Kirstin Powers and my attempt to get through to one liberal.

I like the girl.  She and I may not agree on much, but her stances for the most part are well thought out and she has done a great deal of good work trying to keep Benghazi from being swept under the rug forever.

However, her statements on gun control are just off the mark.  I watched her on FOX Saturday with Judith Miller and was struck with the sheer lack of understanding of the situation at hand.   Now, I’ll grant some of what I saw is the female in her.  They are emotional creatures and the horror of the shootings in Newtown demand something be done to soothe the anguish. I get that part, but it doesn’t excuse the vast majority of other Leftists who want to use the killings as a catapult towards greater gun control.

In an effort to maybe make her think a little more I sent a long letter via email to her.  Hopefully, she’ll get something out of it.  I’ll post parts of it here.

As a detective, I spent my career dealing with the personalities that surround you and I.  To say bad guys are everywhere is a statement I could make to you, but you would simply be unable to grasp its significance. It is like saying there is the vacuum of outer space all around our world, but until you find yourself gasping for breath because of the lack of oxygen, you just don’t get it.  For example, we had a case years ago where two women, one a young teenager, were murdered.  It was obviously a crime of a sexual nature based on the body staging by the perp.  So our department gathered the list of known sexual offenders from the surrounding area.  One veteran detective, from your city of New York who had moved down to our department, said “I have never seen so many felons in one area at one time in my life, and I’m from New York!”

The point I’m making here is that crime and the potential of violent crime- the act that has not occurred yet but will because of the interacting factors- is inescapable.  I think one of the greatest difference between your type of person and my type of person is not intelligence or common sense or even ethical standards, it is one of experience and exposure.  You live in a bubble.  I and people like me created that bubble you live in.  It was my calling, my job, my love to protect people.  Hundreds of thousands of LEO’s are working every day to keep you safe inside that bubble where you and Judith can formulate ideas, secure in their validity, as long as the ideas remain inside the bubble. Many on the Left, who also occupy the bubble with you, use their secure location to demonize my people.  Why?  I have no earthly idea, except many of them are angry little individuals who also appear, frankly, a little stupid.  Y’know, not unintelligent, but that kind of stupid that makes you wonder how they manage to get from one end of a day to the other in one piece.  Paul Krugman comes to mind as do Geraldo (who by the way boasted about owning a 9mm semi-auto in the past), Michael Moore and most of Hollywood.  Also, I fear you also live in an echo chamber.  Be careful you aren’t simply hearing the same thing over and over. Remember, a bad idea doesn’t get better because it is repeated.

Getting to my point. You made a couple of statements which were incorrect, as did Judith.

First, there are a TON of reports and studies which do in fact link violent video games, movies and shows to violent acts, especially by younger bad guys.  In fact, if memory serves me there were a few that linked the act to the movie/game directly. (The recent mall shooting in Oregon may very well be another. His dress matched that of a popular military video game.)

So, please, as a police officer, who has watched two generations become desensitized because of societal pressures and changes in a child’s environment, don’t repeat that particular statement again. I’d hate to stick you in the Rosie O’Donnell/Quentin Tarantino camp!

Then there is the issue of trying to make gun owners bad guys because the of the acts of bad guys with guns.  The foolishness of “gun control.”

Back when I was working, we game planned the idea of protecting “soft targets” against domestic and foreign terror attacks in order to see if there was a way to stop them.  We stopped at hundreds of targets in a our city alone we considered “soft”. Far too many to protect.  Which meant we would simply end up responding to the aftermath of the crime.  So what can be done to get in front of the attack?  Simple.  Arm the citizenry.  Just as Thomas Jefferson pointed out:

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

Sometimes you can tell a person’s agenda or opinion by what they accept or what they refuse to accept as facts.  In the case of gun control, those who would want to regulate it somehow ignore the uncomfortable fact that as we speak there are over a hundred million weapons of all kinds in America and ten times that in ammunition and magazines.  So, to pass an “assault weapons” ban (whatever a politician claims is an assault weapon) is a fool’s errand.  You have to see this.  So the reality is passing a law won’t stop another killing. In fact, as the NRA states and I agree, all it will do is make criminals out of law abiding citizens.  What did I do, you do, Steve Hayes, Geraldo do or the people you grew up with do to be cast in that light?


