When old men won’t let go. The cat fight between the new guard and McConnell.

There is nothing sadder than the latter days of a veteran quarterback who can no longer hit the long post route, but thinks he can and when he does try ends up throwing more and more easy interceptions.  Nothing is better for an opposing team than a has been QB.

And it was just as queasy to watch an aging Elvis stumble through his act, drenched in sweat, trying to act like he was twenty-five again.  That image still stays with me. My dad was a huge fan and actually suffered watching his idol slip down the tubes.

But neither the QB or Elvis wanted to call it quits.  Often the QB gets benched by a coach who is clearly able to see the failing skills. And in the case of Elvis, well he was called home mercifully before it got any worse.

But then there are politicians, of both parties, who cannot recognize their own failing skills and refuse to give it up.

I get the power thing.  I get the ego thing. I get it.  But getting it and allowing it to continue are two totally different things.

We all know John McCain needs to go.  Feinstein needs to go.  Pelosi needs to go. Heck , half the old guard on the Dem side needs to go- like Conyers, Rangel, Schumer et. al.   And the Republicans have their old in tooth gang too- in the lead of that pack is McConnell.

However, Mr. McConnell isn’t going quietly.  It is obvious he’s long passed his sell date, a decade or more maybe, but he doesn’t see it that way. His desire to stay in power is causing a rift between the young lions coming up inside the party and the old guard who have dug their nails into desktop like crazed man suffering a fit.

On Tuesday, November 12, Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse walked into Mitch McConnell’s office to clear the air. Contrary to the rumors, Sasse wanted to say, he hadn’t secretly vowed to oppose McConnell’s leadership if elected. In fact, he hadn’t been asked to make such a pledge and would never have even considered it.

That was the plan, anyway.

As soon as Sasse sat down, McConnell lit into him, criticizing him for working with the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) as well as for posting a viral YouTube video in which he demanded “every Republican in Washington, starting with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, to show some actual leadership.”

Republicans in Washington familiar with these kinds of sessions say the Kentucky Republican’s specialty is long, tension-filled pauses. But even for McConnell, this was awkward. Josh Holmes, McConnell’s top political hand, privately told friends afterward it was the most uncomfortable meeting he’d been in.

Following the initial exchange came a series of questions about exactly when Sasse had first interacted with Matt Hoskins, the hard-charging executive director of SCF working to elect McConnell’s primary challenger, Matt Bevin, in Kentucky.

Sasse’s answers, several Republicans familiar with the episode say, did nothing to mitigate the minority leader’s anger.

As he walked out of the room, Sasse turned to Holmes — “That didn’t go well!”

The nation’s youngest university president (Nebraska’s Midland University), Sasse has become the latest collateral damage in a GOP civil war between McConnell and Holmes, on the one side, and Matt Hoskins and Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint, Hoskins’s political godfather.

After Hoskins invaded enemy territory October 18 in backing Bevin, McConnell has launched a campaign against his vendors, his allies, and candidates he has endorsed — beginning with a blacklisting of GOP ad firm Jamestown Associates.

Last week, for example, pressure from McConnell allies convinced SCF’s bookkeeper, Lisa Lisker, to part ways with the group. Lisker has previously worked for Republican candidates locked in tense primary elections without incident, sources say.

But with Majority Leader Harry Reid detonating the nuclear option in the background, the notion that his accountant had become part of an intra-GOP war incensed Hoskins. “It’s amazing that the Senate Republican leader is now bullying bookkeepers in his war on conservatives, but it won’t stop us from supporting Matt Bevin,” he says.

McConnell is our side’s Robert Byrd, there because he has always been there, ineffective beyond the halls of the Senate because- well- he’s been there too long. In one filibuster Ted Cruz did more to bring out and set up for review the failures of Obamacare than McConnell’s efforts accomplished for the last four years.  And did that while McConnell was biting him on the shin the whole time!

McConnell is doing his level best to burn to the ground anyone who does not agree with him. To hang onto power just one more cycle.  Sadly, that effort isn’t pointed at the democrats and their drive to socialize and undermine the greatness of America.  No, McConnell is aiming his lethal blows at his OWN people.  And that alone should disqualify him for any leadership position in the future.  At least it would in any company existing outside the walls of our own version of “Panem.”


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