Major Garrett went to CBS, I couldn’t understand why- until today. His show is good.

Common sense.  I don’t ask much, just a decent conversation between people who might disagree but aren’t shut completely off from reason- unlike Chris Matthews.

Major Garrett did great job over at FOX asking tough questions and refusing to be bullied.  Then he went to CBS and I thought “what the heck?”   Today, I had a chance to see him hosting a Sunday show where video games and violent behavior were being discussed.  His knowledge and research into the subject and his ability to organize a group of REAL professionals (two psychiatrists, one researcher and a FBI profiler)  made the discussion well balanced and informative.  Sadly, I turned over to Matthews for a second to watch him drool, which just made me appreciate Garrett’s efforts that much more.

I wonder if Garrett’s switch was because he was blocked at FOX.  Wallace isn’t going anywhere and neither is the prime time players, so he felt he had a better chance.

I think he does and it can’t hurt CBS personnel to learn from him.

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