National Review points out what some of missed. Lerner at the IRS may have released the story intentionally.

It was coming out. She knew it. So she had an “accidental” question asked so she could admit to the error AND EXPLAIN IT INNOCENTLY before the report came out.  Nice.  Very nice.

Lie No. 1: Lois Lerner’s apology last Friday was a spontaneous reaction to an unexpected question from an unknown audience member. In fact, the question came from tax lawyer and lobbyist Celia Roady. Ms. Roady has some interesting career highlights: She was part of the 1997 ethics investigation of Newt Gingrich, but, more to the point, she was appointed to the IRS’s Advisory Council on Tax-Exempt and Government Entities by IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman. She is a longtime colleague of Lerner, who is director of tax-exempt organizations. Ms. Roady has declined to comment on whether her question was planted, but it obviously was. The IRS had contacted reporters and encouraged them beforehand to attend the otherwise un-newsworthy event, and it had an entire team of press handlers on hand. So what we have is the staged rollout of what turns out to be — given the rest of this list — a disinformation campaign.

Do not underestimate the deviousness of this administration. The question is did someone above her think of it?  Damage control isn’t always AFTER the damage. It could occur before.  Here are the highlighted cuts from the rest of his article.  Well done.

Lie No. 2: Lerner said about 280 organizations were given extra scrutiny, about 75 of them tea-party groups or similar organizations. The actual number of organizations that were targeted is closer to 500. …

Lie No. 3: This was the work of low-level grunts in Cincinnati. In truth, very senior people within the IRS, including its top lawyer, were aware of the situation…

Lie No. 4: Lerner says that the situation came to her attention through allegations from tea-party groups carried in media reports. In fact, the matter has been under both internal and external investigation for some time.

Lie No. 5: Lerner says she put an end to the practice as soon as she found out about it. In fact, the IRS continued to do precisely the same thing, only monkeying a little bit with the language…

Lie No. 6: She says that the commissioner of the IRS didn’t know about the targeting project. While the targeting was going on, Ms. Lerner’s boss was being asked some very pointed questions by Congress on the subject of targeting tea-party groups. He enthusiastically denied that any such thing was going on, in direct contravention of the facts. Ms. Lerner says he didn’t know about the situation, because it was confined to those aforementioned plebs in Cincinnati. But given that this was not the case, her explaining away the commissioner’s untrue statements to Congress is a lie based on another lie — a compound lie…

Lie No. 7: Lerner says she came forward with her apology unprompted by any special consideration. In fact, an inspector general’s report was about to be released, making the matter public.

Lie No. 8: When Congress was investigating complaints from conservative groups, Lerner told them that she could not release information about organizations with pending applications. But her group was in fact releasing such information — to the left-leaning news organization ProPublica…  (which I might add hurried to the microphone to get ahead of this saying it was the IRS’s fault. See my posts about lawyers and mines- ed.)

Lie No. 9: Lerner says that there was no political pressure to investigate tea-party groups. In fact, Senator Carl Levin (D., Mich.) repeatedly pressed the agency to investigate conservative groups falling under Lerner’s jurisdiction.  (along with a number of others including Schumer and Baucus.   No way the White House didn’t have a hand in this.- ed)

This can get ugly and is a crime.  People will start making deals as soon as the weight of jail time shows up.  Grab some popcorn and a drink and sit back.  This is going to get interesting. Even Obama is looking to “get to the bottom of it.”  That translates to “You guys take the hit, fall on the sword, do the time.  I’ll be over here feigning outrage.  Cool?”

We’ll see how that plays with people like Lerner. She isn’t the jail type.




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