Why Mike Brown? Why Ferguson? Why now? The overview and conclusion. What the new war will be like and who is in it.

theconservativetreehouse website does outstanding work.  They are a group of amateur sleuths that gather all public data, photos, information and analysis it.  They have managed to get Martin/Zimmerman right, IRS right, Benghazi right, Fast and Furious right and now the Wilson/Brown shooting right.

I strongly suggest anyone who wants to know what really happened to read both their linked comments and the Grand Jury report.

They get it right. In fact, they noticed a little trinket that puts the whole situation in perspective early on.  A single photograph of a gold object on the ground near the police vehicle. It turned out to be the bracelet worn by the “witness” Dorion Johnson during the robbery.  They asked a good question- how did it get on the ground next to the police car if all Dorion did was run away. Well, he didn’t.  He attacked Wilson along with Brown.  The bracelet was torn from his wrist. Not the narrative he told under legal representation.

Before getting to the Dorian Johnson aspect I just want to highlight something Prosecutor McCulloch stated in his press conference:

The Grand Jury watched all the media interviews of witnesses prior to hearing their ‘in person’ grand jury testimony.

In my opinion this simple fact is what was so devastating to Dorian Johnson, Piaget Crenshaw and Tiffany Mitchell.  They simply lied to the media.  This is also why the media is standing jaw agape trying to reconcile the Grand Jury outcome.

One of the more interesting elements noted by the physical evidence, and DNA testing, relates to confirming the Dorian Johnson bracelet we first identified back in August.

When Dorian was aiding Mike Brown robbing the Liquor Mart, we noted the CCTV showed him with a yellow or gold bracelet on his right wrist.

Later, as we identified him in interviews, that bracelet was missing.  We scoured through video, published media pictures, and we found it at the car.

At least we thought that was it, but our pictures were sketchy.  So we were not 100% sure.

The evidence released last night proves this was indeed Dorian Johnson’s bracelet.

DNA testing also reflected that both Darren Wilson and Dorian Johnson’s DNA were present on the bracelet(s).

What does that mean?

As we shared back in August, it means Dorian physically participated in the assault of  Officer Wilson and was not the innocent victim/witness he claimed to be.  This also gives him motive to lie – as he did to the media.

In addition, and again as we surmised, the Dorian participation would have been witnessed by the driver of the White Vehicle noted to be blocked by the position of Officer Wilson’s SUV.

And witness statements verified their theory as correct.  Not only did Brown attack Wilson, Johnson did too.  Two on one, in a car, fighting over a gun.

My friend told me she had a friend’s daughter, the typical 18yr old know it all, convinced by no real facts that Wilson was a murderer.  That is not an accident.  The people behind the lies- the black lawyers representing the family and Johnson, the false witnesses paraded on TV, are all in this together to do just that- lie and convince people one side of this war are the bad guys. Those people are you and me.

But why?  Simple, as Mike Brown’s stepfather said, they want to “burn this bitch down.”

Any single reason is not the answer.  This is the end result of generations of bad acts by bad people to create a singular force of what I call “takers.”  Takers will not be defined by race or class or gender or orientation.  And neither will be the people on the other side of this war, as they will look just like the first group. The only difference between the two is the makers create, the takers want to take or destroy.  And there are a whole lot of them from leaders of our nation to the lowly street thug setting fire to a store because he can.

But let’s talk about the nature of the enemy in this conflict.  1. He/she has been here a while. 2. They are organized and focused. 3. They are supported by large elements of our society and our MSM. 4. They are smart and tech savvy.   5. They are believers. 6. They control our children.

What they aren’t is a group based on any one single characteristic.  This is what I sent to my friends concerning the conflict.

—-” Nobody realizes just how close to the surface anarchy truly lies. This is not a race war. It won’t be a class war. Or a war between “haves and have nots” because everybody “has” things now. The thug that causes trouble will drive up in a decent car, wearing hundred dollar sneakers, will be talking on an Iphone, and then loot the building, burn the car or assault an innocent victim.

The war we are fighting is the war between makers and takers. You created freedom, the takers want to strip you of it, you created your peace of mind, and the takers want to destroy that. You managed to create a good career, they want to strip you of it- and will.
And they will take your life, without remorse, as though it was a debt owed them from some past offense, because they’ve been told it is just that. They are entitled to everything you have, everything you made, your parents made, God made.

They have been told it is their right.—

When the lines are drawn, you’ll see people of all backgrounds, races, genders, orientation on one side and on the other the same diversities. The only difference will be one side makes things they want to hold onto, the other side wants to take it.'” —

Am I right?  Yes, and one photo on Gatewaypundit proves it to me.

molotov ferguson

Ask yourself where else in the world would you see four black thugs, lighting a felony violation Molotov cocktail, in public, in front of a white older, gray haired woman, and she obviously is not worried about it at all.  Plus, she seems to be welcome in a black mob. Not something you have been seeing inside Ferguson. Why? Because she is a taker and they are takers.

Here she is again, a communist.

communists ferguson


Revolution Club of Chicago.  Here is some background. These are the ultimate takers in history.  A comment on the post is very enlightening.   How do they feed themselves?? Always follow the money- and you’ll find the real “takers.”

I knew that little creep Travis Morales back in my “useful idiot” peacenik days in Houston. He and his RCP crowd were always showing up at our rallies, disrupting things and making the rest of us look bad to the middle-class audience we kept trying to appeal to.

I never did figure out what that jerk does for a living. How does being a full-time rabble-rouser put bread on the table?

Eventually I got married, had kids and came to my senses. This guy (and everyone like him, including our Rabble-rouser-in-Chief) never did wise up. I can’t believe that, 30 years later, he is STILL doing the same damn thing.

How do we stop them?  In South America, the police and the troop simply “disappeared” rabble-rousers.  I’m not saying that is an option in America. I’m just saying at some point, when the wheels come off, like they want to happen, and it becomes us vs them.  I’m picking us.

In the meantime, we need to educate our kids, REFUSE to submit to political correctness, the spear they use to attack any dissent, and stand up.  My grandfather, along with the entire town, would have shut this down early, .

But today, the power to abuse us lies in the hands of people who would believe in taking. Maybe we should listen to their wisdom, heed their advice and for a change take back from them the power they abuse.

Or we could be a little more direct, figuratively speaking, and do what the driver did in Minneapolis, just don’t stop. Notice the journalist on the hood?  Okay, a little funny admit it.






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