Immigration. What is right and what is wrong. Outside the political bubble.

Maddening.  I like Rubio and he is trying to find some kind of functional middle ground to deal with obvious fact we have been invaded.  Here’s the rub.  We’ve been dealing with this problem for a hundred years or longer.  Arguably, a case can be made that it started about the time we kicked Mexico’s rear end and took their land.

Since then they’ve been trying to get it back.  I don’t blame them. I’ll fight them over it, but I understand why they are upset.  The difference between sympathy and empathy.

The politics of immigration are complex.  The future of which side will run the nation for generations to come are at stake.  Which is why Rubio is doing what Rubio is doing.

But let’s put all that aside.

What is the real issue here? There are a few.  I’ll list them here.

1. It’s not about immigration. The Mexicans and the others here do not necessarily want to become citizens.  They want the opportunity to make money and send that money home. They use free benefits here in order to allow them to send more money home.

2. Mexico wants the cash it receives. There is NO motivation to make their government want to stem the movement of their lesser people to our nation.  It is a pure win/win.  We get the burden, the are relived of the burden and that burden sends them money.  What’s not to love?

3. Legal immigration is a joke at many levels. What have we just recently learned?  Forty percent of the people on student visas are in violation?  Yet, we worry about borders? After Boston, you’d think a smart thing to do is freeze the process and start counting heads.  How many people with evil intentions have we let in?

4. There is a difference between immigration of the 1800’s and the people crossing the southern border today.  There should be a very controlled and limited immigration policy.  Back then you needed a sponsor.  Back then you needed some kind of entry/review process.  Back then if you didn’t have a skill or at last a means of making a living you may not have made it.

5. The people who came from Europe wanted a new life, a new opportunity.  There was no agenda, no  belief that Texas or Arizona had been stolen from them, thus illegal territory that needed to be repopulated by “natives.”  We see now examples of the reeducation effort ongoing in areas of the southwestern United States.  La Raza and other organizations are quite clear in their agenda- repopulate then seize.   Hardly something a sovereign nation should accept as proper. Would the Germans accept the French intentionally repopulating areas along the common border with the intent of someday seizing it from Germany?

6. We need the labor source.  This is just a sad fact.  We’ve needed it for a hundred years.  The jobs the Mexicans and other people will do are jobs the workers in the United States won’t do.  Do you really think an unemployed black person in Detroit would be willing to drive to California to pick fruit for ten dollars an hour?  For for any amount of money for that matter?   That goes for unemployed white workers as well.  The days of a man working for food or an opportunity for a job, like back in the ’30’s, are really gone.  We have institutionalized safety nets that provide enough income to make sure nobody will starve.  Starvation is a great motivator for making someone look for a job.

7. That said, America is a free ride for many illegals.  Over twenty percent of those crossing the river now go into some kind of assistance, almost immediately. I don’t blame them, we actually advertise that if you make it here, your food is paid for.  Think about that.  And on the way up, make sure you pay the “Coyote” that is bring you by carrying a backpack full of dope for the cartels.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.

8. Hispanics are the new “black vote” for the next several generations.  As the black population matures, the Hispanic population is catching and passing it in a number of states.  Democrats, the “white old democrats” like Reid and Pelosi realize this.  Which means the democrats are going to try and secure the Hispanic voters for the democrat party- by giving away free stuff.  Just like they did for blacks.  Now there is only so much stuff to go around, which means the blacks are going to suffer as the attention shifts.  Jesse Jackson and some other professional in this game are starting to realize this, and they aren’t happy. Republicans realiz this and they are in a panic.

So, how do we solve everybody’s problem.  It is really simple.  Guest worker visas.  Bring the labor here, identify them, realize they don’t want to be citizens and we don’t want them to either, have them pay taxes, do not provide them with benefits including the right to vote. If they want to become citizens they follow the same process everybody else does.   If employers hire someone without a proper visa, the employer gets fined or goes to jail. Trust me, your labor market will clear up.  Every business owner wants to make money off of their business.  Nobody wants to go to jail over it.

Limit the amount of visas to the need of employers.  Limit the time of the visas- say five years.  You come in, you apply, you qualify, you go to work. You don’t get benefits outside things like your kid going to public school. No food stamps, no Medicare, no SSI, no Section 8, no anchor babies or families.

You aren’t here for the free ride, you are here to provide labor for our markets. Don’t like it?  Go home.

Why won’t it work?  Who are the next “new Democratic voters” in America?  As long as that is ruling the day, common sense won’t.  It is about remaining in power, as it has always been. Look at California; its prisons, its welfare state, its political leaders and  its every increasing downward spiral. Imagine that extrapolated across the nation.  THAT is the future.

It just is.  Anything else is just Kabuki theater.







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