangbangers do not respect their bitches.  A white bitch, especially one that may rat them out, is simply an object to be abused and eliminated.

So, can a group of black people be so violent and malevolent?  Just ask the couple from Tennessee how bad it can get. Oh, you can’t, they were kidnapped, tortured, raped and set on fire, suffocated and murdered by six black people (including women) – for fun.

I heard Sharpton was going to address that soon…not.

Point is that there is an out of control underbelly of black culture that is filled with violent evil thugs. The national narrative we are having shoved down our throat cannot, repeat CANNOT be allowed to be sidetracked by the harsh reality of the thug life.  In that atmosphere comes the horrible murder of Chambers and the stripping back of the large migration of black inner city thugs into the rural areas. The question why it happens is really simple- there is nothing left to feed on inside the city and rural America is easy and often willing prey.

How bad is it around Batesville? Look here, here and here for examples.

They are screwed.

Here are some captured social pics by TCTH group, including the infamous Ali.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


Jessica Chambers invest - ali-alsanai-facebook

The “witness”. Last person to see Jessica alive and who took pics of the burned out vehicle AFTER it was seized by the police. He knows too much.

Jessica Chambers scene M-M first stop gas station

Where is Holder’s tailor. You want to not look like a thug, quit dressing like one. Oh, and stop flipping gang signs. This is your underbelly.










Jessica 1

I’d slap that silly hat right off his head, and he’d tell me who did it. Girl in a gang dress.

Seventeen year old kids don’t have this kind of cash from selling cigarettes and Mountain Dew.

jessica chambers invest 21 ali-alsanai-facebook-7-cash


And on the other side, these guys trying to figure it out.

jessica chambers invest 14

I’m not encouraged…

Now everyone is asking why they aren’t arresting the person she identified.  Because the guy who is the volunteer fire chief who witnessed the statement is this idiot.

cole haley

Jeezz,  can you see a high profile civil rights attorney grilling this guy on the stand?? He is not a good witness alone.  They will need other witnesses, phone records, etc.

Oh, BTW- everybody knows who did it inside the black gang community.  They have heard the story already.  They just aren’t going to talk. Why?

Simple, they don’t want to end up like this guy.

DeAndre Joshua

Shot in the head while sitting in his car, then set on fire. By other blacks. Where are you Eric and Barack??













Remember the rule inside the black thug culture.









This case needs to make national news, and is now being shown on Fox a little, but it is NOT getting the play it needs to get.  Imagine if this was a black girl dating a white gang member… .  Anderson Cooper would be running this night and day.

Race and political correctness may prevent the police (and the good  federal agents inside the investigation) from bringing her killer to justice. Just another example of the unintended- or intended- consequences of the Obama Presidency.




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What is Holder’s end game? VDH from PJ Media gets close. Holder has a special kind of madness.

Victor Davis Hanson does a great job rounding up the edges on the Ferguson/Garner/Martin/Cambridge effort by Obama and Holder to reinvent how police and SOCIETY deals with black crime and “outrage” in America.  I suggest you read the article. But even VDH is too civilized to really grasp Holder’s madness.  But he does get close.

Note further that the community of Ferguson dissenters was not much worried that strong-armed robbery occurred, or that a town cannot long exist with youths walking in the middle of the street under the influence or assaulting police officers, or disobeying orders to cease and desist, or postfacto rioting and looting as much as the fact that in the shoot-out, a white policeman shot a black unarmed assailant.  That fact, too, will be silently noted.

Will some law enforcement officials now surmise that it is wiser to ignore some crimes in the inner city on the practicable logic that the denouement for the officer will likely be negative — either by stopping the assailant through force or not stopping the assault and thus being assaulted? If the suspect is unarmed but attacks, the post-Ferguson choice will either be to suffer physical harm or to respond in ways that may equate with the end of a career. So it may be preferable that the suspect is armed, at least in the sense that any resort to armed self-defense at least offers the hope of dodging the first bullet or two, while still escaping the specter of Ferguson justice. (Note the near contemporaneous case of an off-duty officer in St. Louis who shot an African-American assailant who had first fired but missed. The key fact of the case was that the assailant got in the first three shots and thus the protests that followed fizzled out before rioting.)

Critics might rightly point to Eric Garner and argue that he posed no threat to policemen; certainly, his misdemeanor merchandising of cigarettes was hardly worth a violent confrontation. Perhaps New York City policemen should have been able to find a way of arresting the obese and asthmatic 300-pound suspect without the use of a chokehold. And Garner’s pleas to allow him to breathe should have resulted in an end to pressures on his neck and throat. All that is true. But the fallout also suggests that if policemen cannot subdue a large African-American unarmed suspect — with 30 prior arrests including larceny, resisting arrest and assault —  who resists arrest, without using force that in theory could threaten his safety, then they logically will just ignore the crime.

Holder and his people of like mind have given up in the effort to pull a certain element of black society up into the light of civilized behavior.  It…just…isn’t…going…to…happen. So, what Holder wants is federal control OVER how the police interact with them.  Not change the bad guy’s behavior- that turned out to be too tough- but to change how the police handle that behavior- which in Ferguson we realize is basically getting out of the way.

What we call in police work “The thugs rule the street” method of policing.

It is an extension of the “getting mine” mentality taught to certain elements of black society by a large segment of our country- from activists, to community organizers, to media, to entertainment, to college, and now our political leaders and our President.

Black staffers protest. How many mentor young black males in inner cities? How many LIVE in the inner cities? I’m betting not that many, and that’s the real problem here.


