The real goal of the BLM/Obama versus the cops movement. Has nothing to do with the law.

This is quite simple.  Forty or so years ago, I was arguing with my dad about giving the black community one more opportunity or grant or program or benefit and THAT would straighten things out!  My dad, a very good man and one who had made sure he helped blacks by picking those he thought had potential and hiring them, (long before it became a law or even popular), once told me it won’t make a difference.   He pointed out that culture dominates everything else.  And a small group of serious troublemakers drain our resources in schools, job and prisons far more than any other.  They are just work. Endless work.

After all these years, all the programs and set asides and grant and scholarships (one estimate was 22 trillion dollars!),  we still have today the same strident angry insulted group I personally witnessed back in the late sixties?  That is heartbreaking.

But what is the goal here? On the small scale in the shooting in Charlotte, Scott’s family is looking for a multi-million dollar payout. That is the precedent being set nowadays.  And don’t think that doesn’t cross the mind of the black man making the decision out on the street! A hardened criminal thug type, or a prison veteran doesn’t fear death like most people.

In Scott’s case, he had only a few choices. A felon with a bad history in possession of drugs and a gun. He’s going back to jail. So he can comply- and go back to jail. He can fight- get whipped and go back to jail. He can run- get tackled and go back to jail. Or he can refuse to comply- get shot- and get a huge payday for his kids.

But in the bigger picture I keep hearing that the black community (which is really the loud minority of that community) is tired of trying to “stay within the lines” of our overall American community. They see the police as there to simply keep them in line- because they cannot keep themselves in line.  After generations of trying, but with horrible federal input (like welfare and other family busting influences), certain elements of the black community don’t want to play by society’s rules any longer.  They want out. They quit.

The trouble is, where do they go? The answer- nowhere. So they are in a place that wants a certain level of accountability, but they don’t want to provide it.  It creates a conflict between the society’s peacekeepers- the police- and society’s misfits- the anti-social element within the greater culture.  For example, the police show up and say “You can’t rob that guy and shoot him in the leg.” The thug says “Why not, I’m hungry and need some weed, but have no money. He has money.  And it isn’t like I killed him or something, just winged him in the leg!”  “But you can’t!”  “Why not? If you look the other way, everything is cool”

And that’s the problem.  Obama wants to federalize the nationwide police policy in such a way that we all just look away.  We don’t see it, it’s not a crime. No crime reported, lower crime rates and suddenly everything looks great.  Don’t believe me?  Look at Obama’s heroes- the E.U.-  and its Muslim crisis.  What do we see? You see the media, the government, even the people refusing to admit they are in trouble with Muslim immigrants. Their normally peaceful cities are being crushed under the weight of Islamic infiltration.  (Which, by the way, is not by accident.)  The point is the EU is now refusing to admit to the assaults and abuses and attacks by the Muslims. No crime report equals no crime. No crime, no reason to commit resources.  Smart right?

Image result for Pics of lynch holder obama

Their goals are not good for America.

So what about having separate rules for different groups?  Muslims can blow stuff up if they are unhappy?  Gays can piss on the steps of the Catholic Church?  Women can demand- and get- the highest office in the land just because they are women?  But white male Christians…are they a special interest group now? And if so, what do they get?

In reality, separating police behavior according to the contact’s race or color or gender choice is impossible. Not that lawyers in black robes won’t try, like in Massachusetts.

The court ruled that the vague description of black men in dark clothing was insufficient to establish reasonable suspicion. The court believed that officers needed just a little bit more information to detain Warren and his partner. The officers actually got that additional bit of information when the men fled from officers. The description, time, and proximity to the crime, along with the fact that they actively ran from police was plenty to reach the level of reasonable suspicion; or so we think. The Massachusetts Supreme Court disagrees.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court said:

“We do not eliminate flight as a factor in the reasonable suspicion analysis whenever a black male is the subject of an investigatory stop. However, in such circumstances, flight is not necessarily probative of a suspect’s state of mind or consciousness of guilt. Rather, the finding that black males in Boston are disproportionately and repeatedly targeted for FIO [Field Interrogation and Observation] encounters suggests a reason for flight totally unrelated to consciousness of guilt. Such an individual, when approached by the police, might just as easily be motivated by the desire to avoid the recurring indignity of being racially profiled as by the desire to hide criminal activity. Given this reality for black males in the city of Boston, a judge should, in appropriate cases, consider the report’s findings in weighing flight as a factor in the reasonable suspicion calculus.”

