White liberal vision of blacks. What qualifies and who doesn’t. Beckel vs Condi

(Let me start out with a disclaimer- I LOVE Condi Rice.  I love everything about her from her classiness and intelligence, to her musical talents and outstanding personality. In that, I’m not alone as more than one foreign leader was as impressed with her as I am.  So you can understand when I was less than pleased with Beckel when he made another one of his famous dumbassed statements.  More below.)

At some point somebody ought to slap Bob Beckel of the “Five” in the back of the head Leroy Gibbs style!   Especially when he makes a point that Condi Rice can’t talk about or relate to being black.  Why?  Because she had a father and mother.  Seriously, this is how warped the liberal interpretation of “being black enough” has become.


Who do you think can speak to being black better?

Fox News’ Bob Beckel suggested Monday that Condoleezza Rice, the first female and first black secretary of state, is not a good icon for young black people because she didn’t grow up in the “ghetto.”

Panelists on “The Five” discussed race relations in today’s America by contrasting an uplifting speech given by Ms. Rice at the 2012 Republican National Convention and Attorney General Eric Holder’s more dismal outlook in his commencement speech at Morgan State University on Saturday.

Mr. Beckel said there’s a “lot of truth” to Mr. Holder’s notion that racism is still alive and well in America.

The liberal commentator also argued that he’s not sure Ms. Rice would be an appropriate role model for inner-city blacks anyway, because she grew up in a stable family.

“Let’s also keep in mind,” he began. “She grew up in a middle-class black family, and we’re talking here about people in the inner city. I’m not sure Condoleezza Rice​ is the person that I would necessarily turn to as a symbol for these people who live in the ghetto.”

Bob is being honest.  His worldview, HIS reality is that racism still exists.  I argue that what we are seeing today isn’t racism, but a disappointment over a subculture of a subculture that is working hard to be as divisive and disruptive as it can be. For every Condi Rice we see, there are a hundred variations of Snoop Dog and his rapper ilk spewing hatred and every other negative and bastardly behavior possible.

It isn’t racism, it is disgust.  I know when I see a young black kid with his pants down below his ass I don’t think race, I think “idiot.” I see failure. I see no future for him or for anyone in his sphere of influence.  That goes for the white kid with the skateboard and the black fingernails and dyed hair.  Or the fat white girl with two babies from obviously different fathers handing her EBT card over to the cashier in the Walmart.  Whatever has happened to us as a society isn’t based on race, it is based on our letting others get away with destructive behavior.

Condi’s parents refused to allow her to be exposed to that negative world that did exist all around her.  Here is the background on her.  Notice the singular theme running throughout her life- her parents cared and sacrificed for her.

 Born in Birmingham Alabama on 14 November 1954, Condoleezza Rice was the first and only child of John and Angelena Rice. It was her mother who gave her the uncommon name, “Condoleezza”. Angelena originally wanted to name her “Condolcezza” which mean “with sweetness” in Italian. However, she thought the pronunciation might be a problem for people seeing the name for the first time.

Condoleezza would lead a childhood relatively sheltered from the Jim Crow laws and segregation that was prevalent in Birmingham during that era. (ed. note- how does this author know that. She had to eat, drive, travel, in that city. No way she avoided it) Her parents lavished her with affection, and instilled in her a sense of self-worth that sprang from great expectations – resulting from self-discipline coupled with raw ability. Because her parents were educated and had good jobs, the family lived a relatively middle-class existence.

Her father was a Presbyterian Minister who believed that the rise of Blacks in America would come about one individual at a time as each proved his worth through education and hard work. Thus, Condoleezza Rice, instilled with such values, worked hard to realize all the potential within her. Even at a young age, she was highly proficient on the piano (she began to play at the age of three) and became acutely aware of current events, politics, and historical trends. Intelligence, hard work, and determination propelled her through her childhood.

When she did play, she played pretend school with the friends she had in the neighborhood. Beginning in 1960 she spent most of her summers in Denver, Colorado. Her parents took courses at Denver University and she took skating lessons. In 1966 her father was appointed Dean of Students at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa. In 1968 John Rice took a year off from his job at Stillman to go full-time for his master’s degree at DU. In Denver Condoleezza began to take skating very seriously, devoting three hours a day to the sport.


Gee, a loving intelligent family who devoted their lives to making their daughter’s better.  And we get Condi Rice as a result!  Hmm…. a possible answer to the problem??  So why would Jackson or Sharpton or Holder or Obama be against that?! Why aren’t they preaching it EVERY DAY, instead of putting her and others like her down? (hint- no money in telling a group of people to straighten up, nor votes for that matter)

When we see a group of black kids going into a store and “flash robbing” it, there is no other conclusion but the realization of failure in the experiment the Left attempted forty years ago.


As racism fades, disgust for anti-social and criminal behavior grows.  The Left wants to blame it on racism so it can pass laws and rules, for example the attempt to stop employers from checking backgrounds during the employment process because it is racist.

Think through this for a second. If the feds say checking criminal backgrounds is racist, then they are admitting the majority of applicants for a job who have a criminal record are black??

Who’s the racist now??!!

Pressured by the federal government, states and municipalities across the U.S. are adopting senseless measures restricting employers from asking job applicants about criminal history.

The Obama administration claims criminal background checks are discriminatory because they disproportionately exclude minorities—especially blacks—from hire. That’s why the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, is spending taxpayer dollars suing companies that run criminal background checks on job applicants.

Besides litigation, the administration is working behind the scenes by offering local governments “guidance” on passing measures banning criminal background checks. The laws are known as “ban the box” because they call for removing the question and check box that asks candidates if they’ve been convicted of a crime. So far three states have passed laws prohibiting employers from asking about criminal history and dozens of municipalities nationwide—including those in Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware—have done the same, according to a nonprofit that advocates for workers’ rights.

Minnesota became the last state to pass a “ban the box” law a few months ago. The measure, which takes effect in 2014, prohibits employers from asking an applicant about his or her criminal history or performing a background check until the applicant has been selected for an interview or extended an offer of employment. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) celebrated Minnesota’s law, writing in a press relese that  as “Americans we believe in second chances.”

“Second chances?”   So what if the black applicant has ten felonies, is he eight chances beyond the limit?  Here’s a crazy thought- DON’T COMMIT A CRIME!!! Don’t get arrested.  Listen to your mom, who tells you if you hang with that guy you are going to get busted.  Jeezz!

The fact we have to pick up after an entire subculture, once again, makes people crazy, and is incorrectly seen as racism.

It isn’t racism, it is disappointment.  There is a huge middle class and upper middle class group of educated black men and women who have made it.  They live well, live right, take care of their kids and make sure they get a chance to succeed, much like Condi’s parents did.  They cannot be discounted because they made it. Yet, those people are constantly ridiculed by activists on the Left like Beckel.

In fact, they should be lauded and held up by all as examples for kids in the inner cities to look at and realize they too can make it- if they try!

And frankly if those successful black men and women were told they had to sit next to another black person, who was a multiple felon and all that comes with it, maybe even having to depend on that person to do the right thing to keep the successful person safe, I’m willing to bet they’d be as pissed off as anyone else, regardless of race.

I wonder how would that square with Holder’s- and Beckel’s- version of the world?

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