Late term abortion kills mother and child, one on purpose, one by accident.

As Obama spouts that victims of gun crimes should have a vote too, I wonder where he stands on Madison Leigh’s right to a vote.  That was the name of the late term aborted girl who was killed by a doctor in Maryland.  That didn’t make the news.  What did was her mother died from complications and the “doctor” was nowhere to be found.(h/t P&P)

 I did not report on the death last week of a patient of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart because I did not have corroboration.

I now do.


Carhart’s alleged victims were 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, pictured right, and her 33-week-old preborn daughter, Madison Leigh. Read their obituary here.

My sincere sympathies go to Jennifer and Madison’s family, who is certainly suffering unimaginable grief.

I confirmed the identities of the victims through two sources. After a name ID was received from an impeccable informant, sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic positively identified Jennifer’s obituary photo. Jennifer’s obituary also states she “passed away suddenly.”

Following is the information and timeline pieced together through those and other sources. Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger is to be commended for her work exposing this terrible tragedy.

Jennifer was married and a kindergarten teacher at Church Street Elementary School in White Plains, New York. Jennifer was carrying a wanted baby. At present her registry is still online. Very sad to view. (UPDATE 2/10 12:20p: Registry link has been removed. View screen shot here.)

Approximately two weeks ago Jennifer learned her daughter suffered from fetal anomalies.

Jennifer, her husband, her parents, and her sister traveled to Carhart’s late-term Germantown Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland, last weekend.

Carhart began the abortion process on Sunday, February 3, in the afternoon, according to sidewalk counselors who maintain a constant presence at the clinic when it is open. They noted Jennifer appeared “very” late-term.

According to those counselors, Sunday is when Carhart kills late-term babies by lethal injection into the heart through the mothers’ abdominal wall.

Jennifer and her family returned on Monday, presumably to begin the labor induction process by insertion of laminaria or prostaglandins to dilate the cervix, and again on Tuesday.

The story continues, and doesn’t get better.  I’m not judging the mother. Who knows what kind of disability the baby may have been suffering from, but it does open up the argument that if the child is retarded, handicapped, (or a girl or not blue eyed?) do we jump into the area of abortion at such a late date.  Is taking the life of a viable child “for the good of the child or the parent” really the world we want to live in?

One wonders if a higher hand was involved in this particular moment or if it was just bad luck.  I don’t know, but I can’t imagine something like this not resulting in a penalty of some kind.

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