A good manager vs a bad one. The first surrounds himself with quality. The second sadly runs our country.

It is literally business 101! The first chapter, the first paragraph, the first line.  Surround yourself with talented and committed people.  Give them a job. Then get out of the way!!

Obama cannot or will not follow that tenet.  Why? Because also in the cautionary tale of running a business is the warning that some managers can only be comfortable if they think, and assure themselves by hiring practices, that they are the smartest one in the room.

It may work if the manager is a genius and hires almost geniuses. But if the manager is an idiot?….

“…On Sunday John Kerry forgot the number one rule of being miked for an interview; the microphone is always on. The Secretary of State was miked and on camera waiting for an interview with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace when he spoke to an aide about an Israeli operation resulting in the deaths of 14 IDF solders. Kerry’s reaction was a mocking:

It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation.We’ve got to get over there. Thank you, John. I think, John, we ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.”

Kerry was shaking his head no as Wallace explained that he was going to play the conversation. But when given the opportunity to explain himself Kerry went into full “diplo-spin” mode.

Wallace: Secretary Kerry when you said it’s a hell of a pinpoint operation are you upset that the Israelis are going too far and in fact do you intend to go back to the Middle East tonight, sir?

Kerry: It’s very difficult in these situations, obviously very difficult, Chris. You have people who have come out of tunnels. You have a right to go in and take out those tunnels. We completely support that. We support Israelis right to defend itself against rockets that are continuing to come in. Hamas has start this process rocketing after Israel was trying to find the people who killed three young –one American kid, Israeli citizens. It’s disgraceful. Yeah, it’s tough. It’s tough to have this kind of operation. I reacted obviously in a way that, in a way that anybody does with respect to young children and civilians. But war is tough. I said that publicly and I’ll say it again. We defend Israel’s right to do what it is doing in order to get at those tunnels. Israel has accepted a unilateral cease-fire. It’s accepted the Egyptian plan, which we also support. And it is important for Hamas to now step up and be reasonable and understand that you accept the cease-fire, you save lives, and that’s the way we can proceed to have a discussion about all of the underlying issues which President Obama has clearly indicated a willingness to do.

(The full conversation is embedded at the end of this post.)

The difference between Kerry’s comments when he thought he was off camera and when questioned about it by Wallace makes one wonder which other public statements made by the Secretary of State were coverups of what his real feelings are. …”

John Kerry’s job is to institute what he thinks is good policy, from the view of his Senate seat, into the real world.  And as usual, like most liberal policies, that effort is crashing on the rocks of reality.

Well, it sounded good with a scotch in my hand in the Senate cloakroom when chatting with McCain!

Then there is Josh Earnest and his statement.

White House press secretary  Josh Earnest said Monday the Obama administration’s foreign policies in a number of areas have enhanced the world’s “tranquility” – a word that raised eyebrows as reporters pointed to situations in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and the South China Sea.

More than one reporter during Monday’s press briefing referred to a front-page Wall Street Journal article highlighting some of those crises, and citing security strategists as saying “the breadth of global instability now unfolding hasn’t been seen since the late 1970s.”

Does this guy

look like this guy?

Which of course leads me to this.

And of course the former campaign bus driver turned national security expert ol’ Tommy, “Dude!”, Vietor.

If there is a single moment that captures the essence of something this is it.  The whole six years of the President can be summed up in the attitude and maturity of Tommy.  Add in some chaos loving community organizer bent on sending the nation off the liberal side of the cliff, and you pretty much summed up the nightmare we’ve been living.

Bad business all around.


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The global world and the infestation of diseases. One downside of immigration no one wants to talk about.

The people who look for the end of man often talk about disease being the cause far more than some idiot building a bomb.  Right now on TNT there is a show called “The Last Ship” which deals with the outbreak of a viral disease very similar to Ebola jacked up on steroids.

Of course it is drama and quite a stretch.  But the basis of the show’s premise made me think about today’s headlines and the fact that many of today’s travelers, legal or illegal, are coming from areas of the world where exotic, and deadly, diseases manifest themselves.

And nobody wants to have a serious discussion about it. Why? Because of political correctness and the need to fill the coffers of business and government.  Do you think if we had enough people here, having enough babies, being trained properly in the STEM areas of education, we’d have a need to bring in masses of people from other nations willy-nilly?

Or if the government- and society- told the able bodied worker either they got a job or went hungry? That just breathing in the United States doesn’t guarantee happiness or a free ride?

The failure of one part of our society to admit its mistake continues to lead us into more and more bad choices. And this isn’t just our fault, it is the fault of every western civilization, whether it be us or Europe.  We have people here not working, who are able, but we import people to fill jobs we are told our people can’t or won’t fill. We have very intelligent kids being intentionally dumbed down, for the benefit of no one, but for the ease of a system that has long outlived its purpose.

It’s  a cute concept and everything- opening our borders to just anyone who wants to come in, but nothing is free in this world, and with the importation of people, good-hearted and willing to work, comes the diseases that our earlier generation of officials handling immigration would have rejected outright.  In addition, if the person came into the nation looked unable to fend for themselves and be a productive member of society- thus a danger of becoming a ward of the state- that person was also sent back.  So, when we see idiotic columns written AND PUBLISHED by a major outlet we wonder just what their agendas really are.

 Maybe we should just send the Statue of Liberty back where it came from.

That long-and-much-beloved iconic statue, standing in New York Harbor, greeting immigrants by the tens of thousands, is inscribed with Emma Lazarus’ poem: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Our beloved Lady Liberty has been a beacon of hope for millions of people seeking a better life.

