Here are two very stupid CNN employees some British guy the Brits don’t like and a black dude named Toure?

Ron White said it best “You can’t fix stupid.”  Over at CNN we have two people who fit that bill to a T, Piers Morgan, a Brit the Brits’ hate, and some black liberal named “Toure”.  I don’t even know what a Toure is!(I looked up his Wiki– he’s one of not black, just another mindless liberal with no real contribution to society- think Joy Behar with a fro.) Both of them are typical liberals who are getting cornered by their own liberal positioning.

For example, Morgan likes the idea of women in combat because they can do anything a man can do right? Buuuutt here he worries a woman can’t own a gun because the man will take it from her and hurt her with it.  ??  Does he not think the enemy she fights with up close in combat isn’t going to be a man?  Worse, Morgan argues- falsely- that women who buy guns get killed with those guns by their violent partner. That is utter nonsense and I’m pretty sure the “study” Morgan cites doesn’t come to that conclusion. Besides, if she has a violent partner who is going to harm her, based on her size and his strength any edge she can gain is a good one.  Then he complains that gun manufactures take advantage of that female weakness called impulse buying by making the guns pretty. Again, I argue if women are that weak headed, do we need them in combat?

Morgan is an idiot.

But then running right behind him if not neck and neck is Toure who actually makes the entire gun argument for the Second Amendment in one tweet.

Normally I don’t concern myself with MSNBC. An openly leftist news outlet is the least of America’s problems. But this Tweet from Touré is just too rich to ignore:

“Data shows that for the avg person the chance to use a gun against a criminal is a once in a lifetime event.”

Is it just me, or did this rocket scientist just make the perfect case for the Second Amendment?

Now we know why he doesn’t have a last name; it would be too hard to spell.

If Touré wants to still be considered some sort of intellectual, I suggest he stick to “thanking God” for the left-wing sacrament of abortion that allowed him to snuff out his own

Of course if you don’t have a gun and a criminal with lethal intent shows up, the chances of you having any more life in order to experience a second opportunity to defend yourself is snuffed out- along with your life.

That’s just dumb.

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