Why women need a gun. The worthlessness of paper and courts.

 Liberals love rules. They don’t always follow them but they love to use them.  The trouble is rules only work when you are dealing with people who are willing to follow them. This is where the liberal utopian vision of civilization falls apart. Usually, it falls apart when it runs smack dab into criminals.  You see, by definition criminals refuse to follow the rules.

One of the most frustrating set of “rules” criminals will not follow is the one which says a court can tell a crazy ex-whatever to leave their object of obsession alone.  Normally called the restraining order, this useless piece of paper gives the victim a false sense security. It also gives the judge and the court and the people who think this replaces the ability AND THE RIGHT  people have to defend themselves some kind of cover.  Frankly, I’d trade every restraining order issued for a self defense class and handgun training. In the long run, more victims would be alive and unharmed, until this woman who was attacked IN COURT by the man she was seeking protection from.

An Ohio woman who was seeking an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend was brutally assaulted by the man inside a Domestic Relations courtroom last week, an attack that was recorded by a surveillance camera.

As seen in the above video, the attack by Rashad Greene, 30, occurred after he was briefly left alone in the courtroom with Dominique Morrow, 28, and Greene’s grandmother.

Greene and Morrow were in the Summit County courtroom for a hearing in connection with Morrow’s application this month for a restraining order against Greene, whom she has accused of making threats and abusing her.

After Magistrate Tracy Stoner briefly departed the small courtroom, Greene appears to begin yelling and gesticulating at Morrow, who sits placidly at a conference table. The video, which does not have audio, shows Greene jumping to his feet and chasing Morrow around the table.

When his grandmother tried to step in front of him, Greene shoved her into a wall. Greene then pounced on Morrow, who had stumbled to the floor. As he pummeled Morrow, Greene was confronted by a sheriff’s deputy who subdued him with the aid of a stun gun.

I encourage you to watch the video and do your own “Bad lip sync” comments.

Mine goes like this.

Woman: ” I’m putting paper on your dumbass!”

Man: “You do what you want, can’t you see how baggy my pants are? You don’t mess with a crotch like this!”

Woman: “I seen what’s in that crotch, it ain’t much.  Not like my new boyfriend, my soon to be baby’s daddy!”

Man: “You, *&*&%.  Uh oh, I’m getting stupid brave!”

Man chasing woman: “I’ll show you how much I give a hoot about that paper!”

Grandma” “Oh lordy, we is all going to jail! What you pushed me?! I hope they shoot your no good lazy butt now!”

Judge: “Holy crap, I’m going to get sooooo sued! Baliff bail me out! They won’t listen to my rulings! I just realized I have no power, my words mean nothing! Where’s my gun!”

Baliff:  “Damn where is that safety on this once a year trained on piece of crap they make me use! Oh there it is.”

Man: “Aaagggahhhga, I think I peeed myself a little.”

Woman: “Serves you right you ass.  Hit him again Mr. Policeman.”

Second Baliff:  “Oh crap, where’s my handcuffs. I’ll just put my taser down on the table so someone else can use it if they want.  Oh, I have to bend over and these pants are so tight. Man, I shouldn’t have had that second calzone at  lunch!”

Judge: “Holy crap, maybe if I hold my head and then run off things will get better. I’m going to get sooo sued over this. Wait, it was the baliff’s fault. That’s it.  I can’t be everywhere doing everything!”

Grandpa: “He what? Oh, wait till he makes bail.”

Woman: “Let me get on the phone and tell my friends and call a lawyer, I’m soooo going to sue the judge and the police for leaving me alone with that crazy man! I am going to be rich, RICH!… And on Oprah, or maybe the View.  Hello Whoppie, let me tell you about being a victim… . By the way, did  you see my new diamond ring! “

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