The first human being to come through Ellis Island was an unaccompanied minor. Her name was Annie Moore, and a statue of her (and her two younger brothers) now stands on that tiny piece of hope in New York Harbor, along with one of her in Ireland, from whence she came. Thousands of unaccompanied minors followed her through Ellis Island.

The answer to the above question is no, we shouldn’t and had the first immigrant UTC came in with TB, scabies, fever, West Nile or the plague, or unfit to work, the answer would be yes.

Not all immigrants were successful in entering the United States. Official statistics suggest about 2% of immigrants were rejected and sent home. The most common reason for rejection was a concern by immigration officials that the person may become a ward of the state. This could be due to health issues (especially a fairly common eye disease called trachoma, which led to blindness), mental illness or lack of sufficient funds for immigrants to support themselves.

Here are a few disease currently working their way into the United States from foreign sources.  Some of now here and established and take lives every year, many of the outbreaks hardly noticed through the haze of cable channel shows from HSN to Oprah to Honey Booboo.  West Nile is back- again.  (Remember when that was headline news and everyone was freaking out?)

Health officials say there have been no human cases of West Nile virus in Tulsa County this year. The only confirmed case of the virus in Oklahoma thus far this year has been in Major County.

There were 84 cases last year – including eight deaths.

The virus is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. Symptoms include a sudden onset of fever, headache, dizziness, and muscle weakness.

The pneumonic  plague (Just love that one! The worst of the three variants of the plague)

The three latest patients all had contact with the same dog, with two of the three contracting pneumonic plague, as did the initial patient. Dr. Jennifer House, the department’s public health veterinarian,said the fourth case did not reach that level.

House added that the three latest patients were treated with antibiotics and had recovered; the initial patient is still hospitalized.

Officials said the initial case was the first instance of pneumonic plague in a human in Colorado in 10 years; the names of any of the patients or specific details from the cases have not been released.

“But we believe the exposure to be over,” House said.

Plague is spread by fleas from rodents, most commonly prairie dogs. Flea samples recently collected from eastern Adams County tested positive for plague bacteria. Tri-County Health Department staff members have gone door-to-door in the area with information about plague and to assess prairie dog populations. People and pets walking in open spaces and trails should avoid contact with prairie dogs, rabbits and other rodents.

Nice. Avoid rodents or the fleas they leave behind.  Sure, easy.  How many rats live in cities like New York, or other cities- here is the ten worst.  But where did the plague come from?  Not here.  Here’s a description of an outbreak.

The Black Death arrived in Europe by sea in October 1347 when 12 Genoese trading ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina after a long journey through the Black Sea. The people who gathered on the docks to greet the ships were met with a horrifying surprise: Most of the sailors aboard the ships were dead, and those who were still alive were gravely ill. They were overcome with fever, unable to keep food down and delirious from pain. Strangest of all, they were covered in mysterious black boils that oozed blood and pus and gave their illness its name: the “Black Death.” The Sicilian authorities hastily ordered the fleet of “death ships” out of the harbor, but it was too late: Over the next five years, the mysterious Black Death would kill more than 20 million people in Europe–almost one-third of the continent’s population.

It gets better. Here’s one not talked about much.  It’s rare to get it, but you have to love the fatality rate though. So you may not get it, but if you do, there is a one in three chances you’re screwed!

Mosquitoes: we’ve talked about them for months, and for the first time this year mosquitoes have infected someone in Massachusetts with eastern equine encephalitis, or triple E.

The Massachusetts Department of Health just confirmed that a July 15th laboratory test in Plymouth County has tested positive for EEE, a dangerous virus that can cause inflammation of the brain and in one third of cases, death.

Even though the only reported case of EEE in Massachusetts was more than 80 miles to our east, our chances in western Massachusetts of getting it just went up. But it probably wouldn’t be the mosquitoes bringing it here.

Birds are typically the long range carrier of triple E, taking the disease over many miles. Mosquitoes then bite the birds and become the local source for infection when they bite a human.

And where did that come from ?  Not here.

Now we have a new one here in Florida.  A disease from the islands has made it ways to the East Coast.  Not fatal- yet.  But still it exemplifies the problem we have when we become a global community and put no real safeguards on what a person can and will bring into our native population- which includes many non-natives. (A Hispanic illegal can get West Nile just as quickly as anyone else, so their safety and health, now that they are here, is just as important.)

Daily News Staff WriterWith the first cases of chikungunya fever transmitted within the United States confirmed last week, local mosquito and public health experts are urging residents to take precautions to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. On Thursday, the Florida Department of Health confirmed two locally acquired cases of the viral disease — one in a 41-year-old woman who lives in Miami-Dade County and the other in a 50-year-old man who is a Palm Beach County resident.

My point here is simple, as we allow people into a nation without any type of internal borders or checkpoints, we allow them to wander around (or in the case of the UTC/family unit fiasco- flown and driven around by the government) we are spreading potential hotspots throughout the nation. NOT something an earlier generation of immigration officials would have allowed.  So don’t compare then to now. It was a different nation, with different needs, and far higher standards of entry.   That worked then.

This is not going to work now- and we’ll are liable to get some innocent killed by some exotic disease because of it. To argue anything different is just being blinded by your agenda and refusing to see the truth standing- or coughing- right in front of you.

Just dumb.


The man had not traveled out of the area in the past year, according to Palm Beach County Health Department spokesman Tim O’Connor.

The disease is spread by being bitten by an infected Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquito. Chikungunya causes flu-like symptoms and is most likely to cause stronger reactions in people who are very young; who are age 65 or older; or who have chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. It is not life-threatening.