Jimmy Warren’s conviction was subsequently overturned by the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

This is the rules that Obama, et. al. want to apply. That cops have to be aware of black issues when dealing with,  or arresting, blacks.  Not that carrying a gun, running from the police, etc. should be something the black kid should be held accountable for.  Because, apparently,  that is how they roll!  So, I guess in Massachusetts, he gets a pass to carry a gun and not worry.

Here’s the rub. If each group gets a little extra special treatment, how do the police tell which group is which?  Outside a gang of white Mormons with blue eyes and blonde hair, and ultra white skin, how do they know? So how do they react?  And doesn’t that fly in the face of the “equal treatment under the law” theory of justice?

And what if the kid is half black, like Obama, is his white half in trouble, but his black half is okay? And which side gets the higher value?

I think what bugs me the most is after so many years of really knowing what went wrong, instead of fixing that (because it is politically tough) the politicians just want to throw in the towel.  And that will definitely put the end to any chances for black America to get equal footing.  Like cancer, crime and thuggery will destroy everything healthy and good around it.

It’s like many people just wasted forty years of their lives trying to make it different, including me.

Image result for star trek half black

Is this how it is supposed to be?




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Washington mall shooter, a Hispanic male was captured..wait, what?! a Turk? PC strikes again.

Sadly, we keep re-learning this tragic lesson over and over and over and over.  The “leadership” in our nation demands we see the lie and accept it as a truth.  Muslim males are NOT dangerous- despite examples worldwide that they are very, very dangerous. Not all Muslim males of fighting age, but far too many to be comfortable.

However, they keep pushing the narrative. Here, we have a “Hispanic” male shoot up a mall, targeting women, with some pre-planning (he didn’t have the guns coming in or going out), and the police/news/PC West Coast crowd says “Hispanic” when everybody, with half a brain at least, includes in the suspect probability- Middle Eastern.  Dark skin by itself is not a race identifier. (I’m darker than this guy and I’m Scot/Cherokee/Polish/Irish.)  But the rush to push the narrative away from another possible Muslim attack overwhelms the other special interest group- Hispanics.  And if I were a local Hispanic group, I’d be complaining about now!

Arcan Cetin (Washington State Patrol via USA Today)

Not all tanned people are Hispanic!

Police arrested Cetin on Saturday evening as he walked down the street in Oak Harbor. He was reportedly unarmed at the time of his arrest. Law enforcement sources speculated that he may have acted from personal motives, given that his ex-girlfriend had once worked at the Macy’s store where the shooting took place. The investigation is still ongoing, however.

The Seattle Times reported that despite initial descriptions of a “Hispanic” suspect, Cetin is of Turkish origin:

Police said the suspect appeared to be a Hispanic male in his late teens to mid-20s with a close-shaved haircut. He used a long gun similar to a hunting rifle, Francis said.

However, according to the Cetin’s father’s Facebook page, Cetin was born in Turkey. His father met and married Cetin’s mother in Turkey and the family settled in Oak Harbor, according to the Facebook page.

Local CBS News affiliate KIRO-7 reports that Cetin had a previous brush with the law for misdemeanor assault:

In 2015, Cetin was involved in a fourth-degree assault case — a misdemeanor — in Island County. He was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation in August 2015, and that was completed as of March 2016.

There were also questions in the court file about cannabis use, but last April a judge has questions about how that related to his mental health evaluation, saying it was not a mental health issue.