Years ago- and I’ll make this  a quick story- I read an article where black “community leaders” complained about how crime was rampant in the black neighborhoods. That was a fact.  They wanted the police to pay more attention to the problem. So the Chief sent in a bunch of cops.  As cops do, they started stopping people, making traffic stops, making contacts.  They found drugs, guns, warrants and illegal activity and cleaned up the neighborhood quickly.

THEN the black community organizers complained that the white cops on that detail were racists.  Why? Because they were stopping a large percentage of drivers who were black- in a black neighborhood.  So they must be racists.  The Chief checked and much to his horror it was TRUE! White cops HE sent there were stopping black drivers and pedestrians in that BLACK neighborhood. So he allowed an investigation to go forward.

The cops were none to happy.  They didn’t want the heat, they were ordered there, told to do a job and did it.  How did that go sideways?  So they did what all good cops do, they went on “tourist patrol.”  That is basically when the cops go 10-8 in service, grab a coffee, a paper and find a nice tree to sit under all day.  They will answer any citizen complaint, but will not initiate contact.  Because that could be construed as racist.

Guess what? The black “community leaders” complained the police weren’t doing their jobs anymore!  When asked about this, a watch commander, a black Lieutenant, said (and I paraphrase)  “I don’t blame them one bit! You ask them to do a job, then charge them with racism! And expect them to do anything for you again? That is ridiculous!”

The reporter was shocked, the black community leaders were shocked.  They just didn’t get it.  One leader said, “They should be professional enough to be able to do their jobs and take the criticism along with it.”


Over at American Thinker, Patricia Dickson wonders out loud what many are thinking to themselves while watching Ferguson on TV.

I never imagined that we would reach a point in this country where facts would be ignored on a national level. We seem to have reached it with the Michael Brown case.

As I watched the spectacle of our elected official in the Congressional Black Caucus stand on the house floor and use the debunked “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture, I realized that black America has reached a point of no return.  Every day since the Grand Jury decision was released (along with the autopsy findings and witness testimonies),  our so-called black elected leaders along with black academics have appeared on network news programs making absurd pronouncements as though there had not been a Grand Jury proceeding.  They outright ignore the facts and pretend as though Michael Brown did not commit any crime at all.  They are able to continue such foolishness with the help of their cohorts in the left-wing media.  Even some of the so-called black pastors are continuing the lie.  It is obvious that these individuals are living in some alternate universe different from the rest of America.

Missouri state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who represents Ferguson in the state legislature, went on national television and declared, “This is our race war.”  If the rioting and looting that took place in Ferguson were indeed their race war, whom were they fighting?  It appears that they were at war with themselves, since they burned down their own community.  They surely were not at war with white America.

She provides a link to an article written by a black man on a black website. I’ll put it here.

Then she concludes with this,

As I witness black leaders’ and left-wing political pundits’  blatant attempt to ignore the facts that led to the Grand Jury’s decision not to charge officer Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, Jr., I am wondering: what is the outcome that black leaders are seeking?  Why are they so invested in a lie?  What could they possibly gain from ignoring facts that the rest of America has accepted?

She asks a good question.   What is the goal?  Is it the permanent acceptance, under threat of federal force, of the bad behavior of a small segment of society as it punishes and preys on the rest of us? Has Holder and the others just given up on turning black thugs into good people and basically want to protect them? (Notice he is not seriously talking about any other minority- just blacks.)  Is this the people we now ignore under the PC threat of being called a racist? (On a side note, the video maker was contacted by the news and thought the incident was funny and suddenly “justified” by saying the white man called them a racist name.  Holder’s lessons are learned quickly.)

VDH points out what Holder and others don’t address. They give it the “and yes we need to work on our own problems” pass of a hand comment, before swerving back into everybody else is a racist meme.

If you are a libertarian, a street full of enterprising Garners, even if prior felons, working, profiting and breaking senseless laws is a tolerable thing; if you are a traditionalist of the broken-windows school of law enforcement, then openly defying the laws, even petty laws, undermines all law. I point this out again not to judge the police or Garner, but simply to note the likely effect of all these cases is for police to red-flag these landscapes and to pull back from certain criminal scenarios, both major and petty —  a fact that will be known to society at large.

That 5,000 to 6,000 African-Americans are murdered each year, the vast majority by other blacks — more than the aggregate American dead in Iraq from of five years of intense fighting — is not so important as the single death of Michael Brown, at least as evidenced by media and community reactions. Also not important is the disproportionality of African-American crime rates in which a small fraction of the population — young, male African-American — is largely responsible for 50% of annual homicides committed. The disturbing lesson is not that it is an outrage that African-Americans are gunned down in catastrophic numbers, or that African-Americans commit and suffer murders at rates far higher than other ethnic and racial groups, even allowing for comparable low-income population subsets, or that in rare white-black crime, African-Americans are far more likely to be the perpetrators, or that police fatal shootings of suspects are relatively rare and do not disproportionately focus on African-Americans, at least in light of crime statistics that might explain the more likely landscapes in which police are confronted with violent criminal suspects.

Instead, in the world that Al Sharpton envisions, the rules of police and citizen conduct that unleash popular furor would be something like the following. Of all the many racial and firearm-related violent scenarios — armed blacks shooting armed or unarmed blacks or whites; unarmed blacks attacking armed or unarmed blacks or whites; armed whites shooting armed or unarmed blacks or whites — only one merits national, even global outrage. Whatever the circumstances of the confrontation or the level of prior violence inflicted, armed whites, either private citizens or law enforcement officials, must not under any circumstances shoot unarmed blacks.  Again, that is an empirical observation, not one of judgment.