- See more at: http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/news/local/tips-to-avoid-mosquito-borne-virus-with-video/ngjQx/#sthash.mPH4fLyQ.dpuf

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Harry Reid is crazy.

Or the Devil is taking payment.

It’s a little late in the day to start keeping track of instances of Democratic insanity, but what is to be done with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s continuing effusions? Yesterday Reid gave his best impersonation of Baghdad Bob, assuring all within his hearing that “the border is secure.”

Speaking after the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy lunch, Reid expanded on his assertion: “[Sen.] Martin Heinrich [(D-N.M.)] talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.” If Reid believes that, I can say without any equivocation that he is certifiably insane.

Will anyone in the mainstream media draw attention to Reid’s detachment from reality? Alexander Bolton reports on Reid’s comments for The Hill without further ado, as though they represent business as usual, as I guess they do.

There is an old story that goes there was a man in the wilderness of the wild west who didn’t want to be scalped by the Indians. So he pretended to be crazy, mumbling to himself and yelling out strange garbled incantations.  The Indians, truly afraid of being infected with evil spirits, shied away from  the man.  They left him alone, which is what the man wanted.

But the truth is he wasn’t crazy.  He was just cunning.  And he kept his scalp.

Just thinking out loud.




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A giant hole opens in Siberia, but not as big as the hole in the global warming crews’ heads!

An interesting story.

An urgent expedition will leaves tomorrow to probe a giant crater that has appeared in gas-rich northern Siberia.

Extraordinary aerial images show a mysterious hole which experts say may be up to 262 feet wide, in the Yamal Peninsula of northern Russia.

‘A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday,’ The Siberian Times has reported.

Another theory is that the hole was formed by a meteorite striking this lonely spot in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, some 20 miles from the Bovanenkovo gas field.

‘There is agreement that soil around the hole was thrown out of the crater, large enough for several Mi-8 helicopters to fly into it,’ The Siberian Times reported – before adding ‘not that they have.’

The expedition organised by the Yamal authorities includes experts from Russia’s Centre for the Study of the Arctic, and also the Cryosphere Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

Sure it is obviously something. The pictures shows a perfectly round hole with a symmetrical debris pattern.  Not something explosive at first glance, but that doesn’t stop the writer from throwing in this little tidbit.

Anna Kurchatova from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre, thinks the crater was formed by a mixture of water, salt and gas igniting an underground explosion, a result of global warming.

Gas accumulated in ice could have mixed with sand beneath the surface, and then mixed with salt.

Opening up: The enormous crater could be caused by global warming, with gas exploding below the surface

Is it warmer there now, by any measurable amount?  Has this happened before? Recently?  Is there any scientific work done to create a formula say that will cause a “boom”?  Like if you mix saltpeter with charcoal and sulfur in the right ratios and light it, it will burn- violently and with a lot of white smoke?!  (trust me I know, I did it in science class- and got banned from the lab!)

Now there are gas pipelines running through the area.  That makes more sense than a random mixture of materials set off by global warming.  But don’t let that stop the idiots who think everything that happens on earth is caused by mankind’s CO2 emissions.


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The “America” people don’t like to talk about. The out of control gangs.

Eric Holder complains we don’t talk about race.  We are cowards.  A newsman on the television, reporting on the murder of a rookie officer, did just that.  He was suspended.  Why? Because when he spook he put the blame on the inner city culture of fatherless blacks who grow up to be gang members and criminals.  He’s right.  He just can’t talk about it.  Heck, blacks who talk about this can barely get away with it.

So, the question is are we cowards for not talking about it, or are we afraid to lose our jobs and the means to feed and house our kids?  And who carries that stick that is wielded so harshly?  Oh, that’s right, the same people who say we are cowards for not facing the race issue.

…The Bloods have vowed to kill more Jersey City cops to avenge the thug the police shot dead this week after he executed a rookie officer, The Post has learned.

The violent street gang has threatened to “kill a Jersey City cop and not stop until the National Guard is called out,” a senior law enforcement source revealed.

Police are even being warned that violent Bloods gang members may be traveling from out of state to target officers in New Jersey, according to an internal New Jersey State Police advisory obtained by The Post.

“New Jersey State Police has received credible information from the Jersey City Police Department about specific threats toward Jersey City police officers and law enforcement,” the advisory read.

“The United Blood Nation may take retaliatory action against police officers.”

The PA advisory cautioned that officers should remain vigilant and be aware of “the potential for Bloods traveling into Jersey City.”

In addition to the Port Authority advisory, a statewide alert has been issued to police officers, a senior law enforcement official said Tuesday.

“It was an officer safety awareness” advisory “telling cops to be careful and to wear their vests and take the threat seriously,” the official said. …

Why are the Bloods upset to a murderous level?  Because a black man, robbing a store, killed a police officer responding to the call and was killed by the officer’s partner in a gun battle.

…The gang threat was made in direct response to the fatal Jersey City police shooting of Lawrence Campbell moments after he ambushed Officer Melvin Santiago in a Walgreens parking lot early Sunday.

Santiago had been responding to an armed robbery at the 24-hour drugstore when Campbell unleashed a barrage of bullets, leaving 13 holes across the patrol car’s windshield.

Santiago, 23, was shot in the head.

His partner dodged the bullets and returned fire, killing Campbell.

It was not clear Tuesday if Campbell, 27, was a member of the Bloods.

The tip about the threat came from a credible source who has provided valuable information about gang activities in the past, authorities said. …

The wife of the bad guy, now dead, complains if the cops were going to kill him, he should have killed more of them.  I shit you not.  A certain mindset that is absent from every other culture in our nation. You won’t find Amish saying it, or Mormons, or middle class white (or blacks), or hippies or Wall Street people.  Not one group of people in America say that a cop defending himself by killing a cop killer should be killed or that the cop killer should have killed more.  Simply unbelievable.

