The Benghazi scandal. Obama’s “Iran/Contra”

What was going on in Benghazi?  At first we figured it was Obama trying to hide the fact the terrorism was in the rise- in the middle of his campaign.  Then it was to cover up Hillary’s incompetence- really what has she successfully accomplished in her “career” other than taking a standing “O” from her admirers.  We screamed outrage about the fact the administration didn’t send backup and then we found out the reason they didn’t send six people to help the annex was there were already 35 CIA operators there (read former SF operators) which is a HUGE defensive unit.

So why did the administration just not tell the critics the truth about the number of defenders.

Simple, the real coverup was NOT just the bad security or the lack of attention to the threat warnings, rather it was the fact our State and CIA were doing some seriously wrong activities, like arming the rebels using seized Libyan weapons.  Think Iran/Contra.  Can you imagine the almost twenty year old attack on Ronald Reagan brought by the Left every time we talk about the man suddenly being undermined by this President’s far more dangerous gambit?

The administration, Obama and especially Hillary who wants to be President are glad to be yelled at over being stupid and arrogant- to avoid being held as criminals.

One would be hard pressed to find a more significant impeachable offense than aiding and abetting the sworn enemies of the United States, especially when any such support includes sending weapons to our murderous adversaries. A crime on that scale would certainly be made all the more serious if those same enemies turned around and utilized the U.S.-provided arms to kill Americans.

We are not here referring to the so-called “Fast and Furious” scandal in which President Obama’s Justice Department purposely allowed, with deadly consequence, licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers with the intent of tracking the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders. Instead, we document a much less reported gun-walking scandal, one you will soon regard as the “Fast and Furious” of the Middle East, the Iran-Contra of the Obama administration. It could be the White House got away not once but twice with the same misdeed of arming our foes.

In the case presented here, the enemy consists not of drug lords but of al-Qaeda, along with a witches’ brew of anti-American jihadists. The results are not dead U.S. border agents but a murdered U.S. ambassador, along with three other diplomatic staff, in one of the most brazen assaults on an American overseas target in history. To make matters worse, we will show how our president and top administration officials deliberately and repeatedly lied to the American public while taking actions that fomented anti-American sentiment, aided an Islamist revolution currently sweeping the Middle East and North Africa, and possibly helped create, whether wittingly or not, a well-armed al-Qaeda army that is already attacking our interests and fueling conflicts worldwide.

I’ve talked about tipping points before.  Whether it be economic or social or cultural, everything has a tipping point.   In this case, the tipping point that we’ve crossed here and with the NSA/IRS scandals is the “so what if I did, whatcha’ gonna do about it?!” tipping point.  At least before the leaders would feign outrage like Captain Renault in Casablanca, and then send a few lower levels offenders to the dugouts or jail in the case of the incidents like Watergate.

Here, the bureaucrats are smart enough to not talk, or scared into not talking, and the politicians are basically telling the citizens to mind their own business.  Even though the “business” we are told not to mind is actually ours.   Read the whole article, it does put a pretty good point on what happened.

Amazing and frankly effective in this dumbed down, anti-morality, unethical society the progressive have created.

Where is the tipping point between us and our political leaders as far as them being responsible to us?  I’m afraid for us to see it now, we’ll need to look in the rear-view mirror.


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