It may work in New Orleans, but in Alabama? I’m not going door to door!

And if the mayor thinks it’s such a good goddamn idea SHE can! Putting police and citizens into a confrontation mode over a non-existent threat is just silly!

February 26, 2013

Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar is working with city officials to pass an ordinance that would give police the power to “disarm individuals” during a disaster, a chilling example of how the second amendment is being assaulted via the back door.

The new rule would allow authorities to confiscate guns of “unruly” people during an extreme weather event such as the April 2011 tornadoes or any other emergency.

“The ordinance states officers could disarm individuals, if necessary, reports ABC 31. “Dollar says the proposal is just way to give officers more authority to protect themselves.”

Dollar denied that the ordinance would be used to take away constitutional rights, but residents questioned why authorities would need to pass a new ordinance given that police already have the power to arrest citizens who are being “unruly,” whether armed or not.

“Well, it seems like an infringement on the 2nd Amendment and that’s the biggest problem I have with it,” said Guntersville Music Academy teacher Paul Landry.

Authorities are seemingly attempting to mirror unconstitutional gun grab powers that were enacted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In the aftermath of Katrina, the New Orleans Police, National Guard troops, and U.S. Marshals confiscated firearms. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass declared as he prepared to violate the Second Amendment.

The National Guard conducted warrantless house-to-house searches, targeting not just Hurricane-hit areas under the pretext of stopping violent looters, but also high and dry homes that were not even affected by the storm.

Authorities even confiscated pistols from old ladies, as documented in the video below.

First off, what kind of crisis does this mayor think is going to happen? Second, if it is that bad, why disarm your people?  What trouble will they cause and to whom? The police need protecting? What are they doing? Why do they think they would be at risk. South Chicago certainly, New Orleans? Look at their population. But Alabama?  Maybe in the projects, but I can tell you mom and pop old time Alabamians are NOT dangerous- unless you show up to take their guns.

This is an example of the push you see when something gets into the American conversation.  Gun control at a national level translates to local stupidity.  It is all about the urge to show control and that politicians matter so you will keep voting for them.

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