Tough… But Obama and his new America have spoken.

That 47% who thinks Obama is the answer plus the other special interest groups and the new voting bloc the dems are grooming did their job.

Sadly, as I pointed out to a friend, we may be still suffering some sort of penance for our sins here.  Four more years of Obama. Obamacare, businesses not hiring, high energy, lost jobs, part time workers working two or three jobs, and a President who is a narcissist, and who just got validated.

The new normal, if you will.

You think the last four was fun.  Just wait.

I’m sure there will be a lot of questions.  Was Romney the right guy? Did he run a good campaign? Was it wrong on our side to have such a tough primary?  Or allow Romney to be painted the way he was?

Has Dick Morris lost his touch?  The drilling down into the numbers he said guaranteed a Romney win was a no go.

Or is it this is our new America, that the tipping point we feared slipped by us in 2008?

Simply put, we are on our way to being a socialist nation, not only in process but in thought and principle.  Our kids will be taught by teachers who voted for him. Our unions will be run by people who voted for him.  Our churches will be pummeled by regulations developed by people who voted for him. Business will suffer under the whip snapped by those who supported him.

Romney did as good as he could.  I would have picked a Hispanic VP, but he liked Ryan and Ryan was up to the job.

We’ll continue to fight the good fight, but I predict in the next four years, there will be a global tragedy will further remind us that this guy should have never been elected in the first place.

Oh, by the way.  That whole let’s come together as a nation crap.

Forget it.

PS. Anyone else wondering what “revenge” Obama has in store, for people like coal miners who dared challenge him? Remember high energy is what he and his people want. So for those of you who voted for him, don’t bitch at the 4.00 plus you’ll be paying at the pumps or the food you can’t afford.

Oh, and what happened to the “independents”? Do they even exist?

Just saying…

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3 Responses to Tough… But Obama and his new America have spoken.

  1. roger in florida says:

    Perhaps this election marks the triumph of Edward Kennedy’s campaign to destroy WASP America: The 1965 immigration act finally reduces the white people of America to a rump constituency in their own Country.
    But that doesn’t explain why millions of white people would sit out this election or worse yet, vote for an incumbent who has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for this Country, its people and its institutions. Are we finally reduced to a flock of sheep content to allow the Govt. to direct our lives and decide for us what we should have and what we should do?
    What is clear is that the economic path we are on; of unsustainable trade and fiscal deficits, will continue until the market applies its own discipline; this is not going to be pretty. 2013 will see some adjustments, surging inflation, increased poverty, more violent social discord. As the man predicted: We have chosen to give up our freedom for the illusion of security, now we will have neither freedom or security.

  2. roger in florida says:

    I have a theory to explain Romney’s loss; he came on too strong on Iran. He thought he sounded firm and decisive, actually he just sounded dangerous. Only a few nutcases in the electorate are going to vote for a new war, this might have been enough to persuade a lot of people to stay home.

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