A couple of points about immigration. Is registering and tracking human going to go over any better than guns? And is Bob Menendez looking for a way to get the “girls” over?

I think this is a little obvious. Compare ownership of guns, now legal, to the lives of illegals.  Right now they are living here free and unknown, still making money, still getting free stuff from the government.  It is ALL good for them right now!  Kind of like gun ownership.  Gun ownership in this day and age is like being an illegal. We have them, we use them, we are happy with the status quo but Feinstein and others think we will voluntarily come forward and let them KNOW we have them. Thus giving the government the “list” it needs to to someday use to seize them from us.

Illegals are in the same boat. Illegals are unknown. They live,work, laugh and profit right now.  The government has passed laws making it impossible to identify them or remove them from our nation. Now the government is saying “Hey, aren’t you tired of living in the shadows? No taxes, free healthcare, free education? It must be TERRIBLE! Come on and come out. Let us get your information, your location, your income, your history. We’ll register you and then tax and fine you.  Over time we may just allow you to become permanent citizens of a nation we intend to continue abusing for generations!! Yeah!!!  Of course if you FAIL to do what we want, or we change the rules, we’ll know who you are, where you live, where you work, your family, your kids.  What a great idea. Right!??”

Somehow I think you’ll find the same percentage of  illegals who would comply as you would those who will register weapons.  There will always be sheep regardless of  color or background or national origin. But I think most will be content to remain in the place they are. This is a case of politics and men who think they think they know what others think.  (I know, confusing, but read it again. It is the basis of most of our foreign policy errors.)  I argue there is no real upside for the illegals to step forward unless their goal is citizenship, and frankly every Mexican I talked to likes his lot in life. He is a Mexican citizen, with all that gives him including special legal rights and protections.  He does not pay taxes, sends money home and someday intends to return to Mexico and his family, wealthy and happy. Many Cubans are happy with their protected status as well. Why screw up a good thing?

I ask how does Schumer and Rubio fit into that?

Then I thought, “hmmm… maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. Menendez is part of the process and we know he likes hookers, and young ones at that.”

So I did a little research, remembering a story I had read some time ago. We have had local cases like this more than once. Maybe Bob is tired of traveling to the Domincan Republic all the time. I hate to be suspicious of his motives, but y’know he is a democrat.

Just saying…

On Wednesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that the leaders of a sex trafficking ring operating in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina had been arrested.

Agents charged 13 individuals with sex trafficking and rescued at least 11 victims, many of whom are underage girls. All of the victims are from Mexico and Nicaragua.

The prostitution network catered to Latino men, living and working in this country illegally in cities both large and small throughout the Southeast.

Dozens of clients, or ‘johns’ were also arrested in the sweep, dubbed ‘Operation Dark Night.’

An ICE press release states:

“Joaquin Mendez-Hernandez (aka El Flaco) conspired with each of the other defendants to transport people across interstate boundaries to engage in prostitution. In addition, Mendez-Hernandez allegedly conspired with at least three others to entice women from Mexico, Nicaragua and elsewhere to travel to the United States with false promises of the American dream. Once inside the United States, these women were allegedly threatened and forced to commit acts of prostitution at numerous locations in Savannah and throughout the Southeast. In one such instance identified in the indictment, Mendez-Hernandez is alleged to have told a Mexican woman that she would be sent back to her home country unless she serviced 25 clients a day.”

Listen, Mexicans and others aren’t stupid. They will weigh the options, look at the current political terrain and probably not get too excited about this at all.

And I agree. Historically, nothing good comes out of the government saying “Register yourself, it is for your own well-being. Besides, you can trust us.”

If you get my meaning.

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