Eric Holder, the shield law and the message to journalists “stop me before I do you wrong again.”

I give them credit. It is like watching an abusive spouse beating their partner while the entire time promising not to do it again if ONLY that partner would sign a piece of paper telling him to stop.

Does anyone really think that will do it?  No, the only way is if someone does the perp walk, and not some low level FBI guy either. They are just following orders.  Their issue is one of professional ethics.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…

Holder, he’s a different cat altogether.  His politics and worldview is who he is.  The law is not a calling, it is a tool to be used to obtain the goals of his agenda, which is shared by people like Obama and other Progressives. From the acts back in the Clinton era to the Black Panther case in 2009 to Fast and Furious (and the subsequent cover up) to the AP/FOX news cases.  (There are more reporter issues. This is why Holder wants a reset. He wants them to quit looking.)

The 90-minute meeting was attended by a small group of journalists after several news organizations objected to the Justice Department’s insistence that it be held off the record. The participants, however, reached an agreement with the Justice Department under which they could describe what occurred during the meeting in general terms. The Justice Department is expected to meet with other news organizations and media lawyers in coming days.

Holder and aides “completely endorsed the president’s statement that reporters should not be at legal risk for doing their job,” said Martin Baron, The Washington Post’s executive editor, who was among the participants. “They acknowledged the need for changes in their own guidelines and the need to have a more rigorous internal review.”

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment.

The Obama administration has sought to respond to the backlash over a pair of newly disclosed leak investigations by reasserting its commitment to a free press. The administration has called on Congress to pass a “media shield” law to guard against some legal attempts to force journalists to divulge confidential sources. Last week, President Obama said he had asked Holder to review the Justice Department’s guidelines for leak investigations and report back to him by mid-July.

At the same time, administration officials have defended the aggressive nature of the leak investigations, saying that in many of the cases the unauthorized disclosure of classified material has endangered national security. In one case, officials said, a 2009 Fox News report cited a U.S. intelligence conclusion that North Korea was likely to conduct additional nuclear tests. That report, broadcast just hours after a top-secret report was circulated inside the intelligence community, signaled that the CIA had “sources inside” the North, officials said.

As I said, they don’t really want to stop, they just want to do it without being challenged.

That’s a bad deal, and I hope the MSM says no.


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