Why do they hate guns so much? Simple, they want to stay on the inside. Guns threaten that. Schieffer’s “Nazi” comment.

 Bob Schieffer isn’t very bright, or he lives in a bubble, or he just wants to remain on the inside.  In any event, this is just stupid.

BOB SCHIEFFER: …Let’s remember: there was considerable opposition when Lyndon Johnson went to the Congress and…presented some of the most comprehensive civil rights legislation in the history of this country. Most people told him he couldn’t get it done, but he figured out a way to do it. And that’s what Barack Obama is going to have to do…what happened in Newtown was probably the worst day in this country’s history since 9/11. We found Osama bin Laden. We tracked him down. We changed the way that we dealt with that problem. Surely, finding Osama bin Laden; surely, passing civil rights legislation, as Lyndon Johnson was able to do; and before that, surely, defeating the Nazis, was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby.

Schieffer then lobbied for the Democratic politician to do everything in his power to get stricter gun control passed, as bluntly outlined the apparent stakes for the country:

SCHIEFFER: This is a turning point in this country, and the President is going to have to do more than just make a speech about it. This is one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard him deliver, but it’s going to take more than that from the White House. He’s going to have to get his hands dirty. He’s going to have to get in there and – and work this problem until he gets it done. But unless we figure out a way to make sure that something like Newtown never happens again, we’re not the country that we once were. I think we still are. I think there’s hope. I think something’s going to happen here.

Many of us knew if Obama won a second term, he’d go after the guns. So did Mitt Romney who tried to warn the voters, many of whom were gun owners but chose to stay home or vote for Obama.  A kind of chickens/home/roosting thing- if you get my drift. Fast and Furious was all about finding a “reason” to do so, because the facts of gun violence and gun crimes flew in the face of the public argument the Left makes that gun violence was out of control in America.  The facts are that the level of gun violence is falling, so Obama decided to manufacture a crisis by having the ATF sell guns to the Mexican cartels (On a side note, seriously folks why isn’t someone in jail over this????)

Newton did what Aurora could not, it got the attention of the public, and Obama and his people pounced.  Now the truth is most Americans get the fact that laws cannot stop bad behavior, that it is a cultural social issue.  Rick Perry put it best in a press release.

“The Vice President’s committee was appointed in response to the tragedy at Newtown, but very few of his recommendations have anything to do with what happened there.

“Guns require a finger to pull the trigger. The sad young man who did that in Newtown was clearly haunted by demons and no gun law could have saved the children in Sandy Hook Elementary from his terror.

“There is evil prowling in the world – it shows up in our movies, video games and online fascinations, and finds its way into vulnerable hearts and minds. As a free people, let us choose what kind of people we will be. Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help. Above all, let us pray for our children.

“In fact, the piling on by the political left, and their cohorts in the media, to use the massacre of little children to advance a pre-existing political agenda that would not have saved those children, disgusts me, personally. The second amendment to the Constitution is a basic right of free people and cannot be nor will it be abridged by the executive power of this or any other president.”

Exactly.  Yet, why can’t Bob Schieffer and other see that? Do they really sit at home and say the same things they say on television that keeps them employed and “relevant” in the MSM? Do they turn to their wives or husbands and actually wonder why there is so much crime in cities like Chicago or Oakland?  It is really a mystery?  Can they really argue “Well if there were no guns there would be no crime!” while statistics from Britain are coming in showing a phenomenal increase in violent crime directly linked to the disarming of the general population?

The hard truth, the one I would confront Schieffer with by saying, “Bob, if Chicago, Oakland and D.C. have tough gun laws yet suffer more gun violence than can be imagined can you identify what common factor exists in those cities that may actually cause the violence?  Can you Bob, on your politically correct program? Tick-tock, ten seconds Bob.  If it will help it is the same problem facing the Brits now. Anything? Cat got your tongue?”

It is all about demographics.  Why is one town quiet and another full of violence when all other things are equal?  You HAVE TO look at the people there.  Who are they? Where did they come from? What do they believe in? What kind of culture do they live in? What are their principles, their values, their behavior.

After you take a good hard look you’ll come to the conclusion that violence is not about guns, it is about humans, and some simply are dangerous to the rest of society, and they eagerly embrace that role! On article I read indicated that there were between 64,000 and 150,000 gang members in Oakland!  That is a potential membership that equals six to fifteen DIVISIONS of troops in the military!  Another more politically sensitive article indicated there are more likely 2,000 gang members, mostly blacks and Hispanics, in the city.  Every article stated the police had no idea how to control it.  Even though they continue to try, or at least appear to try.

Guess what Einsteins, your tipping point passed you decades ago.  You aren’t controlling anything, they are controlling you.

If you want an immediate impact on gun violence I suggest employing a technique made famous by the Saudi justice system.

Chop off their hands.  Or maybe just their fingers. (Maybe leave their pinky fingers.  Seriously, how accurately could they shoot their pistols with their pinkies? And it would leave them a finger to pick their nose, snort coke or scratch their butts with.  I’m nothing but a kind person if you get to know me… .)

Trust me, the level of gun violence would plummet.

But we can’t have that honest debate can we?

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