Bob Costas misses the point, as do other ignorant commentators. It isn’t the gun that kills, it is the out of control culture.

Two stories make the point.  One, Bob Costas mimics another sport commentator as to the reason why Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend (not wife mind you, but the mother of his child- more to why I point this out later).  He claims it was the handgun.  That if Belcher didn’t have a handgun both is girlfriend and he would be alive.

I might accept an argument he would be alive, depending on his certainty to take his life, but she wouldn’t be.  People kill people by any number of methods. Guns make it easier, but they are not the sole cause of murder.  Actually, they are not the cause of any murder. The person pulling the trigger is the cause.  Just like the person pushing in the knife or swinging the club or or mowing people down with a car is the cause of the murder.

In a statement referencing Jason Whitlock’s opinion, Costas mentions this:

“Our current gun culture,”Whitlock wrote, “ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy and that more convenience-store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead.”

“Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions, and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows?”

“But here,” wrote Jason Whitlock,” is what I believe. If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

There are three basic flaws in this statement.

1. As I said, nothing would have saved Perkins if Belcher chose to end her life.  He ran his hand through a glass window, nearly severing his thumb, after another argument with another girlfriend in college.  Belcher had issues with anger and anger management.  Why?  Again, more to that later.

2. Both Costas and Whitlock refuse to voice the real reason young people, many, many of them black, kill each other without remorse.  Gun violence is not a trend, lethal violence between young people is.  But why?

3. Handguns do enhance our safety.  For every handgun killing there are a number of occasions where handguns save the lives of victims being attacked by violent criminals- many of them young men, and many of them angry, out of control, young black men like Belcher. The above article states guns are used thousands of times a year to protect people.

Ask yourself what if Perkins had a weapon to protect her and her baby when Belcher lost control?  He might have stopped attacking her, he might have fled, she may have been forced to use the weapon to save herself.  Guns are equalizers.  In the hands of the elderly, women and others who cannot stand up to an attacker outweighing them by a hundred pounds, guns can save lives. But not in Costas’ world.  Nope. In his world violent predators get free reign, except within his personal space which is protected by armed security.

So how can something that does good be bad? Because it isn’t the tool, it is the operator.  If people were to starting taking hammers to each other, would outlawing hammer be the answer to the outbreak of violence?  No, and at some level I have to believe Costas understands this.

Also, as the NY Post points out, Belcher was suffering from pain and injuries, including head injuries. Now, before I’ll jump on the newest, new bandwagon that concussions cause everything from Alzheimers to hang nails, I’ll say while pain isn’t a reason to lose control, but it can be a contributing factor.

However, many people suffer from chronic pain, not every one of them kills their loved one. So what is it? What makes Belcher and the kids Whitlock refers to so violent?

The answer is as simple as the Costas’ comments are simply idiotic.  While Costas goes for the easy out “it’s the guns” what he doesn’t talk about is how black teens are killing black teens into the hundreds and thousand every year over slights, minor thefts, gang wars and simply because they can.  And this phenomenon is not just limited to black kids or inner city kids, it crosses over to Hispanics, whites and kids of all backgrounds.

One would wonder why people like Costas do not bring up the overall environment of violence from movie to video games to neighborhood behavior.  Because Costas doesn’t want to be thought of as a racist.  But the truth is kids are killing kids because society has bred them to be able to do just that without thought, reflection or remorse.

And part of the reason is certain segments of our society are breaking down.  The Left in America has worked hard to remove God, family, fathers, responsibility, accountability and reason from our children’s lives.   After those things have been removed, how can anyone be surprised if the resulting culture is filled with kids who act like the characters in the book “Lord of the Flies?”

First, the Left has worked hard to remove religion from society. Good or bad, religion offers families and children a chance to study and reflect on things like what the meaning of their lives are, how to treat others, how to honor family and respect others.  Religion gives kids a chance to think about the fact there is something bigger out there than their own needs and desires.  You would be surprised how kids raised in a religious community react to conflict.  They understand their actions may have consequences beyond a specific event.  And that may make them think twice before doing something violent and unforgivable.

Second, the Left has redefined what is “family” including what role a father plays in it.  The downside to single motherhood- something hugely prevalent in the cultures which are so violent-is good fathers (not young men with bad habits making babies because they can) show young sons how to act.  By acting I mean how to deal with conflict, how to treat a woman, how to handle adversity and work hard for a living no matter what happens. That is something sorely missing in today’s society.  You can see almost immediately the difference between a kid raised without a father and one raised with a good one.

Of course we can’t broach that subject because the Left has managed to turn the discussion from why are fathers important into an insult of all single mothers out there who are trying to do right.  Those are two different points and frankly if you asked the average middle class single mother if she is enjoying the experience or if she would rather share the raising of her kids with a good man who loves her and does right by her and the kids, she’d pick the latter in a heartbeat- regardless of what the Left claims to be the truth.

And just a sure, the Left in government makes it harder for that woman to do just that by removing benefits she’s become accustom to in order to financially restrict her choices. (And they say Republicans are the bad guys…!)

Third, I feel like James “snakehead”  Carville when I say “It’s the culture stupid!”  The American culture is degrading.  The more we allow people to act out without responsibility or accountability the more we find ourselves surrounded by Charlie Manson wannabes.  It is all over the place.  In Chicago, more people were killed (all black youths I believe) in one weekend than in Afghanistan where a hundred thousand troops are fighting thousands of Taliban.  And they use artillery and attack helicopters over there!! Seriously, you’d think that would ring a warning bell even Whitlock and Costas could hear, but no. Their hearing and their minds are closed off to the obvious.

Whitlock talks about fights over loud stereos in parking lots. I’ve seen fights start over far less. I saw a kid get his brains kicked in over the direction his cap was tilted. It isn’t about theft or noise or even territory, it is about a perverted sense of demanding respect developed out of a twisted culture.  A good father explaining to his son that the mark of a man ISN’T shooting another kid over an insult would stop far more killings than removing guns from society.  As it was pointed out today to me by another person, “Heck they take my gun, are they going to take my knife next? Because that is my next choice in weapons.”

And that’s the point. In other violent countries death becomes commonplace.  Here, we are exploring creating a society where death has become a celebrity; rejoiced in video games, movies, television and accepted as a way to control old people, unborn children and the handicapped.   Removing guns from citizens won’t change those things.  However, keeping guns in the hands of citizens may very well save their lives when they are confronted with those who have lost their souls to the violence the Left promotes.

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  1. Roland Stearns says:

    And, if those 6 million Jewish folks [and probably a bunch of German citizens] hadn’t had all those guns, all that WWII violence might not have happened…ooops.

    Thanks for the continued great writing.


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