Sometimes you can say it in a picture. A cartoon explanation for the low information voter.

For some the idea of using our military to be the AQ’s air force is unbelievably stupid.  Others get confused because they want to support Obama.  But this cartoon puts it in the best light.  We are going to get involved in what is basically a religious tribal civil war, on the side of the same people we killed en masse for the last twelve years.

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Over what exactly?  It is the explanation that is plaguing Mr. Kerry as he is quickly learning the same lesson Hillary did, being a representative for Obama is a career destroying choice.

Looking over the week’s crazy developments, I can see only one coherent strand in Obama’s foreign policy.  He wants to make sure that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton will never be elected president.  After sacrificing Hillary’s career on the blood-streaked walls of Benghazi he had Kerry appear before the Congress and take positions utterly at odds with those he’s taken all his life, supplied him with information disputed by other members of the administration, and had him make  indefensible statements without any evidentiary support at all.


By way of example, Kerry asserted that the chemical weapons case against Syria  was  “undeniable.”  At the same time, the administration offered up a contradictory assessment that “U.S. intelligence has concluded ‘with some degree of varying confidence’ that the Syrian government has twice used chemical weapons.  He told Congress that the military strikes planned against Syria would not be “war,” although he conceded that there might be “boots on the ground” called for.  He raised eyebrows when he said Arab countries had offered to bankroll an invasion of Syria.  How do you ask an American soldier to be the first to die to advance the interests of the Saudis?

My foreign policy would be simple. I would follow the Reagan theory that was in effect during the Iran/Iraq war.  I would supply both sides with just enough bullets so they could kill each other off in a religious  fever until only one wounded Muslim is left. Then I would fly in a single Blackhawk chopper with some SF troopers on board, land next to the celebrating extremist Muslim who is happy he is the last one standing and shoot him in the head. But then again, I’ve been accused of over simplifying things.

Then I would claim the land as mine, start all over and invite the normal, decent, peaceful people, including Muslims, back in to repopulate, making sure they had no way to start back up again.

This is a religious war between two version of Islam. Why are we involved at all?

As for those who hated GWB I have this to say.


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