Jesse Jackson Jr in plea deal talks with feds. They better make sure which one they are talking to.

I don’t know if you remember, but Jackon was put in the looney bin when the feds started moving in on him for corruption. Convenient?  Perhaps.

However, one of the articles disclosing the details mentioned that Jackson was so out of it he thought he was an Greek  chariot driver.

Not a king, just a driver.

The prince [Jackson] was erecting the foundations of a power base, diving into countless local races by endorsing candidates, seeding the region with mayors and other local officials who would be loyal supporters. But he could be mercurial, former associates say. Jackson sometimes boasted that he was a reincarnated Greek chariot driver, [political operative Frank] Coconate said. “I really thought he had a problem with reality,” Coconate said. “He’d get in his own little world. He’d come out with outlandish things.” At one of Jackson’s hangouts — a Turkish bath — he’d prance naked, demonstrating martial arts moves, while the others stayed wrapped in towels, said Frank Avila Jr., a former supporter who is a Democratic operative.


Anyway, the newest thing is that the Feds are talking to him about a plea deal.  Probably $300.00 fine and a hundred word essay about how not to get caught trying to buy a political seat.  Not not do it, just don’t get sloppy and get caught.

  Sneed has learned U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who handily won re-election Tuesday despite a lengthy stay at Mayo Clinic for depression and bipolar disorder, is in the midst of plea discussions with the feds probing his alleged misuse of campaign funds.

“No one has pled guilty, but plea discussions are ongoing,” said a top Sneed source, who said Jackson is still undergoing treatment at Mayo Clinic.

Sneed is also told Jackson, who returned to Mayo Clinic after undergoing outpatient treatment in the seclusion of his home in Washington, D.C., is not only being investigated for allegedly using campaign funds to decorate his Washington home — but also Sneed hears he may also have used campaign funds to buy a $40,000 Rolex watch as a gift for a female friend.

An heir apparent to the beneficence and largesse of the Jackson dynasty, Jackson has been immersed in a cloud of federal scrutiny for the past three years.

No shit.  He’s nuts and corrupt…and reelected by Chicago voters.

Which shows you what kind of people come from there.

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