Conspiracy? No.Taking advantage of a crisis- sadly yes.

A guy I know started talking about the bombing as though it was staged or some other crazy crap. He was listening to the conspiracy theorists claiming all kinds of idiotic things. I warned him off of the direction.  Yet, it does give rise to the question why do so many people think the government is always trying something?

Sadly, because more than once, they are.  It isn’t the 24 plot type of actions or the standard CIA is always the bad guy scenarios we see in movies. It is usually just someone trying to clean up something stupid. And in doing so making so many clumsy attempts it looks like some kind of conspiracy.

For example, we’ve seen Napolitano jump up and down denying any knowledge of either the Saudi or the bomber brothers. Then suddenly, after being forced to respond to evidence, she has all kinds of information about them and acts stunned that we are stunned that she was so clueless, or conniving.

Is she some kind of Janet Reno evil genius?  Hardly.  But she is a good order follower and her orders are clear- hide as much as possible from public scrutiny. Somebody on the inside appears to be altering records.  Sound bad right?

What if the Saudi Beck and others are highlighting is nothing more than some rich kid who was “speed passed” through the system so he could come here and screw around, like any other spoiled rich kid.  Big deal. Except that it highlights the corruption inside the system for the privileged few.

So instead of owning up, they’ll mess around making it look worse. Like Nixon found out, it is never the crime, it is always the cover up

All administrations do some of this. All bureaucracies do some of this.  Sure there are cover ups, but it is less a shadow government and more “I just don’t want to get fired.” thing.

Right now, as I’ve said repeatedly the FBI and DHS are in another, yes ANOTHER, turf war over who screwed what up.  But that is a distraction.  The real issue is policy.  Benghazi was a White House policy blunder, it just landed on top of Stevens and the others and Hillary- once again- took one for the man she serves. (That alone should make all women hate her!)

The policy and procedures and limits placed on the FBI agents by the DOJ is another policy blunder. I watched as Napolitano did her best sluggish stare as the Congressmen, including Lindsey Graham, ask her to explain what happened.  She says the guy “pinged” when he left for Russia, but didn’t “ping” upon his return because the text alert from the FBI had expired.

Think about the situation for a minute.  Is she saying that there is a system in place that limits the amount of time the FBI can request information on people from other agencies?  Or is it only Muslim people because its fears the political blowback from Muslims?  Is she is saying that the intelligence effort in our nation, the one we keep hearing needs more power over law abiding citizens, has an expiration date like a gallon of milk?

Who else knows that?  So a terrorists gets up on the radar screen and his advisers say “Keep cool Achmed for ninety days, then the file will automatically close and you can go back to building bombs?”

Look, Tamerlan was almost cartoonish South Park character in his stereotypical development of what a home grown terrorist should look like.  The crazy thing as while he was checking off all the boxes that prove he is a terrorist including; 1. radicalization of religion 2. angry outbursts 3. questionable Internet searches. 4. Mysterious domestic contacts.  4. Radical and threaten statements 5. The travel and training to a terrorist hotspot AND THEN had Russia intel tell us about HIM. Not a group, not a theory, not chatter…HIM!!!

At the same time, the FBI was going down its politically correct and impotent list and finding none of that means anything in the Obama administration’s view.

And trust me, it is ALL about that not coming to light.

My issue isn’t the screw ups as much as it is the feds want MORE power and control over law abiding citizens and they can’t effectively use the tools we gave them already!  DOJ is arguing they want cellphone records, texting records and email records on all Americans to be saved for years in case a crime is committed and they can go back and prove we did it.  They want more guns and more bullets.  They want to fly drones over your head and watch what you are doing.

Yet, when the bad guys are in front of them in real time, PC prevents them from acting.




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