The widow of the thug who executed a Jersey City cop over the weekend said Monday that her husband should have killed even more officers — as her neighbors set up a sickening memorial to her fame-seeking spouse.

“He should’ve taken more [officers] with him,” Angelique Campbell said of husband Lawrence, who killed rookie Officer Melvin Santiago in an ambush early Sunday, before being killed by police.

(In the linked story, just before he began shooting the bad guy said to others “Watch the TV news later — I’m going to be famous.”)

So his mindset was no different that his wife’s. (For a little more background we turned- once again- to a British paper. Our papers won’t cover this.) Again, this is not by accident or a rarity.  We have allowed the decline of a certain subculture in America, even after throwing trillions of dollars at it.

So if the reason isn’t money, why did it fail?  I argue because the African-American activists are cowards and won’t talk about or face the problem. The average decent black person recognizes and despises this situation. I grew up around blacks, I remember riding with one of the first black deputies in our county back in the late seventies. He was outstanding and explained the relationship and comparisons between the black community and the white community.  What he said was that only a small minority of blacks caused problems and gave the whole community a bad reputation.  The vast majority of blacks wanted to be married, care for their families, go to church, work hard and provide a better life for their kids.  They were, sadly, a silent majority that was painted with a negative broad brush.  I agree.

So, it isn’t simply a white issue, it is a black issue. They are the cause, they are the remedy.  The white population isn’t allowed to be truthful, without facing destructive forces. So we’re out. Nobody is listening, and nobody on our side wants to take the hit because we spoke the truth.

However, for years, the vocal activists used the decline to make money (Thanks Jessie and Al).  But now the decline is so damaging to so much of our general culture- as it impacts almost everything and every day living (think random knock out games and flash mobs)- that suddenly, everybody who holds some responsibility and needs to be held accountable for their past bad acts are jumping back and claiming loudly “I didn’t do that!”  Eric Holder and his ilk are part of that group.  That should not be allowed to occur.  They broke it, by God they need to fix it!

If you allow ANY human group a free pass for bad behavior long enough they will begin to think it is a right.  We see that in government employees, and the near inability to fire them for bad or poor behavior.  Now their attitude is once of entitled arrogance as we have witnessed in the recent scandals.   We see it in the subculture in the inner cities.  We see it in entitlement groups. We see it in teachers.  We see it in illegal aliens. We see in police departments at times (but usually corrected when exposed). We see it in so many other areas of our culture too, a steady drip-drip-drip of acidic destruction.

With the election of Obama, a man who could have turned off that spigot with one sentence, we are now suffering the exact opposite. His “post-racial” promise is anything but.  I understand the politics of it. What I don’t understand is their willingness to literally burn the house down to get what they think is some kind of reward.  I can’t believe they believe that destroying the nation will serve them at all, unless the elites plan to move en masse to another country and set up there.  The bad guys will seek the most fruitful targets, and will feel they have a right to take anything they want, with violence if necessary.  Let’s be honest, there are a ton of targets on the liberal side, many who helped create this mess.

And be assured the bad guys won’t care a whit about their politics, just what cool stuff they have that can be taken by force.


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Kristen Powers and why liberal women should not be in charge of anything.

It’s their good intentions overwhelming their intelligence and common sense.  Her new crusade is to convince us that we need to take in all the children coming from the poverty/corruption/lawlessness countries to our south.

Why? Because she talked to some of them and their stories broke her heart.  Now on FOX news she makes this statement and the men on the panel point out the problem with her wish.  First, the floodgates would never stop and you would have every woman and child (and every bad guy adult/juvenile/dope runner) from those nations in our country- which would destroy our country.

She didn’t care.  She wasn’t listening anymore when Krauthammer pointed out that the only real way to stem the tide would be to send the kids back- with nurses and social workers and maybe our military to protect them in their villages in their countries.  We can’t manage them here. To her they were all refugees and we HAD to take in refugees.

Second, Baier pointed out that the Syrian civil war has created millions of refugees, so why not take them in.  Powers, totally out of control now, said yes we should take in some of them too.

Third, Krauthammer said if she wanted to help TRULY desperate people she should take in everyone from the CONGO!  (Yes, the man can be cruel to those less intelligent!)

At this point I saw this:


I don’t hear you!

This is the face a woman no longer listening to reason and only wanting her way.  (Worse she KNOWS you are right, she just doesn’t want to hear it!)

There isn’t a man over sixteen who has not seen this face in their mother, girlfriend or wife.  Classic.

And frankly why liberal women should not be allowed in position of influence or power.  They lead with their hearts, not with the minds or common sense. That is a guaranteed bad outcome (just think Obama’s election…twice.).

Worse, it seems they always want someone else to fix it, so they feel better.  And if you don’t, you are the a-hole.  However, I don’t remember her volunteering to take in a kid… or twelve.

On side note, as some of you will point out, this is not just liberal women, it can affect liberal man-women, like Juan Williams.  He too makes arguments from his heart and not his mind, and you KNOW somewhere deep inside, his heel clicking, fairy dust sprinkling, wish it to be true belief system sounds silly to him too.


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Words mean things…. When the liberal theories meet the world reality- reality always rains down ruin.

Obama is the living embodiment of the “liberal theory argument.” When I say this what I mean is that Obama and his ilk proffer solutions to the world’s problems that sound good in the classroom, but fail dangerously in the real world.  Reality ALWAYS kills off liberal theories.