Yet, as the Loughner’s, Holmes’ and Lanza’s and half of the gangs in Chicago commit crimes, nobody wants to talk about the real issues that cause it, they only want to make us the bad guys.

This is almost akin as that old and horrible belief that led to people saying that the way a rape victim was dressed was a reason for the rape as in “she deserved it.”  We are lawful gun owners so we “deserve” your disdain and that of your friends? Worse, if you outlaw guns you will simply reverse the Fast and Furious operation by creating a black market of gun smuggling, this time the Mexicans would be sneaking weapons to Americans. (nope, didn’t miss the irony of that)

So how do we stop violent crime if the tool is simply not the answer?  We can’t. That is the hard truth. And as the Left in America keeps pushing a world full of no accountability for your actions, it is going to get worse.

If we can’t stop it, all we can do is control it.  We can change our society so that violence is not acceptable from birth on.  That would mean challenging a First amendment and no more Jamie Foxx movies or Jason Bourne characters, not to mention half the senseless slasher movies. (Which by the way, if you have ever seen a real human slashed from stem to stern, you’d not be so eager to hit the “play” button on the DVD. It is an ugly, brutal, horrific scene.)

In the case of schools and other “soft targets” as we call them in law enforcement, it completely befuddles me why politicians, police administrations and bureaucrats just don’t do what is effective- and cost effective- which is to harden the target.  Have you ever wondered about the fact you can’t get into a courthouse in this nation without walking through a metal detector manned by armed guards in order to protect bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians and judges, yet those same people send their kids, by the thousands sometimes, to a building that is not secure?  I mean if I had a choice I’d spend the money protecting the kids first, right?

Simply put the solution to the problem with violent crime isn’t attacking a tool, but fixing the causes of the violence, as most Americans with at least two brain cells have  figured out.  We need to realize a society which encourages and rewards violence and unaccountability is going to reap exactly that.  We’ve suffered two generations or more of the liberal/progressive agenda and what do we have to show for it?  Crime, violence, desensitization of our children, random violence, insane people wandering the streets and debt.

Good job assw**es.  Good job.

Yeah, it’s the guns.


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  1. Roland Stearns says:

    Hello, Archer52,

    Hope I’ve got your addition system down. I’m not always dumb, but “add'” can still mean something else, including what is implied by other sites as rewriting in a box, a separate “6” and “0”.

    Anyway, well said – all of your recent [gun control] statements.

    Including the “jeeez”.

    However I’d also add that my fellow professors, whom I’m leaving next spring for an impoverished semi-retirement, haven’t been made to see the connection between their delusional dreams of “just do something and everyone will live happily ever after”.

    The symptoms I see are trapped in the self-contained *and mortal* vessel that is the living person [or any other living entity]. If we just fix that mortality, we’ll all be a bit more immortal, so goes the deluded, moronic hi-IQ non-logic. The curse is that when things get so “comfortable”, enough meat comes in enough cellophane-wrapped trays at the supermarket, and we can generate enough self-righteous disdain for something horrible like school attacks, then we can also dream ourselves into a short term “fix” – doesn’t matter that our imagination can’t roam back to what it was like to be Jewish and defenseless in nazi-Germany, Armenian in Turkey in the last two centuries or a Chinese during the Japanese Nanking rape. Etc., etc., etc.

    Therein lies the complete fallacy of such intellectual “Dreams of My Immortality”. There is, in truth, too often an inverse proportion between IQ and reality because that IQ is trapped in a mortal vessel with no power of character to question its own fallibility while wishing secretly for some vague immortality that can never exist. So they take the easy way out and propose to control ONLY those who might let them get away with it, and in doing so, somehow a miracle will happen and we’ll all be “fixed” and live happily ever after [when what they really can’t admit is their built-in lust simply for power to control others, which also gives a certain sense of personal immortality via that “power”].

    I’d say, “Jeeez”, but prefer, “Sheesh”, so, sheeesh.


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