Feinstein, gun control and why aren’t they asking the obvious? How does gun free in 25yrs mean safe now?

Diane Feinstein is a living example of how the truth no longer matters.  Her new attempt at registering and removing weapons from the hands of law abiding citizens is so filled with lies and distortions it actually stings a little to try and work your way through it.

Lie #1: This is about saving lives of children today.

Nothing could farther from the truth. Her own design flies in the face of the statement.  She says she wants no FURTHER ownership of guns, but those in our possession can be kept- if registered.  If I own it, and someone steals it and uses it in a crime, how does anything she did stop anything that happened?  The truth is it does not. Here is more exemptions. (NOTICE she separates people who she may call on to enforce the rules- and she wants on her side- as a classic “don’t complain, you’re not affected” deal. Y’know the “first they came for the socialists and I did not speak out..” kind of thing.)

Why do they ( the Cardinals) think that works anymore?  Just saying… Oh yeah, sorry.

Lie #2: Registration does not lead to confiscation.  Yeah, right.  Show me a case where that promise was EVER kept by government!  I’ll show you dozens where it wasn’t.  Besides she is very open in her goal. Elimination of guns totally in twenty years, about the time the nation goes under financially…maybe?? Remember, part of the goal is to stop the transfer of ownership.  Registered weapons will be tracked.  Fail to allow the tracking YOU become the criminal!  Nice.  Maybe you’ll be assaulted and arrested by the above mentioned exempt group as a felony violator.  Good hopes for the future… .

Lie#3: These weapons must be eliminated because they are used in crime all the time.  Not true.   “Assault” weapons, as the ignorant call them, don’t exist much in the real world.  They are illegal in most cases and severely regulated and owned by a few people.  Semi-auto rifles are common, into the millions, but are used less than two percent of the time to commit crime.  Fists and feet are far more common, do I feel the government should ban your Nikes?  Pistols are used.  But so are sticks, clubs, vehicles, bricks and knives.  They are tools to achieve an end to a goal. If a criminal wants to harm you, he’ll use what is available to do just that. I’ve worked cases involving people being run over, stabbed, shot, beaten, kicked to death and strangled.  Killing people isn’t that hard.

Admittedly, guns do make the task easier, but they also allow for a weaker person to protect themselves.  This really is the key here.  If a two hundred pound man attacks someone the size of Diane Feinstein and she isn’t surrounded by a security detail, her options are limited. She can be very good at self defense, after years of training (something not likely).  She can fend off the attacker and scream for help hoping for rescue, but that will last only a minute or two at best. She can attempt some kind of less than lethal method, like pepper spray- but that is of limited effectiveness against a dedicated attacker.  Or she can submit to the attack and hope the attacker is only after her purse or forced sex or something else less than lethal. Or she can get killed.

What she cannot do is stand up against a person outweighing her by a seventy pounds who is twice as strong and hope to survive the encounter.

That only works in movies.

And that is where guns come in.  There is an old saying, “GOD created man, Samuel Colt made them equal.”  So why not just give women and the weak Colt revolver?  Won’t that be enough? No.

Lie #4: Handguns stop bad guy with one shot.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bullets are a high speed small knife wounds. IF they hit a vital area- outside the head and spine- the subject hit will die of blood loss or maybe suffocation (if it is a double lung hit). What the suspect won’t do is die quickly in a dramatic fashion as seen on the big screen.  He’ll be quite functional for a long time.  This is why police and the military are trained to shoot until the threat has stopped. Now pay attention, not dead- just stopped.  You can break the spine with a very lucky shot and the suspect will fall, but he won’t necessarily be dead.  So when shooting a bad guy, like the burglar in Georgia, you may have to shoot him multiple times.  If you have five shots in your gun or even seven, you may find yourself out of luck. In fact, in this case, she shot him- at point blank range- five times and he managed to get in his car and drive away before crashing.  Do you think he could have had the strength to grab her and stab her?  (BTW- extensive criminal history according to one report.  Duh…I mean really sometimes. We all know Diane will never meet a guy like this on the street or in her house. Just saying..)

With that lie comes the other- bad guys come in bunches of one. As a veteran detective I can assure you thieves and criminals do not travel alone. They like buddies and co-workers and sharing the effort just like you.  You can assume that if you see one there is another one around there somewhere. Which brings you to the issue of magazine capacity.   Frankly, seven in a pistol won’t cut it.  You won’t hit anyone with most of the rounds you are firing under stress, that is just human nature.  So you’ll need more than seven to effectively stop the threat, and if there are two bad guys, simple addition demands that you may need fourteen rounds, like in most Glocks, modern semi-auto pistols and rifles carry.

So I ask Diane Feinsten, as she lives surrounded by security and owning a gun, why she wants a regular female to not have the same level of protection or even a chance at it.

I was talking for a long time with my daughter about the original intent of the founding fathers, which was to have people in government live in the world they were governing.  If a member of the House knew he was going home in two years he would be hesitant to pass laws under which he would feel abused. In the Senate, the assumption was the same, only after a longer period. In addition, all members of the early Congress had other business interests.  They were not paid to be career politicians. Diane Feinstein and the other Cardinals will never live under their own rule. They’ll be exempt- sadly. This makes their actions suspect at best and frankly criminal at the worst.

I argue Feinstein’s security and weapons should be stripped from her and she be sent out into the world, the world she wants, facing the dangers we face every day, just like she is asking for many of her fellow female citizens.

And I wish her good luck with that. Give her a month of worrying, as she shuffles around the streets, just how dangerous it is.  Or could it be secretly she knows and is in fear of this.

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