In May, a judge approved deferred prosecution in that assault case — meaning Cetin was not convicted — and he was ordered not to have alcohol or drugs.

As of Aug. 25, 2016, Cetin was in compliance with weekly sessions for mental health counseling. He complied with the alcohol assessment, according to court records, and he had a deferred prosecution review for the case scheduled for 2018.

Cetin’s social media profile leaves few clues as to his motivations. A Facebook page widely identified as belonging to him reveals no particular political motivations or sentiments; in one image, he is seen posing next to a Buddha statue.

On Twitter, Cetin makes a few political comments, in one case mentioning that he intends to vote for Hillary Clinton, However, since Cetin is not a U.S. citizen, he would appear to have been making the comment in jest.


Oh, and he supports Hillary Clinton, who promotes more unvetted Muslim males of fighting age coming into our nation. Gee…I wonder if there is a connection between…

However, I might point out in Washington, him being unable to vote does not stop him from voting.  That whole liberal initiated voter fraud thing out there is a huge deal.

Also, the major national news media have not covered this shooting. Probably because the suspect was Hispanic but they all knew what they really meant, so why go there, right?

To conclude this, let’s not forget the people who were needless killed.  From Seattletimes.

As police conducted the search that led to the arrest of Cetin, friends and family members mourned five people killed during the shooting rampage Friday night.

Sarai Lara was the youngest of the victims, at 16. The Mount Vernon High School sophomore had survived cancer as a young girl, and was a happy, responsible, driven student, her mother said Saturday evening.

Evangelina Lara said she was shopping at the mall with Sarai and her younger sister, but they split up to different stores. Sarai went to Macy’s looking for pants, her mother said through a translator. News of the shooting spread through the mall, and Lara tried to get to her daughter but was blocked from Macy’s.

The next seven hours were filled with anxiety and dread, she said, until it was confirmed at 2 a.m. Saturday that her daughter was dead. She said nobody in the family had recognized the shooter in photos handed out by police.

A family member identified Belinda Galde, 64, and her mother  as victims of the shooting but declined further comment. KIRO identified the mother as Beatrice Dotson, 95.

[Burlington mourns: ‘It’s not supposed to be like this’]

Another victim is believed by her family to be Shayla Martin, a 52-year-old from Mount Vernon who worked as a make-up artist at Macy’s. Martin’s sister, Karen Van Horn, declined to talk Saturday evening.

“We’re really having a tough time right now,” Van Horn said in a brief phone call.

Van Horn, an employee at The Herald in Everett, told that newspaper that family members hadn’t heard an official confirmation that she was among the victims, but a witness told them that her sister was among the dead. Van Horn described her younger sister as an avid reader who was both classy and practical.

“She was so sweet,” Van Horn told The Herald. “She was just very independent. She wanted to make her own way. She didn’t want to rely on anyone else.”

Another victim was Chuck Eagan, a longtime Boeing maintenance worker from Lake Stevens, said his aunt, Carol Thrush. She said Eagan and his wife were out for a dinner and shopping at the mall, and they had made their way to Macy’s when the shooter opened fire.

Thrush said Eagan and his wife began running, but his wife fell down as she was trying to get away. As Eagan helped his wife, he was shot, Thrush said.

Thrush said Eagan, who had two daughters, was planning to retire from Boeing next year with hopes of doing some traveling.
“He was just a wonderful person,” Thrush said.

Anyone else had enough of this?  Then you know who not to vote for.



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The tangled web of corruption that is Hillary Clinton

For a long time, I had believed Obama’s greed would overcome his loyalty to the Democratic Party and he would destroy HRC over the scandalous email violations. My only concern was he would be somehow trapped by her in this scheme, unable to remove himself enough to isolate and prosecute her.  Apparently, he could not.

In an April 5, 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin was shown an email exchange between Clinton and Obama, but the longtime Clinton aide did not recognize the name of the sender.

“Once informed that the sender’s name is believed to be pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: ‘How is this not classified?'” the report says. “Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”

The State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama. Lawyers have cited the “presidential communications privilege,” a variation of executive privilege, in order to withhold the messages under the Freedom of Information Act.