Note well that last week a Bosnian immigrant was beaten to death by young African-American and Latino teens. Other such black-on-white cases are said to have preceded and followed the murder.  The usual official bureaucratese followed the shooting: that such targeted violence had nothing to do with race, that it could not be a hate crime, and that it was not associated with Ferguson, etc. Was there rioting or a Justice investigation over the unwillingness of authorities to cite this as a hate crime? Certainly, two messages were implicit about the killing of Zemir Begic: had he been African-American and his assailants white, Ferguson-like violence may well have followed; and had he had a gun and shot his hammer-welding attackers, he might well have found as bleak a future as did George Zimmerman or Darren Wilson for shooting and killing an attacker who did not wield a firearm.

In a sense, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  Nice. And Holder went to Harvard??

In the defense of the people in Ferguson, I’ve seen the stats and they are horrifying about how many people get tickets and fines. It literally generates income for that city, and it hasn’t learned at all apparently.  But remember, government will survive at all costs, no matter what it destroys in the effort, a warning we received from our founding fathers!

However, that isn’t a police problem, that is a government problem!  Garner in New York would be alive today had not Cuomo and NYC mayor DeBlasio supported huge taxes on small things like cigarettes in an effort to make money for the State and modify your behavior (and you voted them in remember!).

Remember, GOVERNMENT IS FORCE and if your government wants something from you and you don’t want to give it up, they will come and take it.  One of the methods of taking is the police, who aren’t any happier about it than you are, trust me. You will NEVER see Cuomo on the street arresting someone for a crime his bureaucrats thought up.

Laws are the ROEs for cops.  You allows bad laws, you get bad interactions with the police.  It is really that simple.  And right now there is a conversation starting with just how big and intrusive government has gotten within our lives.  But you don’t see Holder or Obama or Cuomo or anyone on the Left making that point.  They like the power, they just don’t like the mess it causes.


This photo is from the article linked to by Dickson. People watched the fires and just can’t fathom why anyone in today’s society would be so angry.  The author of the article, Raynard Jackson talks about it.

I am a native of St. Louis and have spent lots of time in Ferguson throughout my life.  Even before Brown’s death, Ferguson was a bomb waiting to explode. All these pathologies didn’t happen overnight.

St. Louis County (which includes Ferguson) has a Black unemployment rate of 17.8% while the White unemployment rate is only 5.7%.  Ferguson and St. Louis County has been ruled by Democrats for well over 30 years.  Ferguson didn’t just happen, it has been waiting to happen and Democrats didn’t give a damn.

Let’s be honest about this situation: Michael Brown was no angel and had he not stolen those cigars, we would not be having this conversation.  But liberals like Al Sharpton, Michael Dyson, and the membership of the Congressional Black Caucus refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Everything cannot simply be blamed on racism and White folks.  What have we, in the Black community, done that society as a whole has so little value for a Black person’s life?

I do believe that war has been declared on Blacks, especially Black males; but who has made the declaration of war?  I would argue that Blacks have declared war on their own people. White folks haven’t, nor racists, or the KKK.

Before going to war, the first thing that is needed is to create a psychological operations campaign (i.e. psy-ops). This is a tactic that the military uses to marginalize its targeted population so that when the troops are sent in to destroy this group, there is no public outcry.

Just look at how the U.S. military vilified and demonized former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and terrorist Osama Bin Laden before we set out to kill them. Upon their deaths at the hands of the U.S. military, the American people cheered because we had devalued and marginalized them before the American people. I can’t help but ask the Black community, have we unleashed a psy-ops campaign on our own people?

We have created our own Frankenstein monster.  This new Hip-Hop generation has experimented in the laboratory called a recording studio; and by exercising their First Amendment Right of freedom of speech and expression through music, they have lost control of the very monster to which they gave birth.

In the beginning, like with Frankenstein, people marveled at this new creation and people were willing to pay to see and hear it. There was “Rappers Delight,” there was “The Message,” and there was “Fight the Power.” Then, the imagery and lyrics took a twisted turn under a perverted interpretation of the First Amendment called “keeping it real.”

Now, the establishment, especially the police, had become the enemy. Hip-Hop became a counter-culture movement that turned into a monster that could no longer be controlled. Women became “bitches and hoes,” men became hyper-sexualized thugs who were only out to force themselves on your daughters and to “get rich or die trying.”

When rap music started, it was a verbal extension of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in the spirit of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; it was about the uplifting of our community and providing a voice to those often without a voice.

Then in the 1990s, rap took a more militaristic tone with the creation of “gangsta rap.” This too, was a verbal extension of the Civil Rights movement; but more in the spirit of Malcolm X on steroids. These artists represented those in the “hood” who felt trapped and abused by the system. They felt like no one cared about them and that life was about the here and now – immediate gratification; so screw the future. They wanted to “get theirs now.” They wanted to live fast, even if it meant dying young.

This ultimately led to the “thug” culture, personified by hit movies like Scarface, New Jack City and Carlito’s Way; each glorified the criminal lifestyle.

Then you had the crack epidemic of the 1990s with the violence that it brought into the hood. All these factors combined to create a narrative that Black life was worthless and Black youth brought no value to society.

If it’s okay for Blacks to devalue the lives of our own people, how can we demand that Whites value us?  White folks don’t need to do anything for Ferguson.  They have all the power they need.  The issue is will they exercise it?



No value or respect for anything or anyone, including himself. How do we start a conversation with him?

He’s right. I grew up with black friends in the seventies. I worked with the first black deputies in our county- all good men.  I saw two cities degrade in the quality of life as a direct result of black thug culture.  I watched drugs and crime and violence become glorified in music and movies and in the thug community, and the result of that was black kids emulating their “heroes” of the street, instead of emulating all of those successful black men and women in America.  Many of whom I sure hauled butt out of those very neighborhoods the first chance they got!

Even a local gang in my sister city actually began making YouTube videos of their angry gangsta rap life.  No kidding.  One was killed shortly thereafter.  As it was predicted.

