From a friend. Who were the guys at the race in the tan 511 police pants and backpacks?

I remember being sent a pic of two men standing side by side with backpacks and 511 tan cargo pants. They two screamed fed or police.  But nobody identified them as being part of some security force, of which there was more than two there.  My friend sent a link to a pretty good article asking the same questions.

Men with backpacks at the scene, possibly Craft International contractors. (Anonymous)   Men congregating behind an SUV with U.S. government plates behind the finish line. (Anonymous)

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2013 — Federal and local authorities have yet to comment on the identity of what appears to be a team of operatives photographed at the Boston Marathon bombing site wearing black backpacks, tactical boots and pants and communication equipment. At least one of them wore a hat emblazoned with a skull insignia similar to insignias used by private contractors Craft International and Blackwater USA (renamed Xe Services then Academi), and Navy SEAL teams 3 and 5.

The men were also photographed after the explosion meeting at the finish line behind a black SUV with US Government license plates and satellite communication equipment on the roof. reports that the photographs were sent to them by Anonymous, along with photos of two possible suspects the FBI asked media not to distribute, but which were later posted by the Drudge Report. The two men were subsequently cleared by the FBI, reports the NY Post.

Shortly after the explosions, several of the operatives ran toward the scene, and one was photographed using what appears to be a radiation detector at the finish line.

I had mentioned the backpacks were pretty big, three day survival types that can carry a lot of stuff.  There is another photograph (above) that shows them all gathered around the SUV.  In addition, there is another I was sent showing one of them huddled in a alcove near the second bomb site grabbing something out of his pack.
No guns, no running around with collapsible M4 or PDWs, just grabbing stuff out of the bag.
Who are they, why were they there.  That’s a good question. They were trying to be undercover, a blind man with any street smarts would have picked them out.  I’m thinking feds.  But whose? And what were they looking for?
Here is a pic of one of them holding something.
PDS-100 GN-ID - Pocket Detection and ID
This is one of the SUV based systems for radiation detection.  Is it? Or is the SUV mounted with radio/cellphone detection devices. Above is just one style of handheld radiation detection devices.
Another buddy of mine said it made no sense for any of the agents to expose themselves to radiation and the system would be inside a SUV.   I’m thinking those men were doing just that, trying to find out immediately if the threat was larger than just an explosion.
Too bad they weren’t given the heads up about the two bombers. One or two of the agents probably walked right by them.
Maybe it is these guys? Here is more.
Now that would make sense.

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