Trying to beat a square peg into a round hole. In the case of Afghanistan it can be dangerous.

I have a buddy over there doing the same job as the guy who was shot to death.  Scary.  How does this happen?  Simple, we are dealing with a culture as foreign to us in the terms of normalcy as earth is to the far side of the moon.

  A Georgia man working as a contractor to the NATO police mentoring program in Afghanistan was identified Monday as the victim of the latest suspected “green on blue” attack by an Afghan officer.

DynCorp International said the shooting victim was one of its employees, Joseph Griffin, 49, of Mansfield, Ga. A veteran of the U.S. military, he served in various U.S.-based law enforcement positions over the years as well as in support of the company’s global training and mentoring programs, the statement said. In his most recent assignment, he was supporting the Afghan Ministry of Interior and National Police.

Griffin was allegedly shot and killed by an Afghan policewoman in the capital, Kabul, authorities said.

If confirmed as another insider killing, Monday’s attack would appear to be the first time that a woman serving in Afghanistan’s security forces has turned a gun against a member of the Western coalition.

The city’s deputy police chief, Mohammad Daoud Amin, identified the suspect as a three-year veteran of the force who serves in the gender rights department, but said it was not clear whether the shooting was intentional. The woman is in police custody and an investigation is underway, he said.A statement from the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization force confirmed the incident, saying one of its contracted civilian employees died after being shot by “a woman wearing an Afghan police uniform.”

A sharp increase this year in insider killings, also known as green-on-blue attacks, has eroded trust between Afghan and NATO forces as they try to contain the Taliban insurgency ahead of the withdrawal of most international troops by the end of 2014.

My buddy says the people he works with are good guys.  But he is also very much aware of just how screwed up their mindset and culture are. In fact, his initial opinion of them was they were the dumbest most incurious people he’d ever met- and he’s from the hills of Arkansas and Tennessee!

We can’t fix these people until they decide they want to be fixed.

And I’m not holding my breath.

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