A bad man in a powerful place can do great harm.

I said this to my then partner, a MENSA bright fellow who gets few things wrong.  This he got wrong. I said this to him in 2008 when Obama won.  He dismissed him because he was limited in power by Congress and the Courts.  We’ve seen how that worked out.  Over the years, his cavalier attitude towards the man began to sour.  He won’t admit it, but I was right.

But how can he be so bad. Simple, he has influence. He gives liberals and other idiots the strength and fortitude to do stupid things. He goes after guns, New York passes a stupid law.  Local agencies arrest people for crimes they did not do, as the tide of anti-gun efforts continue to roll in.  Here is an example:


Police have arrested a Colerain man after he posted a photo of himself on Facebook holding his 1-year-old daughter and a BB gun.

Domonic Gaines, 22, was arrested after the incident which occurred at his home on Suliner Drive Sunday.

According to reports, police initially believed that Gaines was holding a handgun in the photo. However, police say the gun in question turned out to be a BB gun.

The photo depicted Gaines holding his daughter, Paradise Gaines, along with the BB gun. Police say that the close proximity of the gun to the child created a substantial risk of physical harm.

Police say they found the BB gun at the residence after the arrest was made.

“It’s really been blown out of proportion,” said Gaines’ father, Wilson Dykes.

Dykes claims that it was the baby’s maternal grandmother who saw the photo and called the police.

Gaines was arraigned on Monday morning on Child Endangerment charges. He’s being held without bond in the Hamilton County Jail.

Now I don’t know the idiot’s criminal history and he may have needed to take the ride, BUT the reality is what crime did he commit?  He posed with his kid and a BB gun. Now BB guns are lethal?  Not hardly.  So again what did he do that was illegal?  Stupid, yes. Illegal? And in jail without bond, much like the video producer involved in the Benghazi coverup.

This is how a totalitarian society works.  The leader sets a precedent and all those trying to win his favor and influence follow the path they think he desires. That is the way Mao did it, Stalin did it, Hitler did it.  I’m not saying Obama is any one of those people. What I am saying is human nature makes us vulnerable to being that “follower” and we should work real hard not to fall into the trap.

Ask yourself how many kids on the Net are shown with guns in their hands shooting at a range or in the field hunting or popping off a few rounds. Youtube is FILLED with them. (Until Google decides differently.  Notice the slippery slope of censorship already on the site.) Should every dad or mom be arrested?  THIS is the danger of having a bad man in a powerful place.  Not just what he can do, but what he can encourage others to do.   Read about Mao and the Red Guard and you’ll agree.

Update: Here is another example: Note the blowback from the local gun range. Good job on their part.

A Vermont gun range has banned the Burlington Police Department from using its facility after City Council voted to advance a proposed ban on semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. And given the fact that such facilities are limited in the area, the move could impact when and where officers can go target shooting.

Officials with the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club told Fox News that it is hard for the facility to support the city, which includes police officers, due to the attempted gun grab by City Council.

“We have members in Burlington as well as members of our club that are going to be passing through Burlington and this would directly affect them and we felt that a prejudicial vote like that was going to be non-supportive of our club and being non-supportive of our club makes it very difficult to support Burlington City,” the club’s chairman Bob Boivin said.

“It is a constitutional issue. I mean, it’s not just a Second Amendment constitutional issue; but it’s also a constitutional issue for Vermont. We have laws that have the state governing our gun controls in this area and they’re looking to supersede those,” he added.

Responding to the gun range ban, the Burlington Police Department said in a statement: “It is unfortunate that this important and much-needed community dialogue regarding gun control currently under way in the City of Burlington and across the nation has resulted in this action.

Yeah, whatever, whine, whine. Liberals want to do things and never feel the accountability of their actions.   This issue isn’t going to go away unless we start resisting to the point it hurts their feelings a little.

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