I would be okay with that, except when reality takes them out, it takes us out too!

Let’s summarize by giving some examples:

1. The politics of open borders: Obama says he thinks illegals living here as juveniles should stay. He made a big deal about it, claimed he’d ignore the law.  Great politics for the 2012 election.  However, down in the barrios of Central America, the concept that IF THEY COULD GET HERE THEY COULD STAY is all the parents and kids understood.  So they started coming across in droves, overwhelming our system. One liberal theory, stated openly by Obama, and 300,000 kids, a number of whom died or were abused or worse, left their families to travel to America to join their already safely embedded friends.  Now, we have a true crisis.

Some would say Obama intentionally throw the system under the bus to force the Republicans to cave or guarantee Hispanic voters pull the “D” lever on election day.

If so, he is a more evil person than we suspect.  Causing kids to die to make political points or move an agenda is unforgivable. In this link you can see the kids think he’s the reason.

Others claim it is the violence and political conflicts that cause the immigration. If so, I’ll say violence is not our problem, as the Left has argued over and over we are not to involve ourselves in the running of the Central and South Americas (remember the evil CIA coup complaints?).  But we did just that in Honduras when the new communist supported, Chavez trained, President Zelaya attempt to rewrite the constitution so he could stay in power. The Honduran people refused, their Supreme Court refused and he was thrown out of the country.  At the time, OUR President sided with Zelaya and Chavez, sending a chill across Central America, and causing great strife in an already impoverished nation. (And doing some serious economic harm to Honduras in the process.)

Why? Does the dictator in him instinctively fear coups?  Does his love for the socialist/communist Chavez cloud his judgement? Does his far left aggressive vision of how to govern fall more in line with Chavez and Zelaya than say George Washington or Reagan?

So don’t blame the CIA for every little thing going on down in Central and South America. We have long since passed that point, and the unsettling political and civil environment is due to THEIR way of life and choices.

Something we don’t need here!

2. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Israel and Afghanistan:   His entire theory of Arab relations with the U.S. is faulty.  He thought being raised in a Muslim country and having a father who was Muslim would make him THE GUY!

Sadly, his liberal, and frankly narcissistic, view of himself was way off base, and the Islamic radicals ate his lunch.  Again, if he were personally embarrassed, I would just laugh and move on.  But he managed to have allied dictators  removed, who had been the lid that kept the jihadist under control. He openly supported, with weapons and air power, the radicals who killed Gaddafi and took over large parts of his nation.  That little move solidified a base for AQ and ISIS, which then took the armory from Libya (and what we gave them) and started a war in Syria.  At current count over 150,000 people- mostly civilians have been killed.  The number of refugees in that nation alone total something like 6.5 million or more!

Worse, it has drawn fighters from around the world, who then slipped over into Iraq and created a Caliphate.  Something this world hasn’t seen in this form for nearly a thousand years!  You can say Obama didn’t do it. But remember his Cairo speech and his desire to disengage from a region in turmoil. It’s like saying it wasn’t an arsonist’s  fault there was gas on the ground when he threw the match.  Acts have consequences, and we are living one of them now.

This is another example of a liberal theory exploding in everyone’s face.  Thousand have died. Many more are tortured and trapped within the “Caliphate.”

And Obama plays golf. People have trouble accepting he really just doesn’t care! He’s THAT guy!

Afghanistan is going the way of Iraq. My buddy over there said the only way we turn those nations around would be to stay there twenty years or more, guiding them and waiting for the old guard to die off and the new generation- exposed to our way of life and values- take control, much like Japan and Korea.

Obama’s theory was to get out. We get out, the Taliban comes back with a vengeance, and the whole place blows up.  And instead of us being on both sides of Iran to control it, we have the Taliban on one side and the ISIS on the other, putting Iran in a position to be overrun or to strike out with such violence it changes the Middle East forever.

Not the goal of any sane leader.  And remember, the ISIS people want to extend the “Caliphate” from North Africa to India.  Pakistan has the bomb, more than one in fact.  Imagine what damage the jihadists would do if they overran Pakistan in say five years and got them?

Plus, with the U.S. gone any number of smaller nations can now fall. They all know Obama won’t send help to save them.  So what happens to Yemen and the rest?

All because of a liberal idea “If we tell them we are sorry and treat them as equals they will respect and work with us.”


Let’s see, hardline Islamic radicals influence or control Libya, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Not to mention the Far East and Indochina. They want to RULE the same area.

And we think they want to be friends?

How much trouble would formalizing the control take? We’ve seen the lack of dedication in the Arab world when it comes to dying for a cause.  (The Iraqi army bug out proves that theory correct.) We all know, as OBL pointed out, the Arabs will follow the strong horse.  Right now the crazies with the bloody knives are the strong dudes. And as long as Obama is in charge, it will remain that way.

3. The Economy:   Who really thought our nation should be struggling with a recovery six years after the recession ended? Much like FDR’s time, liberal policies are making things harder.   Regulations are killing innovation and job growth. Obamacare is screwing up the economy AND job creation.  High fuel costs are caused not by a shortage of fuel but by other means.  The assistant secretary of energy SAID we would have 3.50 a gallon forever. How does he know the future of an almost pure supply/demand market- without some knowledge of future influences?   Nope, he is employing theories offered up by his liberal associates and they are repeatedly crashing against the rocks of reality. Remember, Obama told everyone he was a high cost energy kind of guy!  And he has proven true to his word. He has taken cheap energy away and replaced it with high energy concepts. Solar and wind power are two examples.  Sure, I say work on it as research, but don’t give hundred of millions to your buddies who contributed to your campaign and say you are changing the world.  Especially while cutting the throats of entire energy industries.

