Ferguson shooting is springboard to bigger changes in relations. The case Obama/Holder/Sharpton have been praying for.

My Mensa bright buddy reminded me to keep my eye on the bigger picture.  The “Big Mike” shooting is not the goal, it is a means to a goal. One that the race activists have been waiting for.

I listened to excerpts from Sharpton’s speech at the funeral.  He correctly reminds the people there that they have to be better as a culture, no more allowing for bad behavior.  (Of course, if we see him at some rapper’s party hanging with the ‘hood, we’ll know this was a bullshit moment.)  He reminds them of the history I grew up with, a history of hard work, faith, independence.  However, he does not talk about how that was ripped away from the black culture by our elite white culture pandering for their votes.  Why shoot himself in the foot, right?

But then he swung into what my buddy pointed out will be the real goal of this effort, pushing for reforms within the police, which represents a civil society, in order to appease part of a culture that doesn’t want to be civil.  The “excuse” method of social engineering.

My buddy believes this is the ultimate goal, to create one more layer of protection against blacks having to clean up their own act, by attacking and changing how society deals with them. Already, you can almost do anything and not get fired- if you are black.  You get good deals on education, jobs, opportunities etc.  But what blacks don’t get away with is the black thug life and its negative effects on the general population- say like “knock out games” being not racial motivated, but seem to be only black on white (or Asian) crime.

Sharpton wants that left alone too. So does Holder.

Now they can bully people and business, but the law is the law and cops are cops.  So, the only way to make the change and NOT be caught changing the law outright, is to change how the people in charge of the law interact with black violators, as apposed to any other violator- and they talk about cops being racists!!!

The way they make the change is to force changes on departments by attacking them for real and imaginary civil rights violations.  What Holder is going to do is go after entire departments.  He is going to go after officers for things they  did, and cleared for, because of something they said eight years ago.  His goal is to unhinge and unsettle the entire law enforcement community as a penalty for being the guys trying to keep the lid on civil society. And that is a bad, bad thing.

The radio host highlighting the Sharpton speech was Mike Broomhead, who said his brother worked in law enforcement. I’ve met his brother, nice guy. Broomhead made some great points about how the police do their job, and the trouble it can cause at times with citizens.

The only thing I would ask is that people realize the conflict between police and the typical black thug on the street is NOT a event controlled by race, but a friction between two cultures. The police represent law and order, responsibility, accountability, the needs and demands of the overall society- which include bringing bad guys to justice.  On the other hand, thug life is the exact opposite- BUT they demand respect from the police.  And the police simply cannot do that. Think of another sub-culture in this nation where getting shot is a sign of success and idolatry, as it is in the Rap/thug life culture!  Think of another sub-culture in America where calling everyone but your mother a bitch that should be used and abused, and that’s a good thing.   Think of another sub-culture that glorifies acts of violence and mayhem (outside radical Islam- which by the way recruits blacks from the thug culture.)

Now caught up in that conflict are the law abiding black citizen who LOOKS like a thug, because he doesn’t take Sharpton’s advice and embraces- and supports- the dress, music, opinions and actions of that thug culture.

To the police, the two standing side by side look just alike, and they aren’t wearing signs to tell them apart.  They may even talk and act alike.  But suddenly one throws up his hands and says “Why you treating me like a criminal?”

“Well, because you didn’t wear a sign!!!!”

Now have the police become overbearing? Absolutely.  The “do it my way or else” is a bad way to get any human to cooperate.  It’s human nature to instinctively push back against force. That is another issue that needs to be addressed. But cops shooting citizens, and some being black is not the issue here.  That needs to be fixed- they are stuck in a bad cycle that needs to be broken.  However, you can’t do it by creating one more layer of protection for one part of society- because of their color.  It won’t work.

The first thing the black culture needs to understand is they have to force the change within their own world before the police can relax.  I grew up in and around blacks from the seventies on.  I never saw anything like this, and I can tell you from conversations with blacks, the good blacks have no tolerance for bad ones.  They just don’t know how to stop them.

Like I highlighted before, on the street, working within the black community, the police almost have to assume they are under constant threat.   Let me help remind you of this:

dellwood 7

From the Ferguson looting. Note the gun in the waistband.

And this:

The second clip is from the crowd AFTER the shooting, when the place was crawling with police. Imagine when there is only one cop around.

Why did Wilson shoot an unarmed black teen a hundred pounds bigger, who had just beat him silly?  If that’s not enough, he never had a chance to search the kid or his friend before the attack.  So how did he know Brown was unarmed?  Like I said, they don’t wear signs.  “Armed” or “Unarmed” “Fleeing Felon” or “College kid on way home”

But that doesn’t matter here, this is going to be about creating a crisis, then making fundamental changes to America- of which no good will come out of it.

Just ask NYC where the liberal mayor stopped the police policy of stop, talk and frisk.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is responding to the recent spate of early summer shootings by adding extra cops in high-crime areas, CBS reports. Gun violence is up 43 percent since this time last year, and 129 people were shot in May.

Some crime has gone down, and not as many are dead- from either bad shots or great medical care. But gun crime has gone up and will continue.  Why? Because NYC made a choice to embrace the thug life.  Just like Holder wants the rest of us to do.

I say pass.






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