Bill Whittle from Afterburner points out what we all know. They are above the laws, we are under them.

Nice video.

Whittle is brilliant in his ability to point out things we tend to forget, like it is the responsibility of the Congress to do, well, congressional duties- like pass a budget every year.  We’ve allowed the “Cardinals” of government to simply ignore their constitutional duties in a manner that would have caused earlier generations of leaders to be shunned and thrown from office.

Not any more.  As Whittle points out they pass laws, thousands  day throughout the land, of which we are all in violation of in some manner or form, while our “leaders” refused to follow even the most demanding and obvious. And we let them get away with it because either we like being taken care of or it is just to complicated for the average dumbed down citizen.  I guess as long as the checks keep coming, the stocks are up and the food reasonable (higher but still affordable) and gas can be pumped at our local station, then what do we care. Besides there are plenty of channels now with plenty of silly shows we can watch that would make the “bread and circuses” folks in the Roman era simply swoon in admiration.  I mean, do we REALLY care who the next idol is, or who survives on the island, or what the Kardashians are doing?  Really?

Truckers, preppers, moonshiners and pawn shops?  Really?

It is a dangerous time folks, unlike anything we’ve seen for a hundred years.  Why do we think the people in charge, like Geithner for example, are really that good, safe, smart or ethical?

Troubling times are ahead. Thank God the House of Representatives has some good people still in it.  We lose that and following two years would be a nightmare.

BTW- watched a little of FOX Sunday.  Why is it that nobody demands the Left give an example of the 1.2 trillion Obama saved, or  point out Feinstein’s bill demands confiscation of all weapons in a generation?

Don’t let them lie.

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