From Powerline. Why does evil make liberal stupid. Well put.

John at Powerline makes a good point. Liberalism, like political correctness will get us all killed.


—In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, we are suffering through the inevitable period of liberal hand-wringing. Liberals can’t help themselves: while normal people are reviling the bombers, celebrating their capture or death, and debating measures that can be taken to prevent future atrocities, liberals’ thinking (if you can call it that) goes in a different direction. Liberals call for understanding; tell the rest of us we don’t realize how complex mass murder is; recommend introspection (But why? I didn’t do it.); and warn against various forms of overreaction to the latest terrorist outrage. The reality of evil, a constant in human affairs for millennia, renders liberals not speechless–that would be too much to hope for–but incoherent.f

These days there are more such outpourings of liberal feelings than one can count, but let’s note just two, for now. First, Governor Deval Patrick, who appeared on Face the Nation this morning:

The governor of Massachusetts said Sunday that he has no idea what motivated the brothers accused of exploding two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Really? Hmm. Check out the Boston Globe, Governor. They think Islam might have played a secondary role.

Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Gov. Deval Patrick said it’s hard to imagine why someone would deliberately harm “innocent men, women and children in the way that these two fellows did.”

It is, indeed, hard to imagine if you aren’t evil. But this is a banal and singularly unhelpful observation. Experience tells us that some people do indeed want to harm innocent men, women and children in this fashion. Muslims alone carry out, on the average, several terrorist attacks a day for the purpose of harming innocent men, women and children, and they are by no means the only source of evil in the world. So our public officials should stop expressing amazement at the existence of evil and start figuring out how to protect the rest of us from it.

This piece in The Atlantic is a good exemplar of the mushy liberal commentary that has proliferated in recent days. Authored by one Megan Garber, it is titled: “The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?” Before taking a close look at Ms. Garber’s article, let’s advise The Atlantic not to put away that headline. It could come in handy so often. “The Cole Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The Embassy Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The First World Trade Center Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The September 11 Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The Madrid Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The London Bombers Were Muslim: So?” “The Shoebomber Was Muslim: So?” The Underwear Bomber Was Muslim: So?” “The Fort Hood Shooter Was Muslim: So?” “The Beslan Child-Murderers Were Muslim: So?” “The Times Square Bomber Was Muslim: So?”

We could keep this up for a very long time, but let’s move on to Ms. Garber’s soulful meanderings. I will quote Garber at length, lest you think I am cherry-picking her musings to make her look stupid:


A buddy of mine, another LEO went private contracting and spent time in Afghanistan. His summation is worth repeating. He said, and I paraphrase, “The truth is these people are the stupidest, most disinterested and incurious people I’ve ever met (and he’s from the hills of Arkansas and backwoods Tennessee!). They like being stupid. The like being told what to do. They like the idea of belonging to a tribe and being told what to think, who to marry, what to do. It gives them security.  The smart ones left with the Russians, if one is born smart now they realize soon enough the best thing is to get out.  What is left is simply unworkable.   If we want to change them and their beliefs we have to forget trying to change the adults and concentrate on the kids who are eight and ten years old. You want to make a difference, you had better be ready to stay for a generation.”

THIS is why the Left’s ideas and point of view don’t work. They cannot accept the huge chasm between what they believe is proper thinking and what the terrorists think is proper.  Listen, if you cannot understand your opponent, you cannot defeat your opponent, especially if he DOES understand you.

Liberalism and all that it brings to the real world is dangerous and frankly lethal.

Just ask the families of the dead and maimed about it.  If they knew the bombers got away with their crime because the new liberal definition of terrorism prevented good agents from acting, I think they’d be pretty pissed. Which is why you will see a pulling out of all the stops by the Left in order to excuse, confuse, obstruct and hide the truth.

I hope this time, unlike Benghazi, decent journalists will tell the truth. If not, be assured we’ll see this kind of thing happen again, and again.

Update:  It is already happening, even over at FOX.  A former career JTTF agent, now with his own company, explains how there are three levels of investigation- depending on the perceived threat.  One is called an assessment and is limited in scope, time and investigative effort.  This is the one the older brother fell under after another foreign agency- which is very well versed in what a Chechen terrorist looks like-  gave us a heads up.  During the explanation, the talking head girl agreed, asked a few questions but didn’t really grasp the issue here.

1. Who decides what level the threat assessment goes under and by what criteria and how long as that criteria been in effect?  (That’s a biggie in getting to the root of the problem)

2. Who signed off on this and did they do so reluctantly.  Remember, they go down a checklist and if the guy doesn’t meet minimum requirements he isn’t bumped up in the level of investigation. The case is closed.

3. At what point did the FBI or JTTF get another heads up and why didn’t they act then?  What triggers a second look?

4. Now the story is his name was misprinted by the airlines so it didn’t trigger anything at the FBI.  Seriously?  That is actually a real concern as the Russian alphabet does cause confusion, as does the Arabic (how many spellings of Gaddafi have you seen?).

However, it isn’t like we just discovered this problem, what have we done to address it?  Further, it isn’t like this guy was an unknown. He disappeared for six months from his life here and we didn’t know?

Many question unanswered.





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