And it led to other parts of our society emulating the bad behavior because others got away with it.

Thugs are not limited to race or color or class or income. It is a mindset. Makers vs takers.


And there is no way a white person can get through to a black thug in an environment that Holder and Obama continue to promote.  Had Obama come into office, took a look around, and said to every struggling young black who wants a better life “Look at me! Look where I am!  You can do it too and I’ll help you.” Then instead of Michelle starving kids in school with stupid meals, those two could have started a nationwide initiative to change the minds of blacks.  To bring them into the larger culture without feeling like they lost their “blackness” and truly help to end the last of our racial/cultural divide.

But that  didn’t happen and was never going to happen. Instead, Obama and Holder decided to declare war on our civilized society, starting with the police, but they will end up with you.

And you will suffer for it.










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The trouble with body cameras on police. It won’t end up like you think it will.

Let’s put all the controversy aside over Brown/Wilson or any other police shooting for a moment.  Some shootings are good. Some are bad. Some are “good” because the government says they are.  Some are bad, but are given a green light under the training given police officers.

For example, in Utah there was a shooting that falls in that category, was on a body camera, shows the error of the officer’s training, and he was still cleared.

The controversy over the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has renewed interest in another recent police shooting.

Some of the details are similar: An unarmed young man. An officer who says the suspect refused to follow orders and behaved in a threatening manner. A decision not the charge the officer with any crime, despite an outcry from some in the community.

But there are also some key differences: Suspect Dillon Taylor, 20, was white. And in the Salt Lake City shooting, the officer wore a body camera that captured the entire incident.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said in a statement this week that the officer was clearly justified in the shooting, despite the fact that the suspect was unarmed, KTSU reported.

Police were called to a convenience store on a report of a man with a gun, the station reported. Officers arrived to find Taylor nearby.

Footage from the officer’s body camera appears to show Officer Bron Cruz confronting the suspect, who ignores commands to stop and show his hands.

Officers said Taylor then quickly moved his hands up from his waistband, prompting Cruz to shoot him in the chest and stomach.

Here’s the problem with that.  The man wasn’t armed.  If he had a pellet gun or something black in his waistband, I agree with the officer’s decision.  But he didn’t. And the officer shot him within a second, without making sure.  This is a direct result of two things- training and environment.

We have all had crazies pretend to be armed in order to amp up our response. You have to assume the guy in front of you isn’t always armed.  But, you also have to make sure your approach is tactical enough to allow you an avenue of retreat or cover IF the guy is armed and willing to fight.  Your job is not to get into gunfights, certainly not over a failure to comply with orders- your orders.  Yes, that will mean the bad guy might get a micro-second jump on you, it may mean a bad guy gets away on occasion, but the job as a police officer is not to kill citizens.  In this case, the officer put himself into the “gunfight at the OK corral” scenario by leaving cover, with no backup, with not enough information to decide whether or not the suspect was lethally dangerous.  He felt he was the cop and by God that was enough to make it happen. That is a training failure.   If you are trained to be a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

But did the camera help the officer?  Yes, in this case. However, the trouble with body cameras isn’t that it won’t record what it sees, it is that it won’t record what it doesn’t see, and worse it WILL record what you don’t want it to see!

Do you think the civil right race baiters will be satisfied with a video showing the black suspect did everything the officer said he did? No, they’ll find another reason to protest- because this has nothing to do with the police and everything to do with legitimizing the bad behavior of a certain element in our society.

And you have to remember the body camera is literally two dimensional. It sees a flat world.  In a training session we had there was a dashboard video of a black guy running from an officer across a parking lot. Another officer, about twenty degrees off to the right is also running after the suspect. The suspect slows and suddenly the second officer shoots him down.  The first officer is actually shocked! From the original video, directly behind the first officer, the young black man is just running.  Looks like a bad shoot all the way. But the second video, again about twenty degrees off, shows the black man reaching for a gun in his belt. He was slowing to turn around and shot the cop.  No second video, and the second cop has a lot of explaining to do.  But that is the trouble with body cameras. They are only one video.

Peter Johnson from FOX points out some of the pros and cons with the cameras. Yes, they will record incidents, but not everything.  They will affect behavior.  The police will act differently, but so will the victims and witnesses and CIs.  Do you think a person with something quiet to say that pulls you aside will talk with a camera staring at them? So forget the “Hey, look over there at those three, they did it, I saw them.” tips.

Worse, what happens to the tapes?  Do they record and store everything?  We complain about police cars driving up and down our roads recording and logging our vehicle information.  Imagine six hundred thousand cameras walking around, in your homes, in your offices, in your face recording- permanently- every comment you make. Once recorded those tapes are public record. So go ahead and complain about that black guy down the street in a heated moment and then five years from now run for public office or try to get a government job that does backgrounds.  Go ahead and let off steam about your mother-in-law and watch to see if you make the YouTube highlights!

Oh, even better, go to a stadium, have a few beers, then when your win your team wins, go out and scream and yell and swear and act a fool. Then wait for Monday when your boss calls you in and wonders out loud if you should be working there.

Or the best, imagine “COPS” in your home, every time you call the police, whether you sign a waiver or not!  You have a DV complaint- wife calls or you call- and even though there is no violence, the police are in your home recording how you live, what you say, how you look, on the public record.

The police will be forced to keep that record for a long time.  Right now 911 calls are held for years.  So you will be recorded and stored.  And that record can be pulled by anyone looking at you for any reason.

Think about that.

See, your concerns of police recording your vehicle seem silly now don’t they?

One last thing, I will gladly accept body cameras if I can have a website where the police and post all of your outrageous and harmful behavior.  Kind of like COPS on Youtube.  If you get fired, oh well, isn’t that what you expect if the camera caught us doing something wrong?

