This generation’s James Brady makes the same false arguments.

Life is a risk. People get killed. People get killed by bad people all the time. One act should not be a springboard for a lifetime of errors.  James Brady was shot and crippled by an insane man who acted out the character in “Taxi Driver” to impress Jodi Foster.  He’s nuts, didn’t get executed and last I heard was allowed to be free on occasion since doctors have determined he’s not as nuts as he was and is under control…(yes, we’ll learn soon how that worked out).

He was allowed to leave the hospital for supervised visits with his parents in 1999, and longer unsupervised releases in 2000.[3] These privileges were revoked when he was found to have smuggled materials about Foster back into the hospital. Hinckley was later allowed supervised visits during 2004 and 2005. Court hearings were held in September 2005 on whether he could have expanded privileges to leave the hospital. Some of the testimony during the hearings centered on whether Hinckley is capable of having a normal relationship with a woman and, if not, whether that would have any bearing on what danger he would pose to society.

On December 30, 2005, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley would be allowed visits, supervised by his parents, to their home in Williamsburg, Virginia. The judge ruled that Hinckley could have up to three visits of three nights and then four visits of four nights, each depending on the successful completion of the last. All of the experts who testified at Hinckley’s 2005 conditional release hearing, including the government experts, agreed that his depression and psychotic disorder were in full remission and that he should have some expanded conditions of release.

After Hinckley requested further freedoms including two one-week visits with his parents, as well as a month-long visit, U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman denied that request on Wednesday, June 6, 2007; he did not deny the request out of a concern that Hinckley was not ready.[clarification needed]

On June 17, 2009, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley would be given the ability to visit his mother for a dozen visits of 10 days at a time, rather than six, spend more time outside of the hospital, and have a driver’s license.[17] The court also ordered that Hinckley be required to carry a GPS-enabled cell phone to track him whenever he was outside of his parents’ home, and he was forbidden to speak to the news media.[17] This was done over the objections of the prosecutors, who said that he was still a danger to others and had unhealthful and inappropriate thoughts about women. Hinckley recorded a song, “Ballad of an Outlaw,” which the prosecutors claim is “reflecting suicide and lawlessness.”[18]

It was reported in March 2011 that a forensic psychologist at the hospital had testified that “Hinckley has recovered to the point that he poses no imminent risk of danger to himself or others.”[17] Hinckley returned to court in the spring of 2011 for further direction[17] and was granted additional family visits in May 2011.[19] On November 30, 2011, a hearing began in Washington to determine Hinckley’s future.[20]

So the guy who was nuts and shot the President is allowed to run free (seriously what kind of supervision are we dealing with?) because he is “better.” He was not executed or punished, just treated. This is the same liberal silliness that allowed Adam Lanza to do what he did and John Loughner to do what he did. Loughner’s shooting created this generation’s James Brady in the person of Gabbie Gifford.  She will be forever injured, her family damaged, her life damaged, her marriage damaged, her career damaged.  Loughner doesn’t care. He’s nuts. He got what he wanted.  Now he’ll be found crazy, sent to the crazy farm, and at some point in the future released to visit his family- just like Hinckley.

And the answer to all of this? Politicians taking advantage of the political environment and wanting to outlaw guns and turn eighty-eight million law abiding gun owners into felons.

It really makes you think hard about who is really nuts here.  Seriously.

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