The report doesn’t provide more details on the contents of that particular email exchange, but says it took place on June 28, 2012, and had the subject line: “Re: Congratulations.” It may refer to the Supreme Court’s ruling that day upholding a key portion of the Obamacare law.

How is it not classified?  Oh isn’t that the wait, that is NOT the question. The question is why did Obama lie- once again?  Because he knew HRC was using the private server and allowed it to continue- in full violation of federal law.  Remember, he knew there was no IG at State during her time there. Because if there were, the Inspector General would have stopped her and exposed the illegal activity.

President Obama only learned of Hillary Clinton’s private email address use for official State Department business after a New York Times report, he told CBS News in an interview.

CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Mr. Obama when he learned about her private email system after his Saturday appearance in Selma, Alabama.

“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” the president told Plante.

Mr. Obama’s comments follow a long week of media scrutiny surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email address and the “home-brewed” server that hosted it.

“The policy of my administration is to encourage transparency, which is why my emails, the BlackBerry I carry around, all those records are available and archived,” Mr. Obama said. “I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.”

Despite widespread criticism from Republicans who believe Clinton acted inappropriately, the president continued to defend his former Cabinet member’s record.

“Let me just say that Hillary Clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. She was a great secretary of state for me,” Mr. Obama said.

Hahhhaaahaaa!  He’s so funny….transparent.

Image result for obama and hillary laughing

They are laughing at us.

God help us. Because we apparently aren’t smart enough to have helped ourselves in 2008 or 2012.



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I went to sleep in one world and woke up in another. The “no bombs or terrorists here” line HRC and De Blasio now gone.

Obama and HRC and the democrats are the gift that keeps giving to Trump.  They argue the old worn out line he’s being mean to Obama because he questioned Obama’s place of birth.  (Which was a silly but somewhat valid question because Obama’s OWN writers bio says he was born in Kenya.)

Meanwhile Trump has moved on, calling the bombings- well bombings and getting media grief that he jumped the gun WHEN ALL OF US can see it is a terrorist bombing.  All to give HRC another weak, invalid talking point!  By the time they trot out the fact he “jumped the gun” in calling a bombing a bombing and that terrorists did it, five more bombs are found? (Talk about the horse being gone and the barn door still open! The trouble with the MSM and old democrats is they still think the old ways, back when they could control the speed of the flow of information.)

And there is a link between the New Jersey bombings and the NYC bombings? Then an SUV full of “Mormons” are pulled over by the FBI and snagged up for questioning?  (Has to be Mormons right?  Because Obama and Hillary and the Democrats are telling us there is no terrorism threat here as they allow unvetted refugees, with bombing making and knife wielding skills and motivations, into our nation.)

A bomb was detonated by a police robot at a New Jersey station on Sunday night as the FBI conducts a manhunt for a suspected terrorist cell behind the Manhattan bomb blast on Saturday night.

Footage from the scene showed the robot accidentally cut the wrong wire on one of five IEDs dumped in a trashcan at the train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey late on Sunday night, resulting in a huge explosion.

Hours earlier, the FBI stopped an SUV with five armed men – possibly all from the same family – inside on New York’s Verrazano bridge in connection with Saturday’s Manhattan bomb. They are currently questioning those men, who were believed to be on their way to the airport when they were stopped, but say there could be more suspects at large and a terror cell may exist in the area.

It was the second night of suspected terrorism in the New York area, after a bomb exploded in Chelsea hurting 29 people and a second device was found and defused on Saturday night. A military fun run was also pipe bombed in New Jersey on Saturday.

Officers at Elizabeth train station were startled by the huge bang that erupted without warning just before 1am on Monday morning when the bomb squad robot cut the wrong wire on one of five devices – causing it to explode.

Authorities said the loss of life ‘could have been enormous’ with the device discovered at a spot where, just hours later, thousands of passengers would ordinarily be gathering for their morning commute.