And in the end, it will not deal with real the cancerous problem plaguing our society- out of control thug behavior.  How does a body camera deal with this?

or this



Got to get that little robbery in there too. Lord knows they are entitled.











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Third time is the charm! Holder finally creates his “crisis” so he can nationalize police policy- dealing with blacks.

If you will note, they keep saying “persons of color” but that doesn’t make sense. We all have color. So what does that mean really? Asians? Hispanics? Hawaiians?

Nope it means black.  And to be more specific.  It means just thug blacks.  You can tell by the people who attended the President’s summit.

Today several Ferguson protest leaders met with Barack Obama in the White House.
Attendees included:

** Ashley Yates, Millennial Activists United
** Rasheen Aldridge, Young Activists St. Louis
** Brittany Packnett, St. Louis educator and activist
** T-Dubb-O, St. Louis hip-hop artist
** James Hayes, Ohio Students Association
** Phillip Agnew, Dream Defenders
** Jose Lopez, Make the Road New York

Plus Al Sharpton, who was described by a fellow black- a reverend- as “a locust going from one crop to the other destroying everything.”  Some Biblical shit there!

And while Obama and Holder are demanding the police institute the “Let the black thugs rule” policy, we have this end result.

At approximately midnight on Saturday night  Seldin Dzananovic, 24, was attacked by a group of black Saint Louis teen thugs wielding hammers.  Mr. Dzananovic was able to escape the attack suffering bruises and scratches.

However, an hour later 32-year-old Zemir Begic would not be so fortunate.  Mr. Begic was brutally murdered by the same teens around 1:30am.

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch reports: “members of the group yelled at Begic, his fiancée and two others as they walked to Begic’s car. As the vehicle drove away, one teen jumped on the back and began beating on it. Begic stopped and got out, and one of the men taunted him to fight before all four attacked — and continued to beat him after he fell to the ground”.

In response to the attack, a spokesperson for the Saint Louis police department released the following statement:

“We think it was wrong place, wrong time,” police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said.

Whoa, apparently, there are rules for safe transit in Saint Louis which both victims, Mr Dzananovic and Mr. Begic, violated.  Hence, they subjected themselves to the “wrong place, wrong time” murder justification explanation.

Taken in the abstract the audacity of the authorities to blame the victim for his own brutal murder is horrendous enough.   However, taken in context the outrage amplifies by exponential magnitudes.

St. Louis Teens Beat Bosnian Driver to Death With Hammers

Dead, for being white



Did it because Obama gets how he feels.

Nice.  Again, points out how blacks have been given the green light to abuse and kill and destroy- knowing their actions are justified and protected by Al, Jessie, Barack and Eric.

And it does tell you that carrying concealed is a very good idea.

But then of course, the shooter who got out of the car, would be accused of causing the problem because he got out of the car, to stop what Eric and crew feels is the “right” of the young blacks to destroy property.

Wow, Alice in Wonderland shit for sure.

But the real victims here will be the good blacks stuck in bad neighborhoods. Then it will be everything the black community will touch.

My kids’ best friends are the children of a black mother, who fled Miami, because she wanted to give her kids a chance. She sacrificed everything for YEARS for them.  All are great students. One is studying international politics and will be the next Condi Rice.

And she told me to my face she left Miami because of the thug threat and moved to my city because it was peaceful.

Now only to be surrounded by a President and national leaders looking to make violence the new “normal”.




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Why Mike Brown? Why Ferguson? Why now? The overview and conclusion. What the new war will be like and who is in it.

theconservativetreehouse website does outstanding work.  They are a group of amateur sleuths that gather all public data, photos, information and analysis it.  They have managed to get Martin/Zimmerman right, IRS right, Benghazi right, Fast and Furious right and now the Wilson/Brown shooting right.

I strongly suggest anyone who wants to know what really happened to read both their linked comments and the Grand Jury report.

They get it right. In fact, they noticed a little trinket that puts the whole situation in perspective early on.  A single photograph of a gold object on the ground near the police vehicle. It turned out to be the bracelet worn by the “witness” Dorion Johnson during the robbery.  They asked a good question- how did it get on the ground next to the police car if all Dorion did was run away. Well, he didn’t.  He attacked Wilson along with Brown.  The bracelet was torn from his wrist. Not the narrative he told under legal representation.

Before getting to the Dorian Johnson aspect I just want to highlight something Prosecutor McCulloch stated in his press conference:

The Grand Jury watched all the media interviews of witnesses prior to hearing their ‘in person’ grand jury testimony.

In my opinion this simple fact is what was so devastating to Dorian Johnson, Piaget Crenshaw and Tiffany Mitchell.  They simply lied to the media.  This is also why the media is standing jaw agape trying to reconcile the Grand Jury outcome.

One of the more interesting elements noted by the physical evidence, and DNA testing, relates to confirming the Dorian Johnson bracelet we first identified back in August.

When Dorian was aiding Mike Brown robbing the Liquor Mart, we noted the CCTV showed him with a yellow or gold bracelet on his right wrist.

Later, as we identified him in interviews, that bracelet was missing.  We scoured through video, published media pictures, and we found it at the car.

At least we thought that was it, but our pictures were sketchy.  So we were not 100% sure.

The evidence released last night proves this was indeed Dorian Johnson’s bracelet.

DNA testing also reflected that both Darren Wilson and Dorian Johnson’s DNA were present on the bracelet(s).

What does that mean?

As we shared back in August, it means Dorian physically participated in the assault of  Officer Wilson and was not the innocent victim/witness he claimed to be.  This also gives him motive to lie – as he did to the media.