Jeezz.. again.

4. Obamacare:  You can’t make it up.  If you could, the publishers would throw the manuscript out as being too far out!  We have a government, driven by a number of liberals but lead by Obama, turning our great but flawed healthcare system into a huge nightmare and serious flawed government run system.  And this wasn’t even a socialist total government control attempt.  This was a hybrid system and it burned to the ground THE FIRST DAY!!  I don’t blame Obama, he’s not smart enough to make these many mistakes. But he was the one who pushed the liberal nightmare onto us.  So he owns it.  It will destroy our system, not replace it with better one, and get a lot of citizens killed.  Not any of HIS people, just the rest of us.


5. Constitutional issues: Where to begin.  He’s not the first President to cross the line, but he is the most arrogant one.  I think that’s the difference here. Because he is a liberal, he thinks his ideas are the only good ones out there, even though they keep crashing every time they are launched. It is almost funny, if it wasn’t so scary.  I mean, how many of us have watched him stumble around on some topic and realize he’s just dumb or clueless?

His administration is running something like twenty losses in the Supreme Court, and  Obamacare barely scraped through. (My theory on that is what we are seeing now. The law was “Constitutional” in that it was created and voted on by Congress and signed by a legally elected President. It isn’t the Supreme Court’s responsibility to stop them from doing stupid things, or us electing stupid people- seriously talk about your full time job!) However, as we are now seeing once a citizen is harmed by the law, that citizen has standing and can ask for relief from the Supreme Court and the court has been giving it.  Obamacare, unless I’m wrong, will die the death of a thousand cuts. Obama is trying to slow the bleeding by delaying certain mandates (illegally), but it won’t make a difference.  IF the Supreme Court following its past precedents.

However, it has crashed our system for many people, and scared tens of millions more. And for what? Proving a liberal theory can operate in the environment of reality?

6. Russia.   It almost hurts to watch our people (John Kerry following Hillary, what’s next PEEWEE HERMAN?) interacting with the cold and focused professionals in Russia.  We talk, they invade.  We complain, they invade again. You’d think someone on our side would realize there was a pattern.  I’m convinced if Obama bitches any more, I’ll look up to see Russians walking down a New Jersey Main Street!

The difference between the two is Putin is a nationalist who wants his nation to succeed.  Obama hates his country and wants it to fail.  No way we win that.  Until Obama leaves, we can expect the reputation and respect we had to be tarnished.   We’ll be ignored.  People will get hurt.  Truth is when a superpower like ours vacates a space, the vacuum is filled with evil.

Obama thinks we’re the bad guys, which lets you know just how backwards his worldview is.

There are tons of other smaller examples.  The truth is it isn’t all him.  Back in 2008 I warned my friend about this series of events by saying.  “A bad man in a powerful position can do great harm. Not just for what he can do, but for what others will do in his name.”

Seen it before.  Will see it again.  The question is will we learn, or can we?


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Lyme Disease. An outsdoorman’s nightmare.

Lyme disease is bad. Not because you can’t treat it, but because it is missed by doctors and by the time they figure it out, you are in trouble.  For years, people have suffered this disease and doctors threw up their hands, saying it must be a mental disorder.

In the past ten years or so, the medical community has developed tests that can identify the disease in the victims, but even those tests are spotty. The end result for some people is chronic fatigue, mental impairment and crippling conditions.  For others, it is worse.

A life gone haywire because of what the family says was a missed medical diagnosis.  The Delaware County family wants to warn others as they fight to save their son.  Doctors say it could happen to anyone.  Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on a grown man who has to be cared for like a baby.

Thirty-four-year-old Chris Valerio is a prisoner in his own body.  Just standing up is an ordeal.  He can’t feed himself or talk much, but his parents say his mind is fine, he understands everything.

“It’s very frustrating.  Obviously it’s very disheartening.  We’ve had our days of tears,” said John Valerio, Chris’ father.

For his parents, it’s heartbreaking to see Chris, who’d been such a free spirit.  He loved to travel and try new restaurants.  Now he can’t chew, or do anything for himself.

“It’s very difficult. It’s like you know every day we look for a little pinch of hope,” said Bev Valerio, Chris’ mother.

It’s a demanding job, taking care of Chris.  That’s why John is working part time, overnights as an anchor at KYW Newsradio.  He says five years ago, his family was living a normal life.  Chris was healthy and working in landscaping.  Then one day his finger started twitching.

“A couple months later it progressed to his hand shaking, and at that point I knew we had to start seeing doctors,” said John.  He and his wife say they took their son to all kinds of specialists, but no one could explain what was happening.

“Doctor after doctor would say all his tests are fine.  One doc even said he’s a young guy he’s just going to have to learn to live with it,” said John.

His family claims he was misdiagnosed several times, first with anxiety, then multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.  A test for Lyme disease was negative, but then Chris developed several co-infections associated with Lyme, like Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  Finally, after three years of searching a specialized blood test confirmed Lyme, caused by a tick bite.

“This is a real public health threat,” said Dr. Richard Horowitz, Chris’ doctor and a renowned Lyme expert in Hyde Park, New York.  He wrote a book called “Why Can’t I Get Better?  Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease. “

“We have to realize that this has spread.  It’s imitating all of these different diseases.  And people really need to understand the signs and symptoms and the unreliability of the blood test,” said Dr. Horowitz.

Even worse, the person who has it can transmit it to another through sex.  It is a bacterial infection. So if you can give someone gonorrhea, you can give them Lymes.  Even kids can get it from being born to an infected mother.

