Racist code word- from the Left? “Inclusive”

I was listening Rush talk about how the Left thinks if the Republicans are going to make inroads into the minorities- Blacks and Hispanics in particular- they need to be more inclusive.

Rush rightly points out that there are hundreds of examples inside the Republican party of successful minorities including mayors, senators and governors, yet the party gets no recognition for it.


Because they are the “wrong” minorities. They are minorities who have taken control of their own lives, reach up and out and succeeded on their own talents and drive.

The Left finds that kind of an example frightening and they work real hard to demean them.  Think about Condi Rice.  Can you give me an example of a more accomplished, decent, hardworking BLACK WOMAN??  No, you can’t, but the Left beats on her for her conservatism and party choice every chance they can and with such a vitriolic hatred it is sometimes scary.

But that’s okay in their eyes.

But be a conservative and mention any word or phrase the Left thinks is “code” and the beatings commence.

How in the world can you square that?

You can’t.  Which means something else is afoot here.  The truth is the minorities the Left reaches out to overall are the minorities of takers.  Seekers of Santa Claus as Rush puts it.

We can’t fight that.  GWB did that with his compassionate conservatism approach and what did it get him?  More debt, more programs and they still hate him.

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