In addition, and again as we surmised, the Dorian participation would have been witnessed by the driver of the White Vehicle noted to be blocked by the position of Officer Wilson’s SUV.

And witness statements verified their theory as correct.  Not only did Brown attack Wilson, Johnson did too.  Two on one, in a car, fighting over a gun.

My friend told me she had a friend’s daughter, the typical 18yr old know it all, convinced by no real facts that Wilson was a murderer.  That is not an accident.  The people behind the lies- the black lawyers representing the family and Johnson, the false witnesses paraded on TV, are all in this together to do just that- lie and convince people one side of this war are the bad guys. Those people are you and me.

But why?  Simple, as Mike Brown’s stepfather said, they want to “burn this bitch down.”

Any single reason is not the answer.  This is the end result of generations of bad acts by bad people to create a singular force of what I call “takers.”  Takers will not be defined by race or class or gender or orientation.  And neither will be the people on the other side of this war, as they will look just like the first group. The only difference between the two is the makers create, the takers want to take or destroy.  And there are a whole lot of them from leaders of our nation to the lowly street thug setting fire to a store because he can.

But let’s talk about the nature of the enemy in this conflict.  1. He/she has been here a while. 2. They are organized and focused. 3. They are supported by large elements of our society and our MSM. 4. They are smart and tech savvy.   5. They are believers. 6. They control our children.

What they aren’t is a group based on any one single characteristic.  This is what I sent to my friends concerning the conflict.

—-” Nobody realizes just how close to the surface anarchy truly lies. This is not a race war. It won’t be a class war. Or a war between “haves and have nots” because everybody “has” things now. The thug that causes trouble will drive up in a decent car, wearing hundred dollar sneakers, will be talking on an Iphone, and then loot the building, burn the car or assault an innocent victim.

The war we are fighting is the war between makers and takers. You created freedom, the takers want to strip you of it, you created your peace of mind, and the takers want to destroy that. You managed to create a good career, they want to strip you of it- and will.
And they will take your life, without remorse, as though it was a debt owed them from some past offense, because they’ve been told it is just that. They are entitled to everything you have, everything you made, your parents made, God made.

They have been told it is their right.—

When the lines are drawn, you’ll see people of all backgrounds, races, genders, orientation on one side and on the other the same diversities. The only difference will be one side makes things they want to hold onto, the other side wants to take it.'” —

Am I right?  Yes, and one photo on Gatewaypundit proves it to me.

molotov ferguson

Ask yourself where else in the world would you see four black thugs, lighting a felony violation Molotov cocktail, in public, in front of a white older, gray haired woman, and she obviously is not worried about it at all.  Plus, she seems to be welcome in a black mob. Not something you have been seeing inside Ferguson. Why? Because she is a taker and they are takers.

Here she is again, a communist.

communists ferguson


Revolution Club of Chicago.  Here is some background. These are the ultimate takers in history.  A comment on the post is very enlightening.   How do they feed themselves?? Always follow the money- and you’ll find the real “takers.”

I knew that little creep Travis Morales back in my “useful idiot” peacenik days in Houston. He and his RCP crowd were always showing up at our rallies, disrupting things and making the rest of us look bad to the middle-class audience we kept trying to appeal to.

I never did figure out what that jerk does for a living. How does being a full-time rabble-rouser put bread on the table?

Eventually I got married, had kids and came to my senses. This guy (and everyone like him, including our Rabble-rouser-in-Chief) never did wise up. I can’t believe that, 30 years later, he is STILL doing the same damn thing.

How do we stop them?  In South America, the police and the troop simply “disappeared” rabble-rousers.  I’m not saying that is an option in America. I’m just saying at some point, when the wheels come off, like they want to happen, and it becomes us vs them.  I’m picking us.

In the meantime, we need to educate our kids, REFUSE to submit to political correctness, the spear they use to attack any dissent, and stand up.  My grandfather, along with the entire town, would have shut this down early, .

But today, the power to abuse us lies in the hands of people who would believe in taking. Maybe we should listen to their wisdom, heed their advice and for a change take back from them the power they abuse.

Or we could be a little more direct, figuratively speaking, and do what the driver did in Minneapolis, just don’t stop. Notice the journalist on the hood?  Okay, a little funny admit it.






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THIS is the real Mike Brown moment, but heck the elections are over.

Cops kill twelve year old.  Why? He was holding a realistic toy pistol- stuck in his belt- and when told to put his hands up, instead went to grab it.


CLEVELAND — A 12-year-old boy shot by police after grabbing what turned out to be a replica gun died from his wounds on Sunday, one day after officers responded to a 911 call about someone waving what the caller described as a “probably fake” gun at a playground.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said one officer fired twice after the boy pulled the fake weapon — which was lacking the orange safety indicator usually found on the muzzle — from his waistband but had not pointed it at police. The boy did not make any verbal threats, but grabbed the replica handgun after being told to raise his hands, Deputy Chief Tomba said.

“That’s when the officer fired,” he said.

The Cuyahoga County medical examiner identified the boy as Tamir Rice.

An attorney for his family, Timothy Kucharski, said the boy went to the park with friends Saturday afternoon, but he did not know the details of what led to the shooting.

The police department is investigating the shooting.

Both officers who responded, a first-year rookie and a 10-year department veteran, have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the department’s investigation.

The county prosecutor’s office also is investigating.

Mr. Kucharski said he will conduct his own investigation into the shooting and review the police’s investigation to determine “how exactly an innocent young 12-year-old boy could be killed playing at the park.”

“His mother is devastated,” Mr. Kucharski said.

The shooting of the boy, who was African-American, occurred as a grand jury is expected to make a decision soon over whether to charge a white police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., setting off months of protests.

