The blogger who published the newspaper employees information speaks out and hammers CNN.

The take away here is that the people at CNN think they can abuse you for whatever they feel is justified, but if you abuse them you are a bad guy. I guess they think they are above us in some manner.  Although I’ll argue they are not above us in ethics, principle, intelligence, honesty or morals.  Here is the exchange.

I think the man did a very good job twisting the knickers of the CNN hosts.  One poster at the website made a good point.


“I would have responded with the question, “how many of you defended the gun owners’ right to privacy from having their names and addresses published?”  Then you can follow that one up with, “is it ideology or incompetence that drives you?”

I dont see any problem with what he did.  The left set the rules, he was just playing by them.”


 Here is the map showing the Journal’s employees. The blogger is adding to them as he goes along.  Major newspapers across the world have picked up on this.  The question CNN asked is what he hoped to gain by this act.

I think the answer is now obvious.  He wanted to gain their attention and perhaps modify the behavior of others by spanking them a little. Just like you do with all unruly children, which can describe today’s MSM.

I’ve advocated for a long time to punch back at the abuses we suffer from the MSM or politicians.  I suggested we photograph our politicians in public, legally and with respect of course, especially if they are abusing something. Seriously, how many are having dinner with some bigwig lobbyist we should know about?

No longer should they be above the law.  Our founding fathers believed once our leaders felt superior to the average citizen our Republic would be threatened.

I agree.

And it seems that the blogger isn’t done quite yet as he has requested, under the FOIA, the entire request process by the paper for the permit holders, which by the way, is apparently illegal according to at least one New York expert.

UPDATE 12/28 1:30 PM:

Readers have provided enough information to put Alex Weisler, Hema Easley, Frank A. Becerra, Jr and Jonathon Bandler on the map which now has 26 names. Make that 27 names, I just added Steve Lieberman after a reader showed I needed to edit Nancy Cutler and Lieberman.

Today, based on popular demand, I made the following FOIL request to the County Clerk’s in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties.

Dear Mr. Clerk,

This is a public records request.

I would like to obtain a copy of the FOIL request made by the Journal News on through which they obtained information on pistol permit, any follow up communications with them regarding that request as well as any documents they obtained under FOIL. If they filed any sort of litigation to obtain additional information (e.g. an Article 78, etc.) I would like to obtain that as well. If this is a matter of forwarding some emails I would consider that an acceptable fill of my request.

Where possible I would like records in electronic format. If possible, I would like the electronic documents converted into standard Microsoft Office format (Word, Excel, etc.). I would like all communications including the delivery of documents to take place via email as much as is possible based on the nature of the available records.. I would like the Records Access Officer to certify that the records are genuine. If the documents only exist in paper form I am willing to pay. If the cost of converting the documents to a standard electronic format or making photos copies exceeds $20.00 I would like prior notification of the estimated cost to comply with this records request.


Robert Cox
Managing Editor

Good job.


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