Black Friday and the free ride mentality.

I posted a comment over at Gateway Pundit saying basically that seeing people rush to get free or discounted goods, often acting like animals and injuring others, should have been a harbinger for how many would vote.

We have really rocketed past America’s tipping point.  I don’t think anyone can pinpoint when exactly, just that it is most definitely in our nation’s rearview mirror.

Here was my comment.


Y’know. Every once in a while a light bulb goes on over my head. Not has often as when I was younger, but still a get a “click” and I get it.

We, including me, thought Romney had a chance to win. Why? Because we thought people in America had some sense of responsibility, restraint, understanding and willingness to do the right thing in the face of the opposition just handing out free crap for votes.

Had I thought for a second, I would have remember moments like the video we see, where people are pushing and shoving and harming each other- not for food or water- but for a phone.

And they think it okay human behavior and even proper. Nothing embarrassing about it to them.

And we thought we had a chance to get those people to vote for someone with self-restraint.

Idiots… not them, us.


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