New York ACLU sacrifices safety of blacks for criminal rights, and doesn’t see the irony.

Why? Because the people making the decisions to fight the police don’t live in the swill they created.  Just poor black people do.

Ligon v. New York challenged a decades-long program that authorizes New York police officers to patrol private buildings for trespassers and other lawbreakers. The Trespass Affidavit Program (TAP) tries to give low-income tenants in high-crime areas the same protection against intruders that wealthy residents of doorman-guarded buildings enjoy. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), however, police officers routinely abuse their power under TAP by stopping and arresting minority residents and their guests on suspicion of trespass without any legal justification.

The NYCLU didn’t come close to proving its case. But the litigation’s most disturbing failure was its blindness to the realities of inner-city crime.

Debbie McBride has nothing but contempt for the ongoing litigation. McBride is a street-hardened building superintendent in the heart of the South Bronx zone targeted by the NYCLU. When asked about TAP, also known as the Clean Halls program, she doesn’t mince words. “I love it!” she roars. “I’m serious, I love it. Me being a woman, I feel safe. I can get up at 4 AM and start working.”

McBride represents a type that seemingly lies outside the conceptual universe of the advocates and their enablers in elite law firms and the media: the inner-city crusader for bourgeois order. In 1999, McBride moved from Brooklyn to her present residence in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx. Her own intersections with street life had left her a three-time victim of rape and blind in one eye from assault—a boyfriend had struck her for refusing to try heroin—but she still wasn’t prepared for the South Bronx. “I had had none of this before,” she says. “It was like New Jack City. People were selling crack openly in the lobby.” She asked fellow tenants how long the lobby’s drug trade had been going on. Thirty years, they answered. “Desperate,” she says, about her building’s lawlessness, McBride started attending community meetings at the NYPD’s 44th Precinct and secretly partnering with a local cop to get rid of the dealers. “I used to give him the nod,” she recalls. The officer made so many arrests in her building that he won a promotion to detective.

In 2004, a new owner took over McBride’s building and offered her the superintendent’s job. “I don’t know nothing about plumbing,” she warned him, but his instinct for character proved flawless. Today, she roams her building’s immaculate halls, searching for stray cigarette butts, with a bouquet of black trash bags tied to her belt. Her biggest concern, however, is not trash but trespassers, since many indoor crimes are committed by nonresidents. Accordingly, McBride has an inviolate rule: no one loiters inside or outside her building, not even tenants. “We’re not playing here,” she says. “People try to get in, saying: ‘I’m looking for so-and-so.’ But I throw everyone out, because I’m not going back” to the way things were.

Good for her. But read the article and ask yourself why people like me have very little hope for a nation run by dumbasses like them.  The policy the police have over stop and frisk was created by the actions of criminals and environment  created by years of poor public policy. All they are trying to do is keep some semblance of civilization in that neighborhood.

The the liberals who don’t live there will have no part of it.

Fools.  Doesn’t the Left realize if the bad guys aren’t contained, some day the bad guys will be at their door?

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  1. New to your blog, like your take on things.

    Regarding; “Fools. Doesn’t the Left realize if the bad guys aren’t contained, some day the bad guys will be at their door?”

    Sorry but you fail to distinguish between the left and their “useful idiots”, liberals. Liberals are indeed naive, gullible fools who are being played by the committed left. Leftists are composed of ideologues (Trotsky’ites’) and the cynical (the Stalin’s) who really seek power above all else, both seek to IMPOSE their ideology upon America and the world while securing their own elite positions within the power structure they seek.

    The left are the bad guys and liberals, their natural prey.

    The left views liberals as sheep and take the view of them that, “If God did not want them to be sheared, he would not have made them sheep”.

    You and other “rough and ready men” who stand ready to do violence upon civilization’s behalf are the sheepdogs.

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