Okay, I give up. I have a great imagination, but I can’t compete with this.

I’m working on another novel. In my last one, I kept the plot to a corrupt political system, a compliant populace and a narcissistic President who wants to take over the nation.  I had plots and subplots on a worldwide scale.

And I am a piker compared to what the Petraeus scandal is revealing.

Let me try to cut to the chase and remind people why things happened.

1. Why did the terrorists attack the complex?  We all thought it was to drive out the Americans, which is probably part of it.  Buuuuttt…. wait a minute! Broadwell makes a speech in October and for some reason feels it appropiate to point out the CIA had three prisoners in the annex and that may have been part of the reason why the terrorists were attacking. They were trying to get their guys back! In addition, there is a strong rumor that the CIA and State were running guns to the Syrian rebels.

Why do we care?  Why not have detainees under interrogation?  Well, it seems in 2009 Obama made a big deal of signing an order preventing the CIA from doing just that.

Which may explain why Petraeus when to Congress with such a bullshit story about the video.  Which, if you’ll allow me another “which”, is the SOLE reason the producer of that video is in jail!!!! So, the CIA screwing around taking prisoners, against the executive order signed by Obama, causes a raid.  The CIA and the administration don’t want you to know that they were running guns (Iran/Contra anyone) and holding detainees, so they blame a video to the point where Hillary actually tells the father of a dead SEAL that the government was going to hold the producer responsible as a way to cover up the operations.  Petraeus goes along for a number of reasons, including being exposed by the affair.  And a guy is in jail to protect the government.  Kind of like George Zimmerman and Florida’s Rick Scott…

Now it gets better.  The woman who is having an affair with Petraeus is a friend of the family. She is also Lebanese and has managed to infiltrate the inner circles of MacDill Air Force base which was central command for Middle East operations.   (Yep, there may be more to this then just an accident.)  She befriends other generals including Gen Allen, Petraeus’ second in command.  She also makes friends with a FBI agent.

Suddenly, Jill Kelly claims she is getting threatening emails from an unknown source.  She contacts the FBI agent who then contacts the cyber unit.   The cyber unit doesn’t see a crime here saying that the emails are more a catfight, one email telling Kelly to straighten up the way she is acting at MacDill.  (Which may be an accurate warning in the light of thousands of emails between her and Allen.)


Kelly’s FBI agent buddy harasses the cyber unit into looking at the emails even though they don’t think they are threatening.  However, we now learn the FBI agent who is Kelly’s ally has sent shirtless photos of himself to her, because HE’S allegedly obsessed with Kelly!

Now we hear the same FBI agent, worried that the Obama administration is covering this up, contacts the House Republicans and eventually end up talking to Eric Cantor who promptly does nothing with the information.

Further, and I’m telling you at this point I’m hanging up my imagination hat here, we are being told to believe all of this was held back from Clapper, Holder and Obama before the election by the FBI!! Of course they did. I’m sure a field supervisor and his agents decided to look into the personal emails of the HEAD OF THE CIA without clearing it with anyone.  These are the same guys who have to take four days to plan a one day surveillance of a target and get approval for the operation all the way up to D.C. every time they do it!  And the CIA director investigation was held close to the vest?  Hell no.  No way. How stupid do they think we are…oh, wait a minute…they may have something here.

So now we have this summary.  Petraeus and Broadwell have an affair.  He talks to her. The Benghazi attack occur.  People are killed. We are run out of Benghazi. Obama didn’t do anything when he could, and now we may know why.  CIA had prisoners against the executive order.  CIA denies it, FOX has three sources confirming they did have detainees and dropped them off with the Libyans on the way out of town. It is a coverup. Petraeus went along with it.  Broadwell spilled the beans. The FBI got involved and is now stuck.  The FBI agent is under IA investigation because he sent shirtless photos to Kelly and ratted out the covert investigation to the Republicans. The Republicans didn’t know what to do with the information and sat on it. Petraeus is under investigation.  Allen is under investigation because he sent thousands of emails to Kelly- who is from Lebanon.  Kelly’s twin sister is an attorney that defends whistle-blowers. Broadwell is under investigation. Nobody told Congress.  And they claim that nobody informed Holder, Clapper or Obama- so they are the only innocent people in this mess.

And some producer of a YOUTUBE video is the only one in jail. Conveniently…

Sorry, calling bullshit and throwing the yellow flag.

What we know is the CIA was holding prisoners and supplying guns to the Syrian rebels with State’s approval and assistance.

They were abandoned during the attack because of these secrets and Obama’s normalization policies limiting security.

That is the scandal.  The rest is an attempt to bury it.

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