Bob Woodard tells the truth and gets hammered by the Left- his old buddies.

That has to hurt.

The media stands by its own until, at least until one of its own upsets The Narrative. Not even a living legend is immune from this rule. In the case of Bob Woodward, his detailed and lengthy reporting on sequester has resulted in the possible derailing of the most crucial Narrative the White House and media are likely to launch this year. The fate of Obama’s second term and even his legacy rest on it.

The endgame of The Sequester Hustle is to blame the economy tanking on cutting less than 2% of the federal budget. Obama doesn’t want his failed policies blamed for a double dip recession, so he’s playing Chicken Little with sequester so the GOP and a lack of government largesse are blamed. Naturally, the media is as all-in on this con as their Master is.

This, even though everyone knows it was Obama who suggested sequester, saw it passed, and then signed it into law.

Woodward’s reporting threatens to monkey wrench all of this. His reporting not only confirmed that sequester was Obama’s idea but that Obama moved the goal posts with his demand for tax increases. The original sequester deal did not include tax increases.

Yesterday, Woodward really threw the White House and its media a curve by being the only high-profile reporter willing to say out loud that Obama has the power to choose where the cuts hit. In other words, all this White House fear-mongering is an audacious lie.

Though no one’s disputed Woodward’s reporting, the media’s Cult of Obama began pushing back against the Watergate legend even before he dropped the bomb last night that he had been threatened by a top White House official.

 A number of people think that the “threat” was not a threat.  In truth, it depends on who is saying it and who is receiving it.  Woodward deserves not to be talked to like a street punk or an idiot.  If the situation was reversed and someone told a person in power “you are going to regret this” the police would be raiding the fool’s house as we speak.

So like I said, it is who is speaking and who is hearing that makes it a threat.


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  1. Daniel in Brookline says:

    There’s also the issue of context. If I’ve always been unfailingly courteous and polite to you, always apologizing profusely when I accidentally bump your elbow, and then one day say “you might come to regret what you just said”, you probably won’t take it as a threat — because threats aren’t part of the history you know. You’d probably be quite willing to brush it off, unless it was a very direct threat indeed… and chances are, you’d be right.

    If, on the other hand, I’m part of an Administration known for implicitly threatening its enemies, withholding access to reporters who write unflattering stories, and even making outright threats (and claiming afterwards that they were only jokes, something bullies have always done)… then a threat can be very subtle indeed and still get the point across. It doesn’t need to be obvious, like the time President Obama publicly threatened a University President with an IRS audit for failing to give him an honorary doctorate.

    And, as you said, disparity of force is highly relevant. If a skinny kid threatens the school bully, it’ll be comical. When the threat goes in the other direction, nobody will be laughing.

    And it doesn’t strike me strange at all that Mr. Woodward could have heard it, not considered it much of a threat, and then afterwards reconsidered.

    Things are getting interesting, all right.

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