And from another friend who has a Turkish daughter in law. She is none too happy with our spoiled nation.

Just copied and pasted:
Thank you so much for the email. It made me feel little better.

I have talked with my friends who are immigrants and citizens of this country after the election -most of them living in NY, Chicago, or CA-. I tried to ignore, but still read some news about “what went wrong”. Well, first of all nothing went wrong. The offer on other side for half of the country was so hard to refuse. He has been rising the food stamps, unemployment rates… all that “help” just to get reelected. What Republicans offered was simple one thing; getting the country back. They did not care about that part. Specially most of the immigrants and illegals. Some people want to keep eating McDonalds three times in a day and after that call themselves “sick”. People do need “free” things in this country. Yes, I am very sad about the result. It still does not keep me looking at the other side and I only can say “are you serious?”. How half of the America can be that needy. I can’t hear one simple answer about why they voted for him; except “free things”.

I heard from my Turkish friends that they believe in secularism, and Conservative party focuses on abortion and other religious views that they do not want to hear. My Israeli friends supported Romney; muslim friends supported Obama. They were so busy with little things that has nothing to do with Obama’s next term. I can only see one big problem in this election. We gave people way too much freedom then they deserve, or they can handle. We gave muslims too much freedom that they turn around and shoot us. We let illegals to have too much freedom, and most of the time have more advantages than citizens. This is what is wrong in this country. These people became voters; and we now have to live with their choices.

We will always have a Democrat side in this country. They will always try to give away things to buy votes. I stopped and though for a second if Conservatives really need to change according to the media. My answer is, NO! We need to stop these people getting free things and voting in their best interest. It is all about business now. These voters voted for him because he is “cool”, “young”, “ohhh, sooo sweet”, “very smart”, “great speaker”, “everybody will get healthcare”, and black…

Keith, as I told Luke, my problem is not who is the President now. I can handle him 4 more years in some cases. My point is 51% of this country voted with no clue. If only they were thinking this is the best person for the country then I could support it. They voted for nothing, or for their pocket. I do have a problem with that; a huge problem. I personally saw it with my own eyes before. If 51% of the country becomes stupid in democratic system there is not much you can do to save them. Americans live in one of the most technologic and wealthiest country in the World. They have the best access to everything. If they prefer to listen Justin Bieber and watch Oprah all day there is nothing we can do about these people. We can give them millions, they will still live the way they are living right now. Why do you think lottery winners never end up investing what they win. They always spend it in some stupid things and loose it all in a year. Money is not for everyone. We can try to ignore it as much as possible but it has been this way so many years; and there is nothing we can do the change. Money is for the people who knows how to use it. Money is for the people who earns and deserves it. You can give them whatever you like, we cannot change a single thing about them. Only they can change themselves with education. So, I believe that we are on the wrong path. I am not hopeful about the future because people are getting more stupid everyday. Whatever Obama does it will be so hard to fix for many years. My 30’s will be pretty much trying to defend myself against to stupids. I personally only see 49% of this country can see clear. If that 51% grows more and more which they do with all that governments help then we have to pick another country to live in. They will never ever will get it. Entire world is having a trouble. We have to find the way to survive this. Maybe doing what happened many years ago, we might have to get together in one country that supports our ideas. I do love American system with all my heart. If it is taken away there is nothing to hold me back. This country is a great country because of who creative this system. Not because of the system Obama creative. If stupids ruin it, I rather not give them my money to do so.

We have so much things to fix in this country. Firstly, fixing the education system. They are trying to make us more stupid everyday with all the media, online schools, and magazines. I do not see a good education system in the USA like it used to be. I do not know if it is even possible to fix anymore. Plus, with Obama’s new system all the hard workers will be punished. God knows what is waiting for us out there.

God help us!

Yes ma’am, exactly that. God help us.

Hey did you hear Texas is wanting their gold back?
Texas…hmmm… Beck, guns, jobs, oil, freedom….

Just thinking…that maybe my beloved Alabama needs to get its collective act together and catch up!

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