While there was no immediate sign of damage to the station, authorities warned the public there may be more detonations through the night as they attempt to diffuse the remaining IED’s.

Authorities raised the frightening possibility that an active terror cell was currently in the midst of unleashing attacks across New Jersey and New York and around 9.30pm when two men discovered up to five suspect packages in the trash and alerted the police.

Hey De Blasio, call your office! They have an update on what Obama and Hillary want you to say!  What is this guy, Lebowski from the movie?

All his election proves is that the people in NYC have already decided smoking pot was legal and a good idea.  He’s a moron and a commie and a democrat and a fool…but I repeat myself.

Trump just needs to remind people that we can have all the disagreements we want about policy, but not if we are dead from being blown up or shot by terrorists.

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The single reason Trump should win. He sees the enemy clearly.

As I write this, I am convinced more than ever the democrats in this nation are intent on destroying it from within. There IS NO OTHER REASON!  Why am I convinced now more than ever? Because as we speak, Mayor D- dumbass in New York is telling people- without any evidence one way or the other- that a HUGE explosion that injured nearly thirty people, and the secondary device that was found by the NYPD responding to the blast- had nothing to do with terrorism…

courtesy of NY Post. Does this look like an accident?

I shit you not… .

Mayor de Blasio, asked by a reporter whether the blast was terror-related, said, “At this moment, we do not see a link to terrorism.” He added, “There was also no specific evidence of a connection” to the pipe bomb that detonated earlier in the day in New Jersey.

De Blasio stated, ” New Yorkers will not be intimidated. We’re not going to let anybody change who we are and how we go about our lives.”

According to the NYPD, the “investigation is active and extensive.”

Now that begs the question is he friends with the bomber personally, and knows for a fact the bomber wasn’t trying to terrorize innocent civilians by blowing them up, it was more a bad chemistry set experiment gone awry?  No, of course not.

It also begs the question does NYC’s mayor Dumbass understand the concept of terrorism? It doesn’t matter who did it or why, it is the ACT that makes it terrorism.  If you look around and there are a lot of scared people- it’s terrorism, you freaking ignorant…aaagh.  Just keep following the party line… .

This also teaches you another lesson- government cannot and with this national leadership WILL NOT save you.  You are on your own with these guys. Why? Because they would rather import new voters to guarantee their power base for decades, at the risk of getting you all killed, then do the right thing.

I’m not Trump fan, but I’m voting for the guy because he, and the people around him, at least get that we are in a freaking war!

I swear, corrupt morons all of them.  And if you vote for HRC or any democrat, you are simply voting your own demise. Maybe not today, but someday.

Then again, if you are in a Minnesota mall, it may be in fact today!

Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud will remain closed through Sunday as police investigate a stabbing that left eight people injured and the suspect dead.

“At approximately 8 p.m., an armed suspect entered the Crossroads Mall. That individual made some references to Allah and we confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before assaulting them,” said St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson.

According to authorities, the suspect was later shot by an off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction. Investigators say the suspect was carrying at least one knife.

Of the eight victims, one was admitted to the hospital. Investigators say the injuries were not life threatening.

Earlier, the Muslims, celebrating some Islamic holiday wildly ran through malls, scaring the crap out of people.  If Obama is right and there is not difference, can you point out a time when Christians and Jews ran through places then stayed around to stab innocent people?

BTW- the report is that an off duty ARMED police officer killed the suspect.  If Minnesota had it’s act together an armed citizen would have done it first.

Not since 1095.


Side note: Trump taunted Clinton on having personal security.  He should have pointed out she had tax payer funded security for thirty plus years and has no idea what it is like to be unarmed and vulnerable like so many women are in America today.  Why is she better than the nurse getting off late shift or a student walking back to her dorm in the dark, or a single mother alone in a bad neighborhood. She gets the security of armed guards, they get nothing.  He should have asked her “Why are you better than them?”

