They could never get enough money. The Clinton’s newest “charity” move.

I’ll make this simple.  Since they were in college Bill and Hill had a plan to make it big.  Once the chance to be big and MAKE MONEY presented itself they jumped, and they haven’t stopped jumping.

It’s just that simple. All the money they make can ever make IS THEIR MONEY!!!

Trying to quell a controversy over a $225,000 speaking fee at UNLV, Hillary Clinton told ABC News Friday that all her speaking fees from colleges were “donated” to the family’s Clinton Foundation. It naturally didn’t occur to ABC News to ask whether Hillary deducted this “pass-through” from her taxes, as would likely be legal under the tax code.

“All of the fees have been donated to the Clinton Foundation for it to continue its life-changing and life-saving work. So it goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation,” Clinton told ABC.

The Clinton Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations. All donations to it are deductible from the donors taxes. If Hillary “donated” the speaking fee as she claims, she would be able to deduct that donation from her gross income, lowering her tax bill considerably.

The Washington Post estimates that Hillary will deliver 8 speeches at universities this fall. The Washington Examiner calculates that she would earn at least $1.8 million from these speeches, based on some publicly released speaking fees.

If she donated that entire sum to the family foundation, she could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on her taxes. Even if the speaking fees were paid by the universities directly to the foundation, her speeches would likely be an in-kind contribution to the foundation, as she doesn’t appear to be an officer or employee of the organization.

The Clinton Foundation has grown to a non-profit behemoth, with over $225 million in assets. It isn’t entirely clear what the foundation actually does. Reading a summary of its activities filed with its annual 990 reads like a Clinton State of the Union address. With over $50 million in annual donations, Hillary’s speaking fees would be a very small part of its operations.

Listen, I get it. It IS THEIR MONEY!! If people want to buy access to the Clintons, who have worked real hard to get into a position to be that valuable, then let the people pay.  But don’t hide it!  And more importantly, don’t lecture me for wanting to hold onto my money when the IRS comes a knocking!  Or stick regulations on us to where we can’t get our piece of the American dream.

I mean, just shout out  “Hey, yes Godammit, we are the 1% and love every private jet fly mile of it!”

That’s all I’m saying!

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