The prevailing scientific view is that Lyme disease is spread to human beings only through the bites of certain species of ticks.

But sometimes Lyme strikes multiple members of the same family — the parents and the children. Some of those families believe that the bacterium that causes the debilitating symptoms of Lyme can also be spread through sexual contact. Others believe Lyme disease can be transmitted to children during a mother’s pregnancy.

Lyme disease infections of humans are a big problem, and it’s growing bigger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bacteria carried in some species of small ticks is now spreading Lyme disease to an estimated 300,000 new patients a year in the United States.

For some of those patients, the effects of Lyme disease are devastating. Caitlin Carlson lives with her family in Gilberts, Ill.

“My body just gets so tired and ill, and you just feel sick,” the teenager told us. “And you can’t explain it. Some days you just want to lay up in bed and do nothing because I feel so sick. And I’m 18, and I should not feel like that.”

Caitlin Carlson believes her case of Lyme disease was passed on to her at birth from her mother, who has also been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Her father has also been diagnosed with the illness.

The mom in the family, Cindy Carlson, wishes more doctors would discuss other possible routes of transmission.

“[Doctors] don’t say that it’s passed on sexually,” she said. “It should be in the textbooks, and doctors should know that this is a sexually transmitted disease. But they don’t even tell you that … so people are passing it to people they love, and they don’t even know it.”

The Carlsons are far from alone in their belief that Lyme is transmitted sexually. Amy Fitzgerald, of Chantilly, Va., has suffered from Lyme disease for about 20 years.

Fitzgerald told us, “My husband also is experiencing joint pain, fatigue, and he’s having problems. I had him tested. I said, ‘Go to the doctor, get tested.’ His test came back negative. [But] I’m convinced he has Lyme disease. He has classic symptoms.”

The Centers for Disease Control firmly believes there is “no evidence” that Lyme is transmitted from person-to-person, although the agency concedes stillbirths may happen if Lyme is acquired during pregnancy.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Gary Wormser, who heads that department at Westchester [N.Y.] Medical Center, agrees with the CDC.

“I think the public needs to be reassured,” Dr. Wormser told us. “There’s no evidence of sexual transmission of Lyme disease. It’s a tick-transmitted infection.”

Leesburg, Va., physician Dave Stewart used to buy the prevailing scientific views about Lyme disease, but Stewart cites a recent study of male and female bodily fluids showing the presence of the Lyme bacteria in patients that had tested positive for the disease.

Stewart now firmly believes Lyme can be transmitted sexually.

“It’s no longer a question of whether it happens,” Dr. Stewart told us. “The problem is now getting it accepted by the greater medical community who tend to be slow to adapt to change.”

Oh, really? Doctors refused to see the obvious because a government agency does the same?  If it is a bacterial infection and inhabits the bloodstream, you can get it from sex.  Duh..

As a hunter, camper and hiker, this is an issue for me.  I’ve pulled more ticks off me than Trump has dollar bills.  Sometimes when I get tired quickly I wonder if it is Lymes.  (It’s more likely old man’s disease.)  I caution my kids to be aware of ticks, and wear clothes that help keep ticks off and use bug spray -like Permethrin on their clothes- if at all practical.

Hey, like Seth McFarlane points out in his oddball movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West” there are always risks out there.  Being aware of them is the first step in making sure this particular disease doesn’t get you.





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Why they are coming. DHS memo tells the truth. The bosses and Obama don’t.

Listen, this is simple and EVERYBODY knows it, but no one in the administration will admit it. A leaked DHS memo gives us the details.

The report states:

Migration pull factors include reunification with family members already in the United States and successful migration attempts; that is, most (98 percent) OTM UCs are issued a Notice to Appear and not immediately removed from the United States. Last year, only 1,700 UCs were repatriated to their home countries.” The report also clarifies the statement: HSI-Intel assesses with high confidence that reunification with family members already in the United States continues to be a pull factor for UCs from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The report also states:

No single factor causes OTM UC migration to the United States. Rather, several factors combine to cause this, including poor economies and violence in home countries, potential employment opportunities in the United States, family reunification, and success at not being immediately repatriated drive OTM UC migration to the United States. [Emphasis Added by Breitbart]


Other significant revelations from the report include:

—Males between 15-17 years of age comprise 47 percent of all unaccompanied minors who are other than Mexican (OTM). Nearly thirty percent are minors age 10-14.

—Three percent of the OTM minors coming unaccompanied are from 43 other countries excluding Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras.

—53,375 OTM unaccompanied minors are predicted for Fiscal Year 2014, and 95,500 for Fiscal Year 2015.

—U.S. authorities do not know whether or how U.S. gang members are involved in the smuggling of the minors.

—There has been an increase in the OTM minors coming into the U.S. who are pregnant, or have physical or mental disabilities.

—The same family members or sponsors are appearing several times to claim different children from the custody of U.S. authorities.

—The U.S. government time requirements and care responsibilities for the OTM minors are identified in a time-chart.

—Host counties are doing little to prevent their nationals from coming to the U.S. and are likely motivated to allow this due to a desire to have U.S. dollars going back to the host countries.

—The remittances or monies sent from foreign nationals living in the U.S. to their home countries has increased significantly over the past few years and is considered a major factor in why the nations’ governments do not interfere with their nationals expatriating and traveling to enter the U.S. illegally.

This is accurate. I’ve talked with illegals here making money and sending it home (one was Mexican).  The amount Mexico gets is something like twenty-one billion dollars.  That is OUT of our economy and into theirs.  And in order to get the money all they do is to look the other way while their people enter our nation.

