Speaking of arrogance and “Catch me if you can”. Senator Menendez is feeling the heat. Women’s rights groups are paying attention.

It’s the final turn around the far bend heading into the home stretch moment. If Menendez had been a Republican or even a decent man he’d been packed up and had already slipped out the back.  But no.  We are going to have to witness him try to squirm his way out.  He’s hoping for a “Clinton” move and survival.  Trouble is he ain’t slick Willy.

A prominent women’s advocacy group and an organization that campaigns against sex trafficking told The Daily Caller that New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez should resign from his U.S. Senate seat, if allegations that he slept with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic are accurate.

Amy Siskind, president of The New Agenda, told TheDC on Wednesday that “[t]o the extent these allegations are proven true, Sen Bob Menendez should resign from his position immediately.”

The New Agenda, founded in 2008, says it aims “to support women in leadership roles” and “to draw a line in the sand against … sexism and misogyny.”

Now the woman’s group does expose the slight hypocrisy of the Left here. They aren’t upset a sitting Senator is screwing whores in the Dominican Republic on the taxpayer’s time.  But underage whores??  That’s a different story.  Weird kinda moral stance, but that’s the Left in all its glory.

On the same Daily Caller site, we get to read some emails sent up from there to a group that has released them. If they are true, it’s going to be difficult for Menendez to squirrel away.  Especially since the FBI is now involved.  Cops are cops, career (and I mean CAREER) prosecutors are dogged. Of course Holder could step in and save Menendez at any time, and I’m sure for a returned favor down the road, BUT then again, if Menendez is driven out he’ll be replaced by one of Obama’s boys.  So, this could get interesting. Not as interesting as the emails though.  Catch this.  (BTW- could this be some of the societal decay Ong was talking about?? Just saying…)

 The doctor does not like to share the lovers that he likes. For two years he liked me, but after he brought in R******* it wasn’t the same because he preferred another one. He never shared Y******, but he was very upset because she went to bed with one of his friends and he did not like that at all. His good friend is very important in the United States. I met him in those house activities and just by looking at him one knows that he is very important and has money. I didn’t know he was a United States Senator; that was something that Peter [Williams] told me. That Senator also likes the youngest and newest girls. In the beginning he seemed so serious, because he never spoke to anyone, but he is just like the others and has just about the same tastes as the doctor, very refined. I think they were taking us more often to get us checked because of him. The first time I saw him was more than three years ago, at the beginning of March because it was close to my birthday. There was another important man also there.


And the Left is upset only because of their age (which may not be illegal down there- BTW).  Nothing else. Just the creepy “daddy” thing.


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