The animals among us. Video of kids laughing about raping a girl. And you’d be surprised who they are.

When your daughter wants to run around, going to parties with her friends, claiming she is safe, take the time to show her  this video.  Maybe she’ll understand just how worried we are as parents when we can’t keep an eye on our kids.  The truth is this kind of behavior may have always been among us, but never at this level or frequency.  The number of party rapes that occur would make most parents lock the front door, screw shut their daughter’s windows and stand in the front yard, shotgun at the ready if they knew the truth.

We have raised kids without morals, ethics, God, or societal restrictions.  And we wonder why they act and think like animals.

CBS) In August, the family of a 16-year-old girl accused multiple Steubenville, Ohio, high school students of raping her while she was passed out during a night of pre-football-season partying.

Two Steubenville High School football players have been indicted for rape, and the case is set to go to trial in February. But on Wednesday, a video appeared online that depicts teenage males who appear to be joking about details of the alleged rape.

The nearly 13-minute video posted on YouTube consists mostly of one teenage male hysterically laughing as he entertains an unseen cameraman and others in the room with remarks such as “They raped her harder than that cop raped Marcellus Wallace in ‘Pulp Fiction’,” and, “They raped her quicker than Mike Tyson raped that one girl.”

The New York Times reported last month that photos of the alleged rape victim were posted on social media. In one, according to the paper, the girl “is shown looking unresponsive as two boys carry her by her wrists and ankles.”

The case has generated controversy partly because it has been playing out online, and partly because in Steubenville, where the high school football team is a source of great civic pride, the Times reports that some say the incident is an example of the perils inherent in granting teen athletes special stature.

Multiple versions of the video were posted on YouTube on Jan. 2. A group of hackers called KnightSec, who claim affiliation with Anonymous, say they have collected and posted information about the students accused in the attack – as well as those they believe shot and appeared in the video. In an online message, the group threatened to release what they compiled, “unless all accused parties come forward by new years day and issue a public apology to the girl and her family.”

The video, which has more than 100,000 total views, appears to have been recorded on the night of the incident. One male recalls seeing the girl vomit, and more than one of the males refer to “that girl” as being drunk. So drunk, apparently, that the teen on whose face the video camera is focused cracks himself up joking that she is “so dead.”

“She is deader than Trayvon Martin,” he laughs, referring to the Florida teen killed in February 2012.

The teen also makes remarks implying that he may have witnessed at least some of the incident: “You didn’t see how they carried her out,” he says. And: “They peed on her, that’s how you know she’s dead.”

And also: “She is so raped right now.”

Well, as my friends know, if this had happened to my daughter every one of the kids involved would be deceased by now.  I wouldn’t care if some liberal said they could somehow find the error of their ways and go on to live a good life.  I wouldn’t care if some lawyer claimed they were pressured to repeatedly rape an unconscious young girl.  Wouldn’t care.  There are some crimes, some acts that cannot be forgiven or justified.

I’ll do my best to follow up on the outcome and see how many of these intelligent young men, fully aware of their act, actually go to jail for a long time.

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