Mr. Kucharski said he did not know the race of the officer who shot the boy, and the shooting did not appear to have anything to do with race.

The important question, he said, was why the officers did not act with more caution because they were dealing with a child.

“The police have to address these things in the proper context,” he said.

“This is a 12-year-old boy. This is not a grown man.

“I’d think you would handle situations with children differently than you would with an adult. They don’t fully understand everything that is going on.”

Absolutely correct.  But why did it happen? Not the shooting, but all the elements that led up to the shooting?  Take them apart and witness the commentary they tell about our society.

1. Twelve year old black kid with a realistic gun…in CLEVELAND!  Who thought that was a good idea?  Did the parents know?  Did they tell their kid not to go to a public park with what looked to be a gun? 

2. Who is this kid?  Of course we’ll get the most gentle looking photo possible- like Mike Brown, but what motivated him to go to a public playground with a “gun”?  Why ask?  Because Cleveland has a juvenile gang problem.

The initials BBE are an acronym for “Band Boy Entertainment.” The 900 represents a “bizarre means of communication” with other gangs, McGinty said.

“The overarching motivation for BBE 900 was to intimidate both potential rivals and law-abiding citizens,” Deskins said. “The BBE 900 gang bragged that they owned the streets and demonstrated the ability to assault or steal from whomever they found.

“Today, on behalf of the people of Cuyahoga County, the law enforcement community is sending the BBE 900 gang another message: ‘You do not own the streets.'”

Twelve of the gang members in the indictment are adults; 26 are juveniles. Four of the suspects remain free, and eight were already behind bars, including Sterling Manning Jr., 18, of Cleveland, who was indicted for aggravated murder two weeks ago in connection with the July 10 fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy.

The other adults named in the indictment were Sayvon J. Hall, 19, Eric F. Moore, 18, George A. Jones, 18, Marquis L. Cistrunk, Dario W. Baker, Nathan Brown, Marquis D. Smith, Brandon B. Wilson, Anthony C. Bringsthem, Clinton M. Young III, 20, Marquise A. Taylor, 18. All of the ages and addresses were not available.

The 12 adults face felony charges of racketeering and participating in a criminal gang, which carry mandatory minimum prison sentences of 10 years and two to eight years, respectively, said Assistant County Prosecutor Gregory Mussman.

3. Who called it in?

Today’s society is a anti-gun, rat out your neighbor please, type of society. We have busy bodies everywhere.  Back in my day, my buddies and I would wander all over the neighborhood with BB guns and pellet guns, never EVER thinking someone would call the police. But times are different. Just like the kid in California killed by the Sheriff deputy (who should have handled THAT differently), walking down the street today with a toy gun can get you killed!

4.  Why did the police, once again, decided the only option was lethal force?

Each situation is unique.

The sheriff who killed the kid carrying a replica AK47 made a number of tactical errors.  I’m sure he’d do it differently if he could, or at least I hope he feels that way.   In the resulting investigation, the kid was found to be high on marijuana- yep- doped and carrying a replica AK47.  Doped up just like Mike Brown.  I’m sure it affected his ability to absorb the changing situation that day.

So much for that non-lethal weed story.

In this case, the police were asked to approach a black kid, in Cleveland, a place filled with black juvenile gang problem, in a public place where a stray bullet in a shoot out could kill an innocent.

Sometimes there is no good choices, only the least bad choice.

Still he’s a kid, and the police need to learn to err on the side of caution.  The type of training we get is like a hammer. And when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Who is next? Obama’s history of destroying people for profit and votes.

It is that bad movie you watch where the megalomaniac runs around destroying everything and everybody for his own personal gain.  “Booohahahaa” moment.

What I said to my police partner back in 2008 has become a troubling reality.

“A bad man in a powerful position can do great harm. Not just for what he can do, but for what he encourages others to do in his name.”

We are living the moment today.  The ONLY thing stopping us from sliding into the madness with him is the way our nation’s government was constructed.  If John Roberts blows up his chance to correct Obamacare, thus signaling the Supreme Court complicit nature, God help us.

Because as we know, changing leaderships in today’s politics is like simply changing course on a ship headed towards the rocks by only a few degrees, whether we hit the outcroppings on the left side or the right side of the bow, we still hit.

However, in the process what we have witnessed this administration doing, and what the lower level of administrative bureaucrats are willing to do along with them is just frightening.  Just wrap your head around the fact we have government paid employees actually causing violence against innocent taxpayers in order to gain political advantage. That is Ferguson in a nutshell. The whole process was an effort to amp up black votes for the 2014 election of Democrats.

It didn’t work so now they have let animals out of the cage and won’t be able put them back in.  Since, the DOJ coordinators that started this don’t live in Ferguson, it and the surrounding areas burning to the ground have no impact on them. In a just world, they would be held responsible and charged accordingly.  A few years in jail would change their method of operation. But, the guy who sent them there to commit the conspiracy of violence IS the head of the DOJ.

New Picture (3)







Again, madness.

And Obama is dead nuts in the middle.

President Obama met with Ferguson protest leaders on November 5th, the day after the midterm elections. The meeting was not on his daily schedule. He was concerned that the protesters “stay on course.”

What does that mean?

And why is the president meeting with the violent Mike Brown protesters before a verdict is reached in the court case?

The New York Times hid this in the 21st paragraph of their report:

But leaders here say that is the nature of a movement that has taken place, in part, on social media and that does not match an earlier-era protest structure where a single, outspoken leader might have led the way. “This is not your momma’s civil rights movement,” said Ashley Yates, a leader of Millennial Activists United. “This is a movement where you have several difference voices, different people. The person in charge is really — the people. But the message from everyone is the same: Stop killing us.”

