Lindsey Graham lights up Panetta and finds out Obama “checked out” on Benghazi.

It doesn’t surprise me at all.  Over at Hotair they linked to the video where Graham lights up Panetta.  It was almost piteful, as Panetta had to admit, in public for the first time, Obama ducked out after the initial “We have a serious problem” conversation. I’m not surprised. It fits his talents, capabilities, leadership style and self involved survival instincts.  What surprises me is how Lindsey Graham did such a good job slowly squeezing down on Panetta until Panetta squealed (and I paraphrase)

“Okay, okay, Obama took off and left us to handle it.  He never even called back for a casualty count. You got us, the guy didn’t give a shit beyond how it would affect his reelection.”

In the miniseries “Band of Brothers” there was an officer who had some of Obama’s faults in leadership. His name was Lt Norman Dike and he was that guy.  The one who stands in authority when it suits him, but puts the haul butt on when trouble showed up.

As a retired detective who has dealt with some of the most screwed individuals I have come to a conclusion about Obama. Here is a comment I made:

At some point we have to realize Obama isn’t right in the head. Narcissism is the gentle term used. What he is, what he became because of his nightmarish liberal, whacked out upbringing, is a person who thinks only of himself. It is all about survival combined with a need to be validated and loved.

What people really do not get is that these people appear to be more normal than normal people do because everything they are doing is an act. A life long play where they are the stars and everybody else is the supporting cast. They measure all acts against what they think normal people do, which often presents them to others as very smart and even keeled. (think Ted Bundy)

Unfortunately, they are also very unstable when it comes to accepting responsibility and criticism because it undermines their self vision. If they believe they cannot make mistakes and that keeps them under control, any attack on that belief can damage them.

Regular people know they screw up all the time and can take the criticism hit. We don’t let it affect how we see ourselves, because we see ourselves as imperfect already.

How does this affect work? Simple, if Obama knows this is going badly, and it was partially because of his policy implementation, he will immediately distance himself from the unraveling in order to be able to say “Hey, I trusted the experts, THEY screwed it up. They lied to me. I’m the victim here.” Also, by kicking the can over to others, he also continues to hide the fact he isn’t that bright (he is thought a genius), isn’t that engaged (he reads sooo much and is so complex, according to his acolytes), and his cool aloofness proves he is always in control (when privately the little scared boy inside is screaming at the dark).

I’m not surprised he bailed. He bailed on a number of issues. I’m not surprised those around him covered for him. He is, after all, their sainted one.

The sooner we realize we are in the s**t with this guy, the quicker we’ll not be surprised when he does things that insure his survival, like reducing the chances of ours.

And trust me, I know this personality from both professional and personal contact. After we are run over, he will claim it was our fault.

I watched Kirstin Powers at FOX seek some kind of solid footing when she was trying to explain her feelings over the realization that her liberal guy, Obama, ran like a little girl when the trouble broke.  “Shocked” was how she put.

I put it, “not surprised in the least.”

It’s a matter of experience.

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