And then there is OMG UGLY- Rush’s rule on liberal women is still in effect.

From Gateway, which will be getting the bill from my eye doctor after repairing the damage!


UNITED STATES – Jan 3 : Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT., wore her Sunday Best to the Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sponsored photo opportunity with the Democratic women of the House to highlight the historic diversity of the House Democratic Caucus in the 113th Congress and celebrate the increased number of women joining the Democratic Caucus on January 3, 2013. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Here were my comments.  Add yours.

OMG- Will someone tell that poor woman they aren’t making anymore Harry Potter movies, so the witch casting is cancelled??

Here’s another thought. Can you see a doctor at a seminar with this photo telling his fellow urologists. “And as you can see, we’ve solved the problem of the rare but embarrassing side effect of Viagra. It seems when a man comes in with the four hour issue, we show him this and miraculously the problem goes away. Immediately I might add. Now of course, as it usually happens, this solution causes other side effects- like night terrors, insomnia and an irrational fear of hobgoblins and banshees. Weird huh…”

Or we could use her face for the PSA commercial.

“Warning Meth kills, or worse makes you look like this.”


“Somewhere out there is a train sitting on the dirt road with a confused and frightened engineer.”


“I thought they were little gray people with no intention of harming us, just studying our species!”


“This may explain the whole unreasonable drive by the Left to allow transvestites a normal place in society!”


“Even transvestites are saying ‘Girlfriend you are ugggllllyy!! Wear a hood baby, wear a hood!”

“Even Duece Bigelow is going to pass on this one.”


“Well as Sherlock Holmes has said, you can deduce facts from the evidence you observe. In this case, I can deduce from what I’m seeing her husband is blind. Maybe not initially, but much like in the of Al Bundy seeing Peg’s naked mother.

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