At times, there has been a split between national civil rights leaders and the younger leaders on the ground here, who see their efforts as more immediate, less passive than an older generation’s. But some here said relations have improved in recent weeks.

Some of the national leaders met with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation about Ferguson.

According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.”

What peace? For months people have been attacked, businesses destroyed, police shot and shot at, deaths have happened.

Now that the dems took a beating, what are they going to do with the black anger they have unleashed? Other than not give a shit about how it turns out.

Soon, the Hispanics will be manipulated like the blacks.  All to keep a certain element of people in power.

And who is next?  First there was the Cambridge incident, where Obama said the police acted stupidly.  That didn’t stick because the officer who made the arrest was the poster boy of PC. (luck him or he would have been number one)

Then the ATF Fast and Furious that ended up with weapons WE SENT THE CARTELS being used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least one Border Patrol agent- Brian Terry.  The coverup to protect Obama and Holder was monumental- and illegal beyond comprehension.

Understand, this was ALL ABOUT PROVING A LIE!!  The Democrats, led by Senator Feinstein, wanted stronger laws against the Second amendment. One of the lies was that guns were being bought by straw purchasers and sent to Mexican criminals.  Yes, that was happening, but on a very small scale. So Holder and crew made it the duty of the ATF to increase the amounts so they could see the guns being used by criminals in Mexico, and then use that media driven story to push for stronger guns laws ON U.S. CITIZENS!! It was so bad, the ATF forced unwilling gun dealers buy threatening them, to sell guns to criminals.  Why? Because the gun dealers don’t usually do that!!! It was never about doing the right thing, which is why ATF agents came forward, and the coverup started.

New Picture (5)

A good man killed for politics.







Then came 2012 and the swing state of Florida, and the ending of the life of an innocent man for votes in a presidential election.  George Zimmerman was just trying to do the right thing and ran into a thug.  George suddenly became a “white Hispanic” and was set upon by the full force of the State of Florida and the federal government.  His life is destroyed.  For the swing state of Florida. I know that, he knows that, we all know that. The facts were known, the man’s innocence was known, it didn’t matter…

New Picture (7)

Beaten, head slammed into concrete by a thug trying to kill him. And he’s the bad guy??







Then came the 2014 mid-terms and suddenly Obama and Holder find another white on black crime involving the police- Darren Wilson and Mike Brown.  The facts of the case were clear within hours of the shooting.  The FBI knew them (shame on you guys for collecting your paycheck in exchange for your professional honor), the DOJ knew them, the local PD and the local news knew them.  But the narrative was twisted (the white Hispanic moment) and suddenly a police officer, injured in an attack, forced to kill his attacker, is the monster.  And his life is forever ruined. For votes.

New Picture (8)

this guy, a professional with a clean record, runs into







New Picture (9)

This guy, just committed a robbery, high on drugs, a gang member and violent rapper. Who beats the cops and suddenly the cop is the bad guy?









The good news is there aren’t any more elections involving Obama directly until 2016. So, he’ll screw with amnesty, the Web (which he hates and fears for the truth on it!) and other things.

Then when the elections ramps back up, be prepared to see another “crime against – name the minority that is targeted for votes” moment.

As a citizen who wanted Obama to be the guy I saw in 2004 speaking at the DNC convention,  when I said “This guy is going to be President one day.”, to realizing it was all a sham, a deadly, corruptive, destructive, megalomaniac sham,  I fear for the next guy or gal that gets hammered, simply for votes.

And the worst part is a good portion of the citizens don’t care or actually encourage this man to do what he is doing.  They have no idea what damage he is doing to so many good people every day.

Good leadership can lead people to happiness.  Bad leadership will guarantee the destination will be hell. And nobody will stop him.  He’s free to do what he wants to who he wants.

Just like I warned back in 2008.

I saw this on a post at GTWpundit.  Brilliant.

New Picture (6)














Certainly not these two yahoos.

New Picture (10)

Okay, then I said to Mitch, let’s go see what’s in the trough at the seventy percent side! We are in charge now, the money should be rolling in!


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Tom Frieden, competency of the CDC and the “why” he was just a little creeping us out.

Who is Tom Frieden, and why did we all get that feeling he was a little out of his depth when dealing with nation altering pandemics.  Our instincts were correct. Frieden is not a expert in infectious diseases, in fact his background was he acted as the point man for Bloomberg’s nanny state.

He was the “no more sugar for you!” Nazi soup guy!


 With his face plastered for weeks on every TV set in America, CDC director Tom Frieden is suffering from an advanced case of media overexposure. While meant to reassure, his clinical demeanor and calculated speech patterns as he explains the U.S. Ebola outbreak often come across as patronizing — even smug.

No doubt that smugness factored heavily in the Obama administration’s Friday decision to fire Frieden as the face of the federal Ebola response. Replacing him is “Ebola czar” Ron Klain, a Democratic hack with decades of experience in the political shark tank. President Obama expects Klain to alleviate the public’s fear without talking down to people — a skill that seemed to elude his predecessor.

Frieden’s style should have come as no surprise to the White House. As undisputed captain of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nanny state, Frieden made his political career by lecturing, pressuring, and outright coercing people into making healthy “choices.” From tobacco to trans fats to table salt, the ex–New York City health commissioner took a “papa knows best” approach to public health, confidently exercising control over the most basic aspects of millions of peoples’ lives.

A native New Yorker, Frieden took the job as Bloomberg’s commissioner of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in 2002 — on one condition. “I told them if the mayor is willing to take on the tobacco industry I’ll come back,” he told the New York Observer in 2004, “but if he’s not there’s no point.” Luckily for him, the mayor agreed with the doctor’s plans to restrict smoking so closely that one Bloomberg official described it as a “mind-meld.”

That explains it.




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