When liberal theories impact reality. Guess who wins. The Libya story

Ugly, and anyone who had a lick of sense knew this was going to happen.  The worst of it was Gaddafi was giving up.

Libya, where hundreds of militias hold sway and the central government is virtually powerless, is awash in millions of weapons with no control over their trafficking. The arms free-for-all fuels not only Libya’s instability but also stokes conflicts around the region as guns are smuggled through the country’s wide-open borders to militants fighting in insurgencies and wars stretching from Syria to West Africa.

The lack of control is at times stunning. Last month, militia fighters stole a planeload of weapons sent by Russia for Libya’s military when it stopped to refuel at Tripoli International Airport on route to a base in the south. The fighters surrounded the plane on the tarmac and looted the shipment of automatic weapons and ammunition, Hashim Bishr, an official with a Tripoli security body under the Interior Ministry, told The Associated Press.

In a further indignity, the fighters belonged to a militia officially assigned by the government to protect the airport, since regular forces are too weak to do it.

Only a few weeks earlier, another militia seized a weapons’ shipment that landed at Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport meant for the military’s 1st Battalion, Bishr said. Among the weapons were heavy anti-aircraft guns, which are a pervasive weapon among the militias and are usually mounted on the back of pickup trucks.

Europe is alarmed and in rides Kerry:

The weapons chaos has alarmed Europe — just a short distance across the Mediterranean — and the United States. At a conference in Rome this month, Western and Arab diplomats, including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, pressed Libyan officials to reach some political consensus so the international community can help the government collect weapons and rebuild the military and police.

Political consensus?

You just have to shake your head at this idiocy. Obama went to war without congressional approval, took out a dictator to score some political points, and now the world is paying the price…as many here said would happen.

Remember what this was about.  It was about Obama proving he was a better President than Bush and the others by taking over and liberating a nation (from a now fairly friendly and controlled dictator) without getting anyone killed except AQ fighters and Libyans.  His brilliant strategy simply unleashed AQ fighters, gave them a new home and thousands upon thousands of new weapons to fight with.

I mean seriously, didn’t anybody think this through at all? In that part of the world friendly or at least neutral dictators who hate AQ as much as we do are an asset!  You dumb-witted morons! That is why we hooked up with Putin, he killed as many or more than we did and doesn’t have the moral crisis we suffer from at the NYT!!

Putin gets it, we are in a struggle, a global war between us and them, and they want us all dead, all of us.  We either win this or perish.  By winning we’ll need to drive them out of our world and back into theirs.  In today’s PC society that is tough. Not every Muslim is a bad guy.  But then again a good number are and it is our duty to weed them out and get them away from our families.  Letting AQ have access to tools that can kill at a distance and in large numbers is just dumb.

We’ll pay for this eventually in the form of more attacks and even some MANPAD missiles shooting down some of our planes.  You wait and see, and as in the results of Clinton’s lack of skill it will be the next President who will deal with the fallout.



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