The Lebanese connection. Too convenient?

The Petraeus scandal has many, many layers. So many that much to my amusement the guys over at “THE FIVE” on FOX used a telestrator to run lines from this one to that one to show who was banging who and who was emailing who and who was sending shirtless pics of themselves to who (whom?) like they were describing a play on the NFL network analysis show!

Anyway, as we struggle to keep a straight face we are reminded by Paula Broadwell’s father this isn’t the real scandal. That all of this is not about sex, but about something else and that something else is going to come out.

I know what it is, Broadwell intentionally hinted about it in a speech that is all over the place now.  Obama knows, Holder knows, Petraeus knows.   The coverup was not just to cover up the bad policy issues with Libya but the CIA’s violation of Obama’s policies about detention and interrogation.  That is the “scandal” that everyone was trying to avoid.

Petraeus thought he was safe, and if not for the FBI agent going rogue and spilling the beans, he might have been. But sooner or later, Broadwell would have spoken out, much like she spoke out when she emailed Kelley saying for Kelley to cool her jets in Tampa.

What is going on?  I have a few theories.  First, Petraeus was being blackmailed by Obama’s people. It’s the Chicago Way and people, no matter how smart they think they are, have trouble swallowing the corruptive enormity that is this kind of politics.  Petraeus tried to protect himself, his family, legacy and his friend by playing ball. But then he goes to Benghazi on his own in late October to get the straight skinny.  Why?  To continue to lie? To really get the facts? Did he sense he was on borrowed time?

Second, Broadwell is protecting Petraeus in her own way by forcing everybody’s hand.  Either that or she is really just a nutty girl thinking it is all about her. I don’t really buy that, but the Richardson Rule could very well be in effect here.  Her contact with Kelley may have been an attempt to curtail Kelley’s contacts with Allen, Petraeus’ friend.  How much of his concerns did Petraeus  share with Broadwell?  Obviously she figured out from him or somebody the CIA had three detainees in Benghazi.  FOX confirmed that with the people there who said on the way out of town they turned those three over to Libyan government officials.

Notice NOBODY on the Left is even touching that piece of information.  Detaining terrorists is a violation of the 2009 Obama order.  Oh we do it, we just don’t talk about it or get caught with them.  Which might be another reason why nobody came to assist the annex when it was under attack.  If this were GWB’s administration they’d have to physically restrain Matthews with a straight jacket he’d be so worked up!

Like I said, many levels.

However, nobody is really talking about the two twins at the heart of this mess.  Kelley initiated the investigation.  It has managed to upset the military/CIA system pretty well. Was it intentional? Or did we stumble into something nobody is asking about.

Who are the two women? How did two Lebanese woman, born in Lebanon; a war torn, terrorist infested country slap-dab in the middle of the Middle East, right next to Israel, end up within the inner circle of what is Centcom based out of Tampa?  Centcom at one time controlled ALL of the military operations concerning the Middle East.  Which means the two women who held lavish parties for the military brass in Tampa were within earshot of the men and women who knew all about those decisions.

Helllloooo? Anybody wondering what I’m wondering? Maybe at the FBI?  That the emails between Petraeus and Broadwell are less important than the contacts the twins might have?  I’m not suggesting anything other than it seems awful convenient those two end up so close to a command that controls their original country’s fate.

Look to see if this doesn’t flesh out a little here.  It stinks.  And if I were the FBI I would be less concerned about pillow talk between two career military officers and more on the outside leaks.

Just saying…

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