Update: The shooting in Philly was because of Islam. The shooter, a black man with a long record, left a note saying it was in the name of Islam. Once again, it is one of their holy days.  Now think if on Christmas, Christians went around killing Muslims. Would Mayor Dumbass be able to put that together? Also, an innocent, unarmed, none security protected (unlike Hilllary) was killed by that mad Muslim.  And that is the fate of many unless we grasp the problem and get it under control.

(Hint: not if his party was trying to get the Christian vote for the next two decades.)

That makes NJ (three bombs were found), Minnesota twice and NY.  But hey, who is counting? Right? Hillary refuses to say bomb or Islam, saying it is best to wait for the investigation… .  Or maybe she couldn’t find a Youtube video to blame?

Also there were two police shot in Texas tonight too.  We’ll see about the motive soon I hope, and the race of the suspect.  (Yes, NOW it matters because of Obama and the BLM movement pushing the attacks.)






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For all the NFL players protesting America, I will point out this happens HERE! Not in Saudi, Yemen, Brazil or Russia.


A 14-year-old Texas girl with hearing loss is able to hear clearly for the first time in her life after receiving a cochlear implant.

According to CBS News, Breanna was diagnosed with severe hearing loss as a baby and could not hear anything except muffled sounds. Her hearing worsened over time to the point where even her hearing aids could not help her understand speech.

This August, however, Breanna tried out her cochlear implant in her left ear and was able to hear the sound of her mother’s voice for the first time.

“Can you hear my voice?” her mother asked.

“Yes,” Breanna replied, smiling.

The moment was emotional for all present.

Watch.  Then I dare you to sit or kneel.

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PC bleeds into PC. What happens when Muslim tradition crashes into PETA.

Here’s the thing.  As we speak Progressive agendas are simply squeezing each other out. The Left wants to bring in new democratic voters- Muslims refugees from a violent part of the world- while the gays on the Left worry that once here they will influence the acceptance of the gay life style, maybe violently as shown in the Pulse nightclub shooting. Trouble in River City right?

Speaking of rivers…and blood…and liberals. From Bangladesh and the Muslim tradition of slaughtering animals to celebrate an Islamic holiday.

Grisly animal sacrifices for Eid combined with heavy rains have made the streets of one city run red with blood.

Police in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka had allowed the traditional slaughter to take place in certain designated areas of the city.

However heavy downpours made many of the spots impossible to use.

The blood from the slaughtered liverstock, killed by some Muslims to mark Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, mixed with the flood water – as can be seen in these dramatic pictures.

During the celebration, goats, sheep or cows are killed to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s test of faith.

Remember, once here, once “kitman” has stopped because the Muslims have become a critical mass, they will demand this tradition as their “religious right.”  And unlike when dealing with Christians, they will get their way.   And PETA will lose it’s mind.

A little video of what can happen in America. And it is a serious question the Left has to ask itself- is this who we are?

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Colin Powell sums up the Clintons in one simple email. Brilliant soldiering.

Colin Powell: Bill Clinton ‘still d—ing bimbos (according to the NYP)’

courtesy NY Post. I hate you. I hate you more!

Old soldiers are just that- old soldiers. And they don’t pull punches. In a hacked email Colin Powell says what he truly thinks of Bill and Hillary, and he’s not alone.

Colin Powell wrote in a jaw-dropping e-mail that he doesn’t want to vote for his pal Hillary Clinton because she’s a greedy defender of the status quo whose husband is “still ­d–king bimbos at home (according to the NYP)” — the New York Post.

“I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect,” the former secretary of state wrote Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds on July 26, 2014.

“A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d–kng bimbos at home (according to the NYP),” reads the explosive e-mail obtained by the Web site DCLeaks. Hillary is actually 68.

Powell sent the message just days after The Post revealed in May that Bill Clinton allegedly has a blond mistress who visits his Chappaqua home so often, she was dubbed “the Energizer” by the Secret Service.

The story referenced Ronald Kess­ler’s book “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,” which named Clinton’s Chappaqua neighbor Julie Tauber McMahon as the other woman.

