CBS Steve Kroft pulls the old “we weren’t being biased, see we released it” stunt pulled for decades. It doesn’t work anymore.

The new media jumps all over this stunt.  It amazes me that the MSM, the old guard, still thinks it works. They are old and thinning out, the people this works on are old and thinning out.  It is like watching a football team run the statue of liberty play over and over and over.

CBS News’ Steve Kroft, whose 60 Minutes interview with President Barack Obama was selectively withheld from view, recently denied there had been any attempt by the media to cover up for Obama on the Benghazi attacks.

Kroft told an audience in Dallas, TX on Friday:

“I’m not aware of anything the mainstream media is covering up. … We know what happened, and it was not good for the Obama administration. The mainstream media doesn’t feel there’s enough real factual information to say … It’s very hard to find credible witnesses. … I think there’s been less than full disclosure, but no information that anything’s being covered up.”

Kroft made that statement with full knowledge that a critical portion of his Sep. 12 interview with the president had not been released–namely, a portion in which Obama confirmed that he had not called the Benghazi attack terrorism, and in which he refused to acknowledge explicitly that the attack had been an act of terror. Obama would later claim that he had, in fact, called the attack an act of terror on Sep. 12 in his Rose Garden speech. The new video–released with only two days left before the election–suggests otherwise.

Another portion of the CBS interview had also been released belatedly in which Obama acknowledged that the Benghazi attack had been different in character from the violent demonstrations at the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt–thus suggesting Obama’s early knowledge of the premeditated, terrorist nature of the Benghazi attack.

The statement from Kroft is so way out of line it has to be intentional.  Seriously, there are no witnesses to interview?  The AP and NYT found a dozen, including the leader of the militia.  the Tunisians are holding onto a suspect.  Who is he? Why is he a suspect?  Are you the least bit interested in knowing?

But by releasing the missing part of the interview, Kroft pulls that old sleight of hand trick to prove they are still journalists.  They release it so they can point to it later, but the timing is such it has no impact. They could have released it when it was first taped. They could have released it after the second debate to clear up the issue of whether or not Obama thought it was organized terrorism.

But they didn’t. And we all know why.

But why now?

Well, just in case Romney wins, they’ll hang onto this as a journalist moment, trying to stay relevant.  If I were him, there would be no biased media in my circle. If the NYT or ABC or MSNBC wanted information, I’d make them get it from Breitbart or Gateway.  It is that simple.

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