Racism, PC madness, bad cops and murder. How all came together to give us Dorner.

A self fulfilling prophesy.

 According to LAPD internal documents, police officer Theresa Evans, whom Dorner accused of kicking a mentally-handicapped suspect in the face during an arrest in 2007, said Dorner told her he felt the LAPD was a racist organization and he was planning on suing the Department at the end of his probation and was building a house in Las Vegas.

Evans, in the report, claims Dorner told her on the first day they worked together, “about a personnel complaint that he initiated against some of his classmates in the academy,” and “Dorner made it clear that he was unhappy with the adjudication of the complaint and he felt the LAPD was a racist organization.”

Evans said she spoke to her supervisor, Sergeant Julie McInnis, regarding the conversation and indicated she “did not feel comfortable” with Dorner’s comments.

Evans claimed Dorner continually “tried to solicit information” regarding whether “she saw any racist behavior or if she had been treated badly be the police department.” She said during the first week on the job with Dorner, in 2007, she told the fugitive “that their relationship needed to be geared toward training and not personal matters.”

The LAPD relieved Dorner of his duties for issuing false statements after reviewing his allegations. Dorner claimed he went on the rampage to clear his name. One of the people he murdered was the daughter of the lawyer who represented Dorner in the disciplinary hearings.

I’ve been following this somewhat. I read parts of the manifesto until the “he’s craaazy” meter peaked. Now I’m not saying he’s insane, but he is intelligently unstable, which is the worst kind of nut.  But he’s still nuts in the Jesse Jackson, Trayvon Martin supporters kind of way. He sees monsters…and he’s convinced he is the only one now who can make us all see them.  Trouble is, this kind of cop IS THE WORST KIND OF COP!!! And the LAPD knew this from the get go.

Sometimes bad ones get through the screening. More since we’ve become so politically correct that preventing one from getting through that is of color or of a certain sex can cause HUGE headaches.   If Dorner managed to get past all of the background and psych testing, then they would have gladly added him to the ranks of a much maligned department. But here’s the problem. Sometimes people like Dorner don’t really exhibit their malady until the situation or environment changes. For example, in our department we would hire a female police officer, fully qualified. In training she would be fine.  But as soon as she was out on her own, her personal agenda of “getting even” with abusive men would manifest itself.  Suddenly you realize as a department you may have a person with the authority over life and death with a chip on their shoulder (this is a true example).  What you hope for is nothing bad happens until the energy burns out and they realize the big picture, that the gun and badge is not a whip they can use on every dumbass man they meet on the street.  In the particular case I mention here, the very bright and qualified young lady got it out of her system within a year and is now a seasoned and outstanding police officer.

But that isn’t always the way.  I know of another young black man, part of a group of three, who came to a department. He was a smart kid, very talented physically, funny and friendly. But he was a slacker and felt going slow and taking shortcuts was his right as a black man.  He also had a problem with ethics as he was accused of being quite willing to take twenty dollars in exchange for not writing a ticket.  But to fire him, ONCE IN THE GOVERNMENT POSITION, was difficult.  He had to be linked to a series of robberies done by his homeboys from the old neighborhood before the administration pulled his plug.

So, what’s the point I’m trying to make here.  1. Dorner’s talented and intelligent but haunting by some serious mental issues.  2. He managed to get into a position of power and authority before his bosses figured out he was very unstable.  3. They have to find a way to fire him without incurring the wrath of the PC police and liberals in L.A.  4. So they jammed him up on a complaint and after documenting his problem let him go. 5. Because they were afraid he might spin out of control and do harm.

Dorner proved their worries to be true. Thus the self fulfilling prophesy.  If he’s not dead in the snow (another mountain dwelling buddy of mine is convinced of that), he will find enough “friends” to get back into L.A. or some other place and kill some innocent person who had nothing to do with his alleged wrongs. And he will find no lack of liberal support from his liberal fans and heroes.

Like I said- nuts in a very, very dangerous way.  I hope he’s face up in the snow somewhere, his last thoughts being he should have paid more attention to winter survival  training in school.

But if you want to dig to the core of how this happened, you need to dig no further than the madness and cancer that is political correctness, which may explain why he is such a fan of those who support it.

Just saying…

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