At one time the MSM talking heads supporting Obama were saying he was tough on illegal immigration, sending more back than GWB.  (Not that saying it means much- GWB had a soft spot for illegals.) However, it was revealed Obama’s people were playing with the numbers to make it look better. (As they did with almost every other measuring device in the government. Lying is second nature to them.)

The Left wants to pull on our heartstrings by saying “what about the children?”  To which I respond, “You are right.  What about MY children? The ones playing by the rules. One of them trying to go to college and finding out even though she studied hard, stayed up late, and got great grades, because she is not black, gay or Hispanic there is no money for her.  And what about their health, as they interact in a community  into which our government has released Third World children carrying third world diseases we aren’t immune to?”

And Obama intends to wreck the system in order to force the system to change even more than it has, and let more Hispanics in for more democratic voters.

I’m sure HIS KIDS won’t contract TB or chickenpox or anything like that since they don’t interact with illegals in the world his kids inhabit.

Details of Increase

The data show that there were about 216,000 reported cases of STIs in California in 2013. Specifically, there were:

  • About 168,000 cases of chlamydia, a slight decrease from 2012;
  • More than 38,000 cases of gonorrhea, a 13% increase from 2012;
  • More than 3,500 cases of primary and secondary syphilis, an 18% increase from 2012;
  • Nearly 2,900 cases of early latent syphilis; and
  • More than 3,600 cases of late latent syphilis (DPH release, 7/1).

Them vs. us- again.

Update: As usual Obama says one thing to the MSM, while saying his true desire to another group.


Obama told the groups what they had been dying to hear—that he was going to condemn House Republicans for inaction and set the most expansive legal course permissible to beef up border security, slow deportations of noncriminal aliens, and provide legal status to millions of undocumented workers—all by himself…

Obama made it clear he would press his executive powers to the limit. He gave quiet credence to recommendations from La Raza and other immigration groups that between 5 million to 6 million adult illegal immigrants could be spared deportation under a similar form of deferred adjudication he ordered for the so-called Dreamers in June 2012.

That executive action essentially lifted the threat of prosecution and deportation for about 670,000 undocumented residents—those older than 15 and younger than 31 who had been brought to America before their 16th birthday.

Obama has now ordered the Homeland Security and Justice departments to find executive authorities that could enlarge that non-prosecutorial umbrella by a factor of 10.

And that is that.  Oh, except McCain is now claiming he’s for secure borders.





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Obama’s open border political play and the Ebola outbreaks. Perfect storm for terrorists.

This is reading like a Tom Clancey  novel or watching the TNT show “The Last Ship.”

On one hand we have a corrupt administration, so bent on getting their piece of the voting pie, they are undermining our border security.  On the other hand, we have a high percentage of “other than Hispanic” suspects creeping across the border. We know it, the President knows it, and the bad guys know we know it, and are laughing at us for our shallow political greed that guides our foolishness.

Now we have this problem.

When Mohamed Swarray contracted the deadly Ebola disease in June, he was confined to a tented isolation ward at Kenema in eastern Sierra Leone. But he didn’t stay there long.

Suspicious of the doctors in their masks and body-length protective suits, he slipped out and fled to the capital Freetown 300 km (185 miles) away. There, he was nursed in a private home for a week before being traced by officials and hurriedly returned, weak and frightened, to the Kenema unit.

With West Africa facing the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever, with 400 dead so far, this kind of fear and mistrust is driving dozens of victims to evade treatment, frustrating foreign and local doctors trying to contain the epidemic.

The outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia has left some of the world’s poorest states, with porous borders and weak health systems undermined by war and misrule, grappling with one of the most lethal and contagious diseases on the planet.

Dr. Amara Jambai, Sierra Leone’s director of disease prevention and control, said at least 57 suspected and confirmed Ebola cases were “missing”, the victims having fled or gone into hiding.

“When you lose cases that way, you will not know where the next case will appear,” he told Reuters.

Ebola causes fever, vomiting, bleeding and diarrhoea, and can kill up to 90 percent of those it infects. Highly contagious, it is transmitted through contact with the blood or other fluids of infected people or animals.

I read somewhere it is more like 1500 cases.  Already, over four hundred have died.  That’s a big number!  Especially when you add in the 90% fatality rate.

Why do we care?  Well, let me run something by you.

We have a President set on breaking his southern border for political purposes.  So much so, that he is instructing his HHS people to transport infectious people throughout the nation.  That’s right, SICK PEOPLE! Just to make political points.  Then we have very intelligent and dedicated terrorists, who already have several bases of operation in Mexico and here, who also operate in Africa.

How hard would it be to transport an Ebola patient (or a dozen) from there to here?  Or just take the virus from one, infect a dedicated jihadist (or a dozen) and sneak them through the border and into the major cities of America.

How many would die?  That’s not important.  It is HOW MANY WOULD PANIC!!

During the limited, amateurish threat of Antrax, we saw everybody lose their minds!! Maureen Dowd flipped out when she couldn’t find a gas mask (apparently not really understanding Anthrax- but she’s dumb- so let’s get back on point), what do you think she’d and her people would do with a virus that makes you bleed from every orifice before you die in agony?

People are standing in front of buses because of lice and scabies.  How would they react if people started bleeding from their eyes and dying???!

Folks, we are being led by people who are so blind they are simply putting us all at risk.  Forget TB, we can treat that, and it takes years to kill you.

But Ebola? How do you think we would react?

Well look at this-

and this-

And you think we’re worried now?  It would cause a violent reaction, something no federal government could contain.

And that would be the terrorist’s goal.

I swear there must be an idiot promotion goal in the administration.





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