The title of this should be different. Democrats push Hispanics into unaccountable government jobs.

The feds and La Raza are trying to get Hispanics into government. They call it outreach.

The federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has partnered with the National Council of La Raza to encourage more Hispanics to apply for higher positions within the U.S. government.

La Raza, whose name translates to “The Race,” will sponsor a workshop to help members fill jobs in the Senior Executive Services (SES). These are special management positions with salaries often exceeding $200,000 in cash and benefits annually.

A public notice from OPM makes the partnership official:

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is hosting a series of leadership development workshops geared towards Federal employees on July 23, 2013, in New Orleans, LA. These workshops are a part of the 2013 NCLR Annual Conference from July 20-23, 2013. The workshop topics on July 23rd will include an overview of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and instruction on how to prepare and apply for a SES position.

OPM also notes that current federal employees can get paid to attend the workshop hosted by the Hispanic group.

The five (5) hours dedicated to the leadership development workshops on July 23rd qualify as training in compliance with 5 U.S.C. chapter 41 and are open to all Federal employees.

In 2012, President Obama appointed a former vice president of La Raza to head his domestic policy council. Last January, Obama picked Cecilia Muñoz as Director of the Domestic Policy Council, a panel described as one that “coordinates the domestic policy-making process in the White House.”

It should be called:

“Democrats push Hispanics into unaccountable federal positions so they can push their agenda forward entrenching both Hispanic goals and their people into American culture.  In return for the growing influence and financial gain the Hispanics will become loyal democrat voters- just like black voters, which in turn will guarantee white liberal political leaders like Pelosi and Durbin and Schumer power for generations.”

And it will work.  People like power, income and free stuff.  The race of the people who like those things does not matter.  In our history, in big cities the Irish had their moment, the Italians, the English and the blacks.  In L.A. the Hispanics arguably control the city and the State of California caters to its Hispanic citizens.

The end result of those positions has been a great deal of debt, loss of cultural identity and corruption.  We’ve seen the Chicago Way moved to the national stage. Imagine California or L.A. on a national scale.





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