If you take nothing else away from this, make sure you understand Colin Powell knows the Clintons and he isn’t lying one bit.  Bill would be content to hammer his mistress, and by all accounts she’s a nice lady, so after years of Hillary… .

Hillary will walk over dead bodies- of her making!- to be President and get all the power that comes with it. In fact, you could argue her plan all along was to get him in, so she could follow. Because GOD knows, if she were NOT Bill Clinton’s wife she would have never gotten this far on her own.

She should never be allowed anywhere near the White House. Enough is enough.

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Let’s talk about it. Hillary is ill. Seriously ill. Sick people can’t be President.

First of all we deserve better.  We can’t have the world melting down and our President fainting and secluding themselves and hiding health issues.

Second, it would kill her, probably quickly.  The stress of being President is damn near lethal. Just look at the Obama/Clinton/Bush era. They are not the same people coming out as going in.  Obama is the least affected because his “I really don’t give a shit” meter pegged a long time ago. Short of his Soros issued check not clearing when he leaves, he doesn’t have much of a care.

Third, it’s dangerous.  If she can’t respond who will? Her VP? Huma? Cheryl Mills, Bill?  SHE’S supposed to be the President (if she wins) not some lawyer, MB plant or an old broken down war horse.  It is dangerous for bad actors to know, not just think, our President is lame.  They will do bad things.

Here is the video linked to by Daily Caller. There is no doubt she’s all screwed up in a serious way. They trotted her out, after they took her to her daughter’s apartment for treatment, in order to make it look like no big deal. She managed a few waves, a planted child runs up, and she walks TEN YARDS to the waiting van and is whisked away to be secluded in her home. Now a woman who is fainting- a lot- at her age should be taken to a hospital to have a full work up.  But they take her home instead.  Why?  Because they know what is wrong with her.  One theory- Parkinson’s.

Listen, it’s something.  It’s not nothing. And trotting out HRC to do a dog and pony show for thirty feet is NOT fooling anyone.  First of all, Snopes claims there is nothing wrong with that head bobbing moment or the open mouth bug eyed stare.  Dude, Snopes is being run by some lefties who wouldn’t admit the truth if it bit them on the rear! It was taken over awhile back.  So, smart move by their side, but it doesn’t change the fact that outside handicapped people, we’ve never seen such a thing!

She’s hiding at home, getting treatment. I will give her credit for her will, and Trump needs to be careful because she will drag herself across this finish line if it literally kills her!

Pay attention to what I’m about to say here.  Hillary can want something as a personal goal, but it affects the rest of us, that cannot happen.  Let me put it another way.  Take female pilots, both want to be the first to fly around the world.  If one is Amelia Earhart, and she does it alone and gets killed in the process, that’s HER single sacrifice and she has that right. However, if the other female pilot is flying a 777 with four hundred innocent passengers on board, THEY have a say in that decision!  And no, she cannot go!

But HRC is tough, ruthless and at this point stupidly stubborn.  She reminds me of this guy.

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What everyone should ask Hillary now.

The HRC campaign says move on from the emails. Okay, so let’s concentrate on her mental acuity.  At this point there should be only one question asked of her after  we have looked at her defense in her July 2016 FBI interview.

If I were able to ask the question it would be this:

” In July 2016, you told the FBI that your concussion created a gap in your memory where you could not remember taking any classes, being briefed on what is classified material and how to handle it, or being able to even recognize it if you saw it. However, in September of 2016, you tell the American people you have 30 years of dealing with classified material, you are an expert in all of the sensitive areas and that should qualify you for being President. So I ask you Mrs Clinton what pill did you take, or what therapy did you participate in, that provided you this amazing and miraculous recovery within 60 days? Because there are NFL veteran players and military veterans who are suffering traumatic brain injuries and are desperately in need of your medical cure!…. Or are you lying? It is either door #1 or door #2. There is no door #3.”

That is how you trap a liar.


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