Watching history repeat itself. Create a crisis, demand authority to solve it, claim it solved and then claim credit.

People who study history are constantly amazed over how easily citizens in the past were manipulated into believing things that were untrue and easily disputed.  Today, if you pay attention you will see just how it is done because this administration is very, very good at doing it.  Not that they are geniuses, but that they operate in an environment where the media does not challenge the lie.

Here is a little nugget that makes the case.

Today the White House credited Michelle Obama’s three-year-old “Let’s Move” initiative with halting and even reversing a thirty year trend of increasing childhood obesity, a trend that has led to what the Centers for Disease Control has called an epidemic. A press release from the Office of the First Lady announced details of a “two day nationwide tour” at the end of the month to celebrate the third anniversary of the program that promotes exercise and healthy eating habits to young people. The press release also included a short history of the program (emphasis added):

Mrs. Obama launched Let’s Move! on February 9, 2010 to unite the country around our kids’ health and create real support for families to live healthier lives.  Since then parents, business leaders, educators, elected officials, military leaders, chefs, physicians, athletes, childcare providers, community and faith leaders and kids themselves have stepped up to improve the health of our nation’s children.

Thanks to these efforts, families now have access to more information to make healthier decisions for their children. Young people now have more opportunities for physical activity in their communities. Food in schools has been dramatically improved. More Americans now have access to healthy, affordable food closer to home. And the national childhood obesity rate has leveled off, and even declined in some cities and states.

 The press release does not include any data to bolster the claim.

Mrs. Obama’s nationwide tour will consist of stops in Clinton, Mississippi; Chicago, Illinois; and Springfield, Missouri.  She will also make a pre-tour appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, to air on Friday, February 22.

“The press release does not include any data to bolster the claim.”


Let’s see.  The White House says we need nationalized healthcare.  One justification is that kids are fat, fat fatties.  They can’t control themselves, the parents can’t control them, so the government must.  Why? Because when it is responsible for healthcare it is responsible for the tax payer’s money they use for healthcare. Fat people are sick people (according to the White House and others) and sick people cost money.  Soooo…eliminate fat people and you save money- for the good of all.

Here’s the problem.  Everybody in government (which is political) says it is a crisis on the level of global warming or something.  World ending. Giant Asteroid in the form of fat kids hurtling towards the earth. Then along comes Obamcare, which is sadly here to stay in some form, and Michelle.  She makes a few speeches, plants of few vegetables (doesn’t eat them mind you, she dines on lobster), starves several million kids by forcing sub-par calorie diets on them in school and suddenly this hurtling threat is gone.

In three years…

Which has to make anyone who has more than two braincells rubbing together that something is amiss.  EITHER the crisis didn’t exist at the level they claimed (thus easy to fix) OR the crisis is so bad three years of anything can’t solve it (which means they are lying- again).

This is not the first time we’ve seen this. Nor the last time.  We’ll see this with immigration reform when it rolls out, the budget when it rolls out, gun control when it rolls out and everything else that the government and politicians want to seize as a cause and “fix” as a reason for us to love them.

 The only people stupider than them is apparently us.


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