Governor Rick Scott “wusses” out again. Not Surprised.

What I was surprised over was how long he held out. He almost got me. Not that it would make a difference since he has already identified himself to me as a wuss over the Zimmerman/ anti-racist/illegal prosecution issue.  As one poster put it.

After his appointment of Corey to destroy the Zimmerman family and placate black racists, I have zero use for this man.

Blake on February 20, 2013 at 8:48 PM

Rick Scott ordered the violation of a man’s rights in an attempt to placate NBC and the blacks in Florida. That man’s life is ruined. Now Scott is signing onto another progressive program which will become a minefield for the rest of his citizens of Florida. He acts sometimes like he has no sense of how things should be or real men should behavior.

“Scott, 60, said at a news conference today in Tallahassee that he would ask the state legislature to back the expansion under Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. …

Scott joins six other Republican governors who have agreed to expand Medicaid, the federal-state health plan for the poor, according to a tally by the Advisory Board Co., a research and consulting company in Washington.

Scott said he supported a “limited” expansion that would last for three years. That’s a reasonable time to judge the expansion, he said.

“Expanding access to Medicaid services for three years is a compassionate, common sense step forward,” Scott said. “It is not a white flag of surrender to government-run health care.””

Good job…

That’s sarcasm by the way Sheldon Cooper of Florida.

Seriously, don’t see the resemblance?

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