Why do we expect those in authority to police themselves? Especially here and now. The Benghazi cover up.

It’s been going on for a long time. Had Romney won we may have gotten a straighter story, but you can be assured there were two versions, two drafts if you will, in the mix when the people put in charge of the review were investigating what happened.  Now that Obama is back in, the second cleaner version is going to be released.  What was the conclusion of the “cleaned” version?  Things went wrong…but nobody is at fault.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The leaders of an independent panel that blamed systematic State Department management and leadership failures for gross security lapses in the deadly Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya will explain their findings to Congress on Wednesday.

The two most senior members of the Accountability Review Board are set to testify behind closed doors before the House and Senate foreign affairs committees on the classified findings of their harshly critical report.

An unclassified version released late Tuesday said serious bureaucratic mismanagement was responsible for the inadequate security at the mission in Benghazi where the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed.

“Systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department resulted in a Special Mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place,” the panel said.

Despite those deficiencies, the board determined that no individual officials ignored or violated their duties and recommended no disciplinary action. But it also said poor performance by senior managers should be grounds for disciplinary recommendations in the future.

How do I know this is bullhockey?  Clinton agreed with all twenty-nine suggestions on how to make things better.  Did not disagree with one.  Not one. Do you mean she ran a ship so shoddy that things akin to saying “Remember to put the drain plug in the hole before launching.” didn’t even make her flinch? This means her famous “I take full responsibility.” statement is now obviously a lie.  Apparently, we didn’t hear the second statement after the first when she mumbled “If you can catch me!”

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was to have appeared at Thursday’s hearing but canceled after fainting and sustaining a concussion last week while recovering from a stomach virus that dehydrated her. Clinton is under doctors’ orders to rest.

In a letter that accompanied the transmission of the report to Capitol Hill, Clinton thanked the board for its “clear-eyed, serious look at serious systemic challenges” and said she accepted all of its 29 recommendations to improve security at high-threat embassies and consulates.

She said the department had already begun to implement some of the recommendations. They include increasing by several hundred the number of Marine guards stationed at diplomatic missions throughout the world; relying less on local security forces for protection at embassies, consulates and other offices; and increasing hiring and deployment of highly trained Diplomatic Security agents at at-risk posts.

Duh! Something as basic as “Hey you really should think of actually protecting your ambassador while he’s in enemy territory.” should have immediately called for a serious “WTF!!” reaction.  Instead, it is “Oh gosh, you are right. We should have.  Darned it.  I knew I forgot to do something before I left.  I thought it was turn off the kitchen light. Oh well…”

Will we get to the bottom of Benghazi?  Several Congressmen think not.  One is complaining he can’t even talk to the people who were actually there in the fight. Those are the ones who would shed light on the process, the memos, the policies AND what actually happened during the firefight.  That is criminal in my opinion.  Hiding witnesses is a crime, it’s called obstruction and the House  should remind Obama of that fact.  But then again, this is the same administration who sent a F&F witness to the Philippines on a highly paid second job and another to the deserts of the Middle East in order to make sure they couldn’t  cooperate with Congress.

Seriously, can you imagine Nixon just telling Congress, “Look guys, whatever, y’know.  Nobody from my side is talking to anyone on your side so good luck with your investigation into that burglary!”  Man, has the politics changed!

The same administration was handed a case regarding the potential unlawful access to the Bin Laden files by movie producers.  They have been sitting on it.  Frankly, I don’t care.  This is like a man wondering if the air pressure in his tires are low while his car is engulfed in flames!

Pentagon investigators concluded that a senior Defense Department official who’s been mentioned as a possible candidate to be the next CIA director leaked restricted information to the makers of an acclaimed film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and referred the case to the Justice Department, according to knowledgeable U.S. officials.

The Justice Department received the case involving Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers in September, but so far it’s declined to launch a criminal prosecution, said two senior U.S. officials who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

The case involved a determination by investigators of the Pentagon’s inspector general’s office that Vickers provided the makers of the film “Zero Dark Thirty” with the restricted name of a U.S. Special Operations Command officer who helped plan the May 2, 2011, raid on bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan, one official said.

The identities of special forces personnel can be classified in certain circumstances and making them public is against the law, according to experts.

Vickers, a former Army special forces operator and onetime CIA paramilitary officer, is the top intelligence adviser to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and oversees the Pentagon’s vast intelligence operations. He’s been frequently mentioned as a candidate to replace retired Army Gen. David Petraeus as CIA director.

Look Vickers was following orders, just like the people at State. They all knew better, they just didn’t care.  They were told to do something by an administration run by people who are either unqualified or corrupted by ideology or both.  Believe me, I’ve been where Vickers was.  Knowing better but ordered to do it.  It’s a tough place.

Nothing will happen to him. All of this will fade away as the issues of budgets and deadlines and cliffs and gun control take center stage. If you don’t strike while the iron is hot, you are going to miss the window.  It is that simple.  Which means all of this will fade.

And the clowns continue to perform.

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