An example of what drives us crazy. Another “double standard” from the MSM. We use kids- bad. Obama uses kids- good.

You can’t make it up.

Obama surrounds himself with kids to push the anti-gun (full of lies) agenda.  That’s okay.  The NRA points out Obama’s kids, Gregory’s kids and others have security where they go to school, but MOST of the Left doesn’t want the same security in our kids’ schools.   And we know, unlike some liberals who can’t count, that idea isn’t a zero sum gain situation. It isn’t like if we get security it is taken from Obama’s family.  There are plenty of retired cops, including me, who would happily work for a decent wage protecting schools- and we’d be very good at it.

Yet, the MSM goes nuts.

Norah O’Donnell barely contained her contempt for NRA president David Keene during an interview on Thursday’s CBS This Morning. O’Donnell confronted Keene over a new ad that ripped President Obama’s support of gun control and referenced the armed Secret Service protection for Sasha and Malia Obama: “The NRA put out this ad in which you mentioned the President’s kids….Why is it not off-bounds to use the President’s kids or anybody’s kids in a political ad?

Keene tried to explain the intent behind the ad, but the anchor interrupted him mid-answer. The outrage in her voice was unmistakable

DAVID KEENE: The ad was not about the President’s kids. The ad was about the fact that the President’s children-

NORAH O’DONNELL: Let me stop you right there, David, because I looked at the ad again this morning. I read through the transcript. You actually mentioned the President’s kids three times! Three times!

KEENE: Of course, we did, and we also had pictures of a number of other people, including David Gregory and others who send their children to schools that have protection, and derive the idea that average citizen’s children should be protected. That was our point. Our point is not about the President’s kids. It’s not about his kids – it’s about everybody else’s kids. We think that one of the most important things we can do is provide security to the children of America, and we don’t think that’s an inappropriate message. Despite all of the attention on the NRA ad, O’Donnell didn’t once bring up how President Obama surrounded himself with schoolchildren during his Thursday press conference on gun control. She also failed to mention a new online video game that lets users simulate assassinating Keene.

Or the fact that the White House is now allowing children to read letters on video so they can be released to the public.  Anybody else just a little uncomfortable out there?

 After trotting out young children as the backdrop for his gun control rollout yesterday, the White House released videos today of young children reading anti-gun letters to the camera. “No guns, no guns, no guns, no guns!” pleads one little girl, Hinnah. “My opinion is it should be very hard for people to buy guns,” says little Julia. “It’s a free country, but I recommend there needs to be a limit with guns,” says little Grant. “I thought I would write to you to stop gun violence,” reads little Taejah.

It was already despicable for Obama to exploit children as a backdrop for his political posturing, implying that his opposition on useless gun control laws somehow cares less about children. Now he’s taken the next step, trotting children out as spokespeople for his agenda.

This was a favorite tactic of Mao and his cultural revolution. Understand, to people like him chaos and fear and accusations are tools.  Read and ask yourself if this sounds familiar.

I often say one of the toughest things to do is see how bad something is while being caught in the middle of it.  It’s like being in the maelstrom, ducking debris and trying to survive, unable to get back far enough from the storm to see just how big it is.  Obama and his people understand this weakness. Mao understood this weakness.

Wake up folks, it is getting  creepy right in front of your face.

I want to know if anyone on the Right will take a video player with them the next time they are with Norah and spend a few minutes making her listen. Just for fun of